How to Naturally Cure a Sore Throat in One Day

I’m so glad y’all enjoyed Hailey popping in yesterday. She’s such a sweetheart to let me rest up. You see, we have a big weekend ahead and I just can’t afford to get sick. (When can anyone ever really afford to get sick though? It always sucks, right?)

how to cure a sore throat NATURALLY in one day- sad sickee

Forced frown because *fun fact* I can’t actually frown. It’s true. My chin just gets all mushy and weird looking.

This weekend, I woke up with my throat on fire. I knew I’d pull out every trick in the book to try to naturally cure a sore throat in just one day. Starting with hot tea (and a banana and an egg on a bagel- gotta fuel the machine).

how to cure a sore throat NATURALLY in one day- throat coat tea

I’m a big fan of this tea. I find it soothes and protects and with no caffeine, I can drink it all day long.

Hot tea is pretty typical, right? So is water. I drank a lot of water with lemon. I figured a little extra citrus and vitamin C can’t hurt.

But again, typical. I knew I’d need more than chugging water to kick this thing, so I turned to garlic.

how to cure a sore throat NATURALLY in one day- garlic raw

Yes, raw garlic. Allicin, a chemical found in garlic, kills the bacteria that causes strep throat. Confession. I’ve never done this before, but I was desperate. So I peeled a clove of garlic, cut it in half and stuck a half in each cheek. You’re not supposed to chew, just suck. At first I was all “WOAH, this is spicy!”

how to cure a sore throat NATURALLY in one day- raw garlic face 1

Then, I realized it wasn’t all that bad and heck, if it works, why not?

how to cure a sore throat NATURALLY in one day- raw garlic face 2

I continued on to have 4 garlic “lozenges” throughout the day for about 10 minutes each time, making sure to swallow the juices. (If you can’t stomach the thought of straight garlic, I recommend a high-quality garlic complex. It will help in the same way!)

Next I turned to good old fashion gargling. I swear by it. 1 cup very warm water mixed with 1/2 tsp salt. Gargle and spit, preferably in front of your significant other because it’s super sexy. (As if the garlic breath wasn’t enough!)

how to cure a sore throat NATURALLY in one day- salt gargle

You’d think I’d be done, but no. I meant business and nothing means business quite like apple cider vinegar– the real stuff (organic and raw, with the mother). I just cringed writing that. I’ve attempted ACV before because people swear by it’s curing abilities, it is a natural expectorant after all, but it was so hard to stomach.

apple cider vinegar is a natural cure

This time, however, I mixed 1 Tbsp of AVC and 1 Tbsp of honey into 1 cup of very warm water. Here’ the secret- DRINK IT WHILE IT’S WARM. It is surprisingly good and feels like a warm hug for your throat. I drank four of these through the day.

Next up, Kombucha. Citrus flavor because vitamin C cures everything, right? Plus I’m a believer it kombucha’s anti-inflammatory properties in healing me when I’m sick. That why now I even brew my own.

how to cure a sore throat NATURALLY in one day- kombucha

Though I know many people swear a good sweat session can make you feel better, my body begged for rest. I listened.

Finally, after a hot shower (yay for steam!), I decided to go for the gold. I threw my go-to-cure-all at the sore throat. It’s a remedy that has been in use since the early days of…. my childhood.

how to NATURALLY cure a sore throat- hot and sour soup

Hot and sour soup. I swear, it will make everything better. Don’t have a favorite Chinese spot? Make your own with this crockpot hot and sour soup recipe.

So, the real question- am I cured? Well, not 100%, so sorry for the misleading title, but I feel SO much better. The gunk is me isn’t such a scary color any more (TMI?) and my throat doesn’t hurt! My head still feels pretty stuffy, so I’m pulling out my neti pot and going through another day of sick warfare. Go immune system, Go!

Edited later to add: I use all these remedies consistently when I feel a sore throat and cold coming on and consistently feel better within a day. Try them out and tell me what you think!

What’s your natural cure of choice?

Ever tried raw garlic?

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  1. says

    Gargling salt water is my go-to natural aide for sore throats – never tried raw garlic but I’d probably do that even if I wasn’t feeling sickly (I’m a garlic fiend).

