Baby #2: What I’ll Do Differently

Logically I know that baby girl #2 is her own unique person. I’m beyond excited to get to know her and her individual quirks, likes, dislikes and personality. However, being that I only have experience with Hailey, it’s hard to imagine a baby with a different set of needs or preferences so a lot of our plan for baby raising is based off of what worked for Hailey. We will certainly adjust as needed, but for now, here are some things I plan to do differently and the same when baby girl arrives…

what i plan to do differently with baby #2

What I plan to do the same:

Baby girl will sleep in our room. At least in the beginning. We have a Moses basket and stand that will stay beside our bed to help make nighttime feedings more convenient and so I can intently watch every breath she takes because I’m a nervous nelly like that. We moved Hailey to the nursery at 3 months and I bawled my eyes out, only to fine we all slept better than ever. So depending on how things go, baby girl might make that transition sooner.

We will swaddle. I’m not sure if you are aware, but David is the swaddle master. Even the nurses at the hospital commented on his mad skills last time. I contribute a lot of Hailey’s good sleep habits starting early on to the swaddle and will keep my fingers crossed that it works for us again.

I will exclusively breastfeed. Hopefully the beginning isn’t as painful as it was with Hailey now that I have more experience, but overall nursing worked out so well for us until we weaned at 14 months. I really hope and look forward to having a similar experience with baby girl.

We will use disposable diapers. We are stocked up on 7th Generation diapers and will most likely stay that route. It’s what works best for our family.

Baby led weaning. Introducing Hailey to solids using the BLW method was one of the highlights of her first year for me. It’s really worked out so well for us and I credit the method at least partially to Hailey’s good eating habits. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that baby girl will take to it and be a great eater, too, but if not, I’ll have a whole new perspective from which to write Munchkin Meals from!

baby led weaning 7 months

What I plan to do differently:

Introduce a bottle more consistently. Once we got the hang of nursing, it was so easy that I never wanted to pump and use a bottle. (To those that pump consistently and often- you are my heroes!) I did a few times to let David feed her, but because I lacked consistency, Hailey never took to bottles all that well. It limited the time I was able to be away from her until she was eating more solids, which was OK, but I think I’d like to have the bottle be an option this time and snag an occasional night out with my handsome husband.

More baby wearing. I had the k’tan when Hailey was born and it worked really well when she was tiny, but I felt she outgrew it by 2 months or so. Then we had the Bjorn, which never worked well for me. We used it occasionally, but it hurt my back and just felt awkward, so I relied more on the stroller. We ended up buying an Ergo when Hailey was close to a year old and fell in LOVE. Seriously, I love that thing and I wore Hailey through her turning 2 years old. I now have the infant insert and can not wait to wear baby girl, especially since I’ll be doing my best to keep up with her big sister.

Not stressing about milestones. I actually never worried too much about this the first time around, but when you are surrounded by other babies, conversations arise about when junior did XYZ. We have friends that walked at 7 months and others not until 17 months. Some were chatty starting at 9 months and others barely said a word until age 2. At the old age of 2.5, I realize that they are all close to being on the same page. As cliché as it sounds, I believe all kiddos do develop at their own rate and worrying won’t get you anything but a few more face wrinkles.

Take more real videos. I took a lot of little video clips on my iphone when Hailey was a baby, but when David transferred those to DVD, I found that 10 seconds of this and 20 seconds of that was not very easy to watch. I plan to keep our real video camera out more to capture more of life’s moments. I want to remember baby girl’s sounds, grunts and silly faces forever.

4 weeks old

Moms, what are some things you’d like to do the same or differently if you had the choice?

If you have more than one child, were they similar as babies or very different?

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