Kaitlyn at 5 Months Old

Oh my sweet Kaitlyn.


You, my dear, most definitely are your own person. There is no comparing you to Hailey, which I love. Be feisty and unique, baby girl! I’m loving learning more about who you are every month.

In the traditional breakdown…


You are still exclusively breastfed and I am getting more and more excited to dip our toe into solids through baby led weaning next month. The ‘exclusively’ part of breastfed is how you prefer things, meaning you by no means get excited by a bottle. I am going to start giving you one every day for practice because when I left you this past Saturday, you refused to eat for Nana and Aunt Cara, which I’m sure was no fun for anyone.

You eat 4-5 times a day, but have a hard time staying focused. I have to go into a quiet room or else risk some serious injuries resulting from a strong latch and a jerking head. You just doesn’t want to miss a moment of the action!

kaitlyn- 5 months- trouble maker

I do love nursing though, because that’s when you settle in, snuggle me and wrap your tiny hand around my finger.


I’m sorry you don’t have a schedule. I keep saying you do, but you don’t. You go to bed every night at 7/7:15 and wake up either at 7:15 or at 6:15, where you will eat and go back down until 7:15. You are always ready for your first nap by 9:00, so we either have to be in the car or back in your crib by then.

You take 2-3 naps a day and usually give me one long one (1.5-2 hours) if you are at home in your crib. I’ll be honest though, a lot of your naps are on the go.

kaitlyn- 5 months- stroller nap

This must be why second children are usually more adaptable.


This is the section that needs the most attention this month because baby girl, you are busy!

kaitlyn- 5 months- all fours

You get up on all fours now, but your crawl is still army style.

kaitlyn- 5 months- army crawl

I don’t let it fool me though because you are fast and can dart across a room in no time. You never want to go for the toys I lay out either. Nope, you want cords, tiny pieces and anything you shouldn’t have. I can’t believe I’m already having to baby proof.

kaitlyn- 5 months- crawl

You make the funniest high pitched squeals, but also will ‘talk’ so softly in the sweetest little voice. It never fails to make me smile.

You always want to be a part of what is going on. You don’t like being put in your exersaucer anymore because you can’t move when you are in it. You also hate if Hailey and I leave the room you are in. You bust into screams until we are all back together again.

Back to crawling for a minute, my favorite Kaitlyn-ism of the moment is that you will stop mid-crawl to look at me and strike the same pose every single time.

kaitlyn- 5 months- pose

Such a little model.

Dislikes: the car seat for longer than 20 minutes at a time, being left in a room alone, getting your diaper changed, the bottle, being forced to stay in one place.

kaitlyn- 5 months- wiggle worm

Likes: the stroller, army crawling, pulling on my hair, kisses on your feet or neck, bath time, playing airplane, playing with things you shouldn’t, drooling, your sister.


Oh, how you adore Hailey. And she loves you right back, as long as you aren’t trying to play with her toys.

Now off to snuggle and feed you before your sister gets up. I love our morning time together! Happy 5 months!

For fun- Hailey at 5 Months Old

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