    • says

      So i haven’t been able to breath in two day. I have tried all the over the counter drugs, boiling water with towel over the head, hot tea….nothing. I just put the garlic in my mouth and I am breathing. Its suuuper Spicy!!! Thank you for the post!

      • says

        Thank you thank THANK YOU! This sore throat treatment really works.
        I love you because now I can celebrate Christmas with my friends!
        Liberty Hanson Age 11
        P.S Got any treatments 4 canker sores I have that 2. I know I’m really messed up right now!

        • Sk says

          Hi Liberty,

          I’ve had great luck with durhams canker rid (google it and you’ll see their website). I used to get canker sores a lot, particularly when sick, and ever since I started using canker rid, I get them very rarely. Even when I do get them, I use canker rid and they are gone within a couple of days. Another great natural remedy. Hope it works for you.

        • Claire says

          Interesting fact – if you regularly get canker sores try switching to toothpaste that doesn’t have Sodium laureth sulfide… My doctor actually told me that and I’ve only had 1 -2 canker sores since 2009 :)

        • LILLY says

          Yes for canker sores get a tobe of medicated Camphor Phenol you can get it Big Lots for $ 1.00 or it comes in a little bottle at Wall Mart for more . Been using it for years . I put it all over my lips then put chap stick . The Camphor dries the sore up . LOVE to !

    • christine says

      I am a classical singer and voice instructor. I chew raw garlic slices when I have a sore throat. It stings and it makes my breath hideous but it is the only thing that I know will have me back in business in a day or so. Hard to find the courage but it really works!

  2. says

    I like that you tried garlic. I found that even with just one glove, it kept and cured the sore throat during Autumn and Winter months. It’s such a great natural way to keep bugs at bay. My hubby don’t like it but I swear by it.

  3. says

    The only thing that helped my on-fire throat when I had a sinus infection in August was hot water – as in, so hot it was actually steaming. Something about that warmth was very soothing.

    I hope you continue to feel better and better!

  4. says

    Thanks for the tips. I’ll have to remember this (well try to anyways) next time I come down w/ a sore throat. Hope you start feeling better dear xo

  5. Jess Mathias says

    Haven’t tried the garlic but hey if it works! About a month ago, I started getting sick as well, didn’t want to be sick (who does) but didn’t want to take medicine. I did several things I created a concoction of Apple Cider Vinegar, local raw honey, ground ginger, and cayenne. I took several teaspoons a day – it worked wonders. I also took a hot bath in ground ginger and it really makes you sweat. Finally – i haven’t tried it but I’ve heard that it works great – put Vick’s on your feet at night to bed, wear socks and it supposedly makes you feel better- pulls all your toxins out.

    Get feeling better soon!!

    • Celia Hedges says

      My dr. (new recently, as I rarely go to the dr. – had to go to get my thyroid prescription refilled), told me the Vicks on the feet trick to minimize coughing. I had heard this before, but it didn’t work this time. My deal was my first time ever with a horrible allergy attack – really over the top here where I live I guess. However, it softens the feet! It has been a month since I first went in (was sure i had strep). I have been using Flonase, a worthless cough pill he prescribed, Zyrtec, then an allergy shot and 3 days later, penicillin. My ear is still plugged up – throat SLOWLY getting better. OMG – it has been a month. I am 70 and pretty healthy in my life, but this has thrown me a loop. I am afraid to go outside and do yard work, as I am sure that this is how it started. Now, we have winds almost nonstop. I live in the AZ mtns. and we have had the absolute weirdest late winter/early spring – hot/cold/ never know what to expect. I don’t like being sick. My husband 76 and somewhat needy even though he doesn’t realize it. Thanks for listening. Thanks for the post. I like garlic but will have to think about chewing on a clove!

  6. Paulina says

    Feel better! I love natural remedies. Gargling, hot water with lemon and honey, cough drops, etc… Whatever it takes. I’ll have to try the apple cider vinegar trick.

  7. Emily S says

    Neti Pot! Whenever I feel a tickle in my throat, I use saline wash and my neti pot – often staves it off. I used it while pregnant and never got sick or sinus-related mess even though I was preggo in the fall/winter. I loooove my neti pot!

