Active vs Working Out

I came back from the beach on Sunday really ready to kick my fitness up a notch. I’m ready to get strong! Ready to run a half marathon! Ready to do ALL THE FITNESS!

You would think that would mean getting a workout in at least, right? It didn’t happen yesterday. On day one of my new commitment. Guilt ensued.

Then I got to thinking about how active I stay during the day. I’m rarely sitting down and that has to count for something right?

So I decided to take a closer look.

First I’m on my feet making breakfast, getting the girls dressed and getting packed up to leave the house. You’d be surprised that those little things can take at least a solid hour.

Then, grocery shopping. I realize pushing a cart around won’t win me any cardio awards (though you should see my speed), but it’s movement, right?

healthy home market

I met Julie and Sadie for a walk, of which we might have done 1.5 miles before Kaitlyn decided not to pass out in the stroller and insisted on being held, so it turned into a sit and chat session instead.

jetton walk

By the way, does anyone else just squeeze these into their mouths for a snack? You should. It’s delicious!

justins almond butter

Once I was home, I was up again making lunch and picking up the house.

summer salad

I considered throwing on a True Blood but decided to play the role of responsible adult instead and prepped dinner while the girls napped.

chicken dredging dinner prep

I DO sit while nursing Kaitlyn and I secretly love those built in breaks. Once she was full, we headed outside to tackle a project I’ve been meaning to get to for some time.

A little back story- a while ago David found some pretty yellow flower seeds to plant by the mailbox not realizing they were SUNFLOWER seeds. So for the past 2 months we’ve had these monstrosities growing and though I’m a sunflower fan, they do not belong next to a mailbox.


Situation rectified. And we can all agree that weeding is most definitely exercise, right?

I headed inside in time for one load of laundry before I heard Hailey. I scooped her up and we were off to a friend’s house.

swim friends

We got back home by 6, in time for me to make dinner for Hailey (while nursing Kaitlyn… that was interesting), bath and bed. Once both girls were down, I finished up our dinner and finally sat down for the night around 8:15.

2014-07-28 19.49.43

At this point I reminded myself of my goal to be a runner, get back into yoga or become a strength champ, but I just had nothing left in me to get up and workout… though I had enough in me to stay up and see who Andi picked. #Priorities

I realize days like this aren’t going to get me to my fitness goals, but I’ve decided not to feel too bad about the days I don’t get to the gym. I think it may be neat to get a fitbit just to get an idea of how my daily activity stacks up or follow through on this double stroller idea so I can take more walks at home. I know there are solutions to be had and I’m figuring out slowly what works for our new normal.

What do you think?

Is being active enough or do you need to sweat to make it count?

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