A Satisfying Start to the Week

Good Monday morning! You know what has my engines feeling revved this morning? One heck of a satisfying weekend. Sometimes I start the week feeling like I’m already trying to play catch-up, but not this week. I’m feeling refreshed and on top of things (mind you it’s only 6:30am so by noon I may be singing a different tune) and I think I figured out exactly what it takes to wind up here…

2014-09-27 18.53.21


Just kidding…

Step 1. Some one one time with David. I’m not certain if it’s the change of scenery, the unbroken conversation or being out of the house past 7pm, but date nights rule. We used a gift card from David’s Uncle Kerry to treat ourselves to a night out at Bonefish. You know the conversation was good when only one picture came from the night.

bonefish grill

Luckily it’s a top-notch photo, huh?

Step 2. A little exercise with the family. Saturday morning we went walking as a family and covered about 2.5 miles. It was a leisurely stroll including chats with the neighbors and the weather was crisp and sunny. Perfection.

saturday 1

Step 3: Adventure. Naptime on Saturday included watching Georgia’s narrow win against Tennessee, then we all headed out to The Great Chili Cook Off. We, along with about a million other people, thought it was the perfect day to jam out to live music and devour some chili.

the great chili cook off

We sampled a plethora of chili, played in the bouncy houses with friends and topped off the night with pizza and beer at The Salty Caper.

the salty caper

In light of full disclosure, this peaceful picture lasted about 20 minutes before both girls melted down. It didn’t rain on our parade though, as the girls went straight to bed and we watched the South Carolina/Mizzou game- WOW. And wahoo!

Step 4: Productivity. I love me some work/play balance and with our play tank full, it was on to work. David and I tackled Sunday with vigor. For me it meant serious cleaning, a mega-grocery run, all the laundry (truly… every piece of clothing in my house is clean right now!!!) and food prep.

salad jar food prep

It’s my first time adding avocado- fingers crossed!

David lucked out and enlisted an assistant.

back deck duo

Light bulbs changed, chandeliers cleaned, garage doors working, hot tub fixed, driveway edged… I love that David is handy, like his dad (who had a birthday yesterday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Smile)

We finally flopped on the couch with a satisfied sigh around 9pm and ended the awesome weekend with a new episode of Modern Family.

And with that, we’re back to Monday!

What makes a great weekend to you?

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