  8. Lauren B. says

    I’ve never ever heard of the garlic trick! Sounds disgusting, but I’ll keep it in my back pocket if I ever need it! I will gargle with hydrogen peroxide- helps kill the bacteria, supposedly! Glad you’re feeling better, and thanks for a great post. I’m gonna pin it!

  9. says

    You are hardcore. So many beverages! And the garlic…I am very impressed and am going to keep that in mind. Now that I’m a SAHM, I would probably be willing to try that! Hope you are feeling better today and get some naps in when H is napping too. I LOVE her pigtails!!!

  10. says

    OOooo I do all of that. I hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – kombucha, water, cranberry juice, emergen-c, etc.

    I have tried garlic. I basically threw it in a little chicken soup…and IMMEDIATELY REGRETTED IT! I could taste garlic for the next 24 hours. At least I forgot about the sore throat since all I could think about was my stank breath!

  11. says

    Haha, I’ve heard of Romanians putting raw garlic in their ears to cure ear infections! And up their noses. My aunt would put it on skin boils, and it’s supposed to suck the puss out of them…..

    I always put garlic in EVERYTHING once I feel a sore throat coming on… garlic bread, soup, stir fries, on top of fries (minced garlic, water, salt, oil)… I think it helps, and it can’t hurt (I can’t smell my breath, hahaha)

    Hope you feel better!!

  12. Kate says

    Thanks for the tips! I just got a sore throat and I’m on a trip during Christmas! I’ll try them! Also, I swear by this, when ever you feel a cold starting to kick in take some garlic ( I use 2 spoon fills of minced garlic) . I swear it cures a cold before it starts– sooner the better

  13. steve says

    thank you soooooooo much! i have a tryout tomorrow and i couldn’t ever have a raspy voice (or a sore throat)

    im book marking this page FOREVER!!!!!!!!!

  14. Lizete says

    I couldn’t try it yet cause even though I have a really bad sore throat I didn’t have most of those items and couldn’t buy it what should I do?

  15. Lizete says

    I really need a tex back from you cause I can’t go anywhere talking with a raspy voice!!!!

  16. PAUL says

    I was just introduced to raw garlic as a sore throat cure this week.

    It totally works!! My throat was so sore I could barely swallow and I ate three cloves raw. Once I got over the “my mouth is on fire”, it started working. The next morning I woke up, and I was 80% better

    I read somewhere that garlic has sulphur (or something) and is a natural “nuker” of all things toxic in your body

  17. Chris says

    Thank you so much for this! I have musical auditions coming up on Monday, and started feeling sick Friday. I knew to drink plenty of throat coat with honey. The garlic and water with salt helped the most, though. I could feel my throat getting better within the hour. Great tips.(:

  18. jenn says

    i have a really bad sore throat and i need to feel better cuz 2morrow is a filled up day! i may try some of these things! thnx!

  19. Jennifer says

    Thank you for your blog. I just came across it and I’ve enjoyed reading all your great tips on a sore throat. I’m going to try all of it. One question though…I read somewhere that citrus can aggravate a sore throat. What are your thoughts…

  20. Joanne says

    I always go to a spoonful of honey. It dosent taste great but if you mix it with some warm milk it soothes your throat an is also really camling.

  21. says

    Saw all your remedies, something had to work.. hehe
    I suffered with allergies and strep throat my entire life, until I discovered apple cider vinegar about 25 years ago. I used to get strep throat about every 2 to 3 years. I have had step throat one time in the last 25 years (waited till it was too bad before I gargled) when my throat starts to get sore, I gargle with straight apple cider vinegar. before going to bed, I want to be sure it’s there for a while.
    for years people have looked at me funny when I tell them this, I am now living in northern ca, where there are a lot of naturalist. and it’s fairly common knowledge here
    Donna recently posted..10 Ways to be Happy Right NowMy Profile

  22. jennypoo says

    My family always believed in chewing a clove of raw garlic and sucking on a lemon then a table spoon of Apple cider vinegar in hot water with honey as a cure all and its always worked. Trick is to do this as soon as you start feeling sick sore throat or anything. Also buy the organic ACV we get it from trader joes but any brand or even regular vinegar will work if its all you got. This remedy works better than any cough drop or most of the crap doctors prescribe.

