Loving Lately

It’s here again… Friday! Let’s ease into the weekend with some light chitchat. Here’s what I’m loving lately!

1. One on one time with girls. Somehow 9 months flew by and I no longer have a newborn. Though parts of this make me all weepy, other aspects have me excited about all the adventures our family will be able to do sooner than later. It also has me thinking about instilling a concept very important to me- dating! No, our girls won’t really be dating for another 25 years, give or take, but I want both David and I to have individual dates with the girls as they grow up, to give them our undivided attention, one on one, and share some special time together. I got a glimpse of this the other day, when Hailey got to eat lunch at school. The day was gorgeous so Kaitlyn and I went to lunch together at Zoe’s Kitchen.

zoe's kitchen birkdale

(Side note, their hummus trio is deeeeelicious!). It was messy, but it was also pretty wonderful to be able to focus solely on my littlest.

2. Bread. I know I sound like I’m on repeat, but I’m all about my bread machine recently. I like knowing exactly what is in my bread. I like how fresh and warm it is, almost melting in my mouth. I like seeing Hailey and David’s eyes light up when I pull out fresh loaves or rolls. Most recently I decided to make our own over-sized rolls to turn into buffalo chicken sandwiches. I used the crusty rolls recipe on page 14 here.

bread machine rolls

They were awesome! Plus I got to stick half of them in the freeze and pull them out as needed (like to go with last night’s soup). It makes me feel so domestic that I don’t even care that I’m cheating by using a machine. Heel click.

3. The tease of spring. It’s cominggggggg. North Carolina got a sneak peek on Wednesday with sunshine and 70 degree weather. I’ve pretty much decided we’ll be living on the porch beginning in a couple weeks. I’m debating setting up a tent out there and shutting down the house all summer long.

screened in porch

It also felt great to pull my stroller again. Koda needed to stretch her legs and the girls are at great ages for walks. I can talk through games with Hailey (I spy, anyone??) and Kaitlyn is enthralled with just looking around. It’s going to be a fun summer!

bumbleride double

4. New restaurants. Have my local friends heard that Kindred just opened up downtown Davidson? It’s a chef-driven, seasonally focused restaurant that sources as much as possible from local vendors. I have not made it there yet but it’s on the top of my list for our next date night!

5. Bare Minerals. A beauty guru I am not, but I’ve been trying to look and feel a little more pulled together when leaving the house lately. Mascara and blush are usually my go-to, but I picked up this Bare Minerals starter kit a month or so ago and am really loving it. I feel like it smooths out my skin tone without looking cakey.

bare minerals starter kit

The only negative is I feel it’s easy to overdo it on the bronzer and I’ve ended up looking a little too old school Snooki once or twice.

6. New recipes. More food? Of course! Here are three recipes I’m pinning and planning on trying soon.

Emily’s Sunbutter Energy Bites, this Mexican Quinoa Salad with Orange Lime Dressing and Jessica’s Garlic Kale and Cashew Fried Rice. Drool…


That’s a wrap!

What are you loving lately?

Tried any new recipes worth sharing?

Favorite make-up products?

Spring is coming my Northern friends… hang in there!

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