  23. says

    I’m just reading your article because a sore throat, swollen lymphs, and an achy body, accompanied by slight fever, has had me down and out for 3 days. In addition to what you posted, I like to soak in a hot epsom salt bath (to break a mild fever, relax, sweat out some toxins, and reduce inflammation), use ice packs(to reduce swelling of glands in my neck and throat), and I have used peroxide/alcohol in my ears to attack the bacteria from the other side. I know people who have used alcohol for swimmer’s ear, and growing up my mom would use peroxide in our ears to “bubble out” any nastiness, although I’m not sure where it originated. I was just curious if there are others who have heard of this…it seems to help! Thanks!

  24. Tammy says

    I swear by the raw garlic, but I chopped it into pill size pieces and swallowed it whole. Your family and friends will know it for a day or two, but they’ll get over it!

  25. says

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    fat because i’m beneath weight . i want to obtain my bodyweight as much as 10 kg. is it possible for me,then tell what should i do.
    please ship a reply soon to me by means of e mail.
    thank you.
    Broderick recently posted..BroderickMy Profile

  26. says

    Great story and tips! I went through a horrible flu these last 10 days and used all your remedies except for the soup…I had split pea :)

    But I also want to say grape fruit seed extract and tea tree oil are now my best friends. Turns out mold was a possible culprit in my flu messs…and these two are awesome to have :)

  27. Keith says

    Thankyou Thankyou. After suffering all yesterday, got up at 4am to “discover” the remedies, and by 8am all but cured.

  28. says

    Motrin beats Tlenol for taking the “edge” off of any of
    the “ache” type pains. A pinch of salt in lukewarm water is good enough
    to begin with. The best way to get plenty of these vitamins is to eat a well balanced diet with plenty of fruits,
    vegetables, whole grains, and legumes.
    sore throat with out fever recently posted..sore throat with out feverMy Profile

  29. Tyra says

    This morning I had a positive home pregnancy test so I wanted to find something natural to help the sore throat I’ve been battling the past 3 days. Even after I read this article I thought I was supposed to chew the garlic. I figured after enduring a broken bone and two natural births I could handle a clove of garlic. (If you needed a good laugh you should have been in my house about 15 minutes ago). As soon as I started chewing my tongue started burning, then my throat, then I could feel it burning all the way down to my stomach! I thought that maybe this wasn’t such a good idea! I felt sick to my stomach then I started dry heaving and finally threw up. Funny thing is, about 5 minutes later my throat felt a lot better lol. Of course now my stomach feels queasy and my breath is horrendous!

  30. Signalius says

    If you chase the garlic with red wine you can eat a whole bulb of the stuff. Vampires would do well to always have a bottle on hand, for red wine magically, mysteriously and immediately neutralizes all the burnin, spicy nastiness of garlic and allows you to eat far too much. Try it!

  31. Le says

    Nice post, just got a sore throat and was looking for some more tips.
    My suggestions are nearly identical:
    garlic butter toasts (fresh garlic- thats important)
    herbal tea with honey eg chammomile
    Gurgle with saline water and some natural mouthwash(herbs&alc.).
    eat lots of fruits although theres this trouble with swallowing
    cook a vegetable or chicken broth soup.
    Thats the traditional way of curing minor colds sorethroats etc in my country(slovakia). I dont bother buying over the counter medicine – had been brought up this way. Why to stuff myself with chemicals. The natural medicine is effective and yea garlic has got a powerful antibiotic thats capable of curing MRSA infections. You can add fresh garlic paste to soups as well if you dont like raw garlic (but not liking a remedy in slovakia is rather unheard of- except for a case of a spoiled child:)

    To All of you with a sorethroat wishing you a quick recovery
    Note-If you have the chance buy honey from a local honey maker it makes a difference (commercial honey may be robbed of the healing substances-gone to cosmetic industry…)

  32. Le says

    Oh and i forgot to mention onion, fresh hrbs (parsley – also effective as a steam treatment in uti) and cabbage (sauerkraut)

  33. says

    Pretty portion of content. I simply stumbled upon your website and in accession capital
    to claim that I get in fact enjoyed account your
    weblog posts. Any way I’ll be subscribing for your feeds or even I success you access persistently rapidly.
    sore throat remedy recently posted..sore throat remedyMy Profile

  34. Jared says

    I always like to use hot green tea with honey and lemongrass then add about a teaspoon off cayenne pepper and 2 tbsp of honey. Always does the trick for me.

  35. Natalie says

    I’m starting school in a few days, so I’m trying every home remedy I can find – I CAN’T miss my first day! The garlic was a new one, and maybe I’ll try putting in something tomorrow. I tried sucking on the cloves, and couldn’t keep them in my mouth for long. The good news is that now I’m more focused on my burning mouth than my sore throat!

  36. Courtney says

    I’ve never used garlic for lozenges, but when I start to get a sore throat (no sinus stuff, just the inflamed lymph nodes and difficulty swallowing kind) I cut up 6-10 cloves of garlic and just swallow them down with water. It works pretty well.

  37. Ema says

    Garlic works! My hubby got strep throat at work and once he was diagnosed, I knew it was too late for me — I’d already been exposed. I get strep every year, go through the antibiotics and it still takes me a week to completely recover. It’s particularly hard for me to clear & I know it never REALLY does — just sits, waiting for the first chance to flare back up (usually once every fall for me).
    Well, I’ve had enough of the strep and as soon as I felt my throat starting to hurt (and sure enough, I had the gross white spots in my throat), I started a strep throat “cure” I’d read about in a natural remedies book.
    The recipe is 1 TBSP raw honey + 1/2 tsp cayenne pepper + 4 cloves grated garlic. Chew and swallow a half a teaspoon of this every 30-60 minutes over the course of a day. Don’t wash it down, but do be sure you don’t take it on an empty stomach.
    Well, I had my doubts, but figured I had nothing to lose and went for it. It was definitely hot and spicy, but the honey made it bearable, & both my hubby and I were amazed that the next day, my throat felt 100% better and I’d progressed to the coughing up of gross phlegm phase that happens normally at the very end of the illness. I literally skipped several days’ worth of fever and sore throat and went straight into recovery mode in 24 hours! I’m still amazed and now swear by this natural remedy!
    Good to hear you’re feeling better, too! :)

  38. Ari says

    Girl, what the hell. Are you even with strep throat in this photos? I am and I look like a zombie with a bad attitude but Brittany looking beautiful here.

  39. Joe says

    To anyone doubting the garlic trick, DON’T! I started out by just sucking on a few cloves a day when I started to feel a cold coming on, but you end up STINKING after a day…and taste it the next morning…

    It works just as well if you cut it up and swallow it raw. I can attest to this working multiple times. In particular, I seem to remember a recent trip to Paris in which I was popping garlic cloves down the Champs Elysees. The cold never got past the first stages and in two days I was back to normal!

    Just try it, it’ll work.

  40. Bornagainandlovingit says

    I’ve been taking 1 tbsp,1tsp cinnamon, & tsp organic pure honey every day for almost 10 months now and my blood pressure stays low, I used to take bp medicine. Just last nite it was. 126/76, I’m over 50 and about 185, minced garlic is a must for me. I woke up 6:30 with sore throat, took 1 tbsp yes tablespoon sprinkled cinnamon and poured honey over it, within 20 minute throat gone. I will drink a cup of warm berkey filtered water a little lemon and honey this morning instead of coffee, so sad cause I like at least 1 cup ea morning. Look up internet the benefits of honey & cinnamon and now garlic.
    Lets help each other as our now forced down our throats medical care is gonna get worse. God gave us a natural defense in our bodies if we help it against the pollutants of the world. Mainly our soul John 3:16 KJV. Be blessed and keep looking up our redemption drawer nigh. Ps. After have done the garlic, honey and cinnamon, I will repeat again again today with chewable vitamin c and zinc.The pollutants in the air are getting worse and we need help from each other not … You know!

  41. Donna Martin says

    I’ve felt a sore throat coming for a few days now. I’m not sick, I just have a soreness in my throat and the cough to get the gunk up. I’m def. going to try the garlic in both cheeks. I’m HUGE on natural remedies for me and my family. If we start to feel sluggish, I warm 1 tblsp of raw honey and mix well with 1/4 tsp of cinnamon. 3 times a day for 3 days and we always end up not a full blown sick. But love hot tea with a bit of honey. I think my problem with this is because i use Zicam nasal gel nightly for nasal relief, i just can’t breathe at night. May have to try the garlic to see if it clears my passages so I can actually breathe when I lay down. Thanks for the info you have provided. I have bookmarked it.

  42. John says

    I have heard that garlic is a good cure but never tried it. Taking garlic in excess amounts increases the body temperature and acidity too. So keep it in moderate, maybe a max of 3 cloves a day. Try gargling with salt water (should be little hot) and maybe you can add a drop of clove bud oil and mix it. Clove is known to kill bacteria. Adding excess clove oil would again make you feel unpleasant. Excess amounts of anything good may show negative effects. :-)

  43. Diane says

    When you first sense that your not feeling well and you have that strange feeling in your throat……grab the “wild oregano oil. Three drops under the tongue or towards the back of the throat. If I can reach where it hurts, I put a drop on my finger and put it directly where it hurts. Some people use it as a preventative during the winter months. Three drops before bed. But be ready because it will burn and make your eyes water if there is bad stuff going on, but it works GREAT!! It is the best!!

  44. says

    I hate ACV until I put salt, garlic, water,and dill (optional). It taste great to me, its like extra sour pickle juice. I don’t measure ingredients just sprinkle and taste. For those of how love sour stuff, you have to try!!

  45. Kaysh says

    I too love ACV in hot water with lemon and honey. It does magic on my yearly bout of laryngitis! Breaks down the phlegm.

    I ate half a jar of pickles today I wonder if any vinegar helps or does it have to be apple cider kinds?

    I also swear by a zinc supplement. I take a tablet a day as soon as a roommate or coworker is sick, if I take it soon enough i don’t even catch it. I continue with one zinc tab a day when I am sick and it really reduces severity and duration. BUT always ingest it with a full meal and a big glass of water. it can be rough goin down and makes my stomach hurt if i’m not full-bellied.

    I find that an antihistamine before bed can help beat the post nasal drip because it dries up the nasal passages or something. Sometimes I just go with a single gel cap of the generic dayquil because I don’t like the nyquil coma effect and a half dose seems to do the trick for me.

  46. says

    thanks to everyone also I have a sore throat and it herts when a swallow I have tried warm water half a lemon and a heeped tablespoon of honey it helped a bit but I still have a badly sore throat I have also tried strepsals lemon and honey flavour and I have tried salty warm water being gargalled I have tried nearly everything and I need this sore throat gone by 2 days I might try the garlic it dos not sound yummy but if it works then I am doing it please post if you have any ideas that work to get rid of this bad sore throat

  47. tammy says

    Well I usually try the salt water and within hours its better but its not working. Tried the lime and honey, vineger gargle but I gonna try ur garlic sucking and honey and vinegar and see how well it work! also like the cinnamon and honey suggestion.

  48. Butterfly says

    Ok so I have read all the remedys I have done alot of them but never sucked garlic or swallowed them i do warm salt water helps fight sore throats and on coming colds. my favorite one is I cut up 5/7 pieces of garlic and 5-7 prices of raw ginger boil for 10-15 minutes pour into mug add raw honey and lemon and now I also add avc with the mother it’s a great cure for colds drink 3 x a day for 4/5 days … Good luck Green tea is awesome antioxidants and stay off of any dairy products and reduce sugar intake till well

  49. Peter says

    Yep. A sore throat is the worse. For me, if I don’t attack the sore throat right away, it typically turns into a bad chest cold …

    So, this is what I do.

    1 – At the first sign of a sore throat, I start with Zycam.

    2 – I also gargle with Organic Apple Cider mixed with Sea Salt.

    3 – An hour later, I gargle with the Cider mixed with Garlic powder.

    4 – An hour after that, I gargle with Cider, Garlic and 3 81 mg Aspirins made into powder and mixed with the Cider/Garlic.

    5 – I spend a few hour chewing on lots of Vitamin C tablets. About 1 gram of chewable Vit. C at a time. I continue the vitamin C regimen through the next few days.

    6 – I drink lots of water throughout the day.

    Invariable, this assault on the throat gets rid of most of my throat problems with 24 hours.

  50. Gwendolynne says

    Just curious, I wonder if this will work for those of us pregnant ladies as well? I just caught what my 3 year old gave me and I am almost 34 weeks pregnant! Can I still do the apple-cider vinegar and honey with warm water as well (will it make me sick)? I only use the Bragg’s raw ACV which is definitely more potent than generic store brand stuff. I used to take a Tablespoon every morning and still had to dilute it in water but I haven’t tried any of this pregnant.

  51. Joy says

    You drank and ate all of this stuff, and you didn’t get nauseated and throw up? You clearly have a stronger stomach than mine. How do you know the sore throat wouldn’t have gone away on its own by the next day?

  52. Adiamseged says

    I born in Africa Ethiopia, we always use Garlic with hot milk for sore throat. And also ginger tea. Yes you are right. it works

  53. says

    Great blog. Will try the garlic, I currently use a splash of ACV in a 1\2 cup warm water to gargle with a few times a day. I also mix equal parts raw organic local honey with ACV and take a TBS a few times a day when I have a cough or feel a cold coming on. The Nettie pot has been added to the mix of late. I swear by it and advocate when opportunity arises. Kids tease me though… get tired of me always mentioning Honey and ACV

  54. gloria says

    I have the worst immune system in the planet, and as soon as I feel my throat getting sore or my tonsils hurting. I suck the juice of an garlic clove like 3 times a day and by the next day its gone. its so gross but I’ve actually gotten used to it because I get sick so often.

  55. says

    Found your site trying to find a way to *like* ACV since I have a sore throat…. I’m now sitting here holding my warm mug telling myself *she said it’s good so it must be good. It’s like tea and I like tea. I can do this…* and each sip makes me shiver and do the nasty taste dance! But, it’s better than any other method! So thanks, I think.

  56. Kristy says

    I swear by gargling with grapefruit seed extract (GSE). 10 drops in a few ounces of water and it is almost immediate relief! GSE has been shown to cure even strept throat. It really is an awesome sore throat cure!!!

  57. says

    When I originally commented I clicked the “Notify me when new comments are added” checkbox and
    now each time a comment is added I get four emails with the same comment.
    Is there any way you can remove me from that service? Many thanks! recently posted..verdins.lvMy Profile

  58. says

    Yes!!! I can attest to the power of garlic and raw apple cider vinegar, I use both in my organic cold and flu formula, Super Tonic. You can check it out at

  59. Daniela says

    I have a two-year old who brought home EVERY cold from daycare. And of course she passed them on all to me as we’ll. I have never been so sick in my life. Anyway, this post is helpful and currently I am sucking on two big gloves of garlic. I never did that but at this point I will do anything to keep this bug at bay. It kind of stings my cheeks. Before that I garbled with warm water ans salt. And before that I had a large cup of hot water infused with ginger, lemon,honey and cinnamon. I just bit into the garlic- bad idea, bad idea. My mouth is on FIRE. Endure. For the next gargle session I will try ACV. WISH ME GOOD LUCK :)

  60. says

    Fantastic blog! Do you have any helpful hints for aspiring writers?
    I’m hoping to start my own site soon but I’m a little lost on everything.
    Would you propose starting with a free platform like WordPress or go for a paid option?
    There are so many choices out there that I’m totally confused ..
    Any ideas? Cheers!
    Luella recently posted..LuellaMy Profile

    • Brittany Dixon says

      If you’re just starting out, I recommend WordPress! It’s a bit more of a learning curve, but when you go self-hosted, it’s best to already know the ropes. Best of luck to you! :)

  61. says

    People are likely to have sore throat with common infections and allergy. and the best cure for this is to go for home remedies. these remedies will take time but will give permanent relief. like honey, or herbal tea can soothe your throat effectively.

  62. Fradine Kionis says

    I can’t say thank you enough!! Three bouts of sore throats since January of this year, three doctors later and all I had was bad pain and antibiotics! I came home today from visiting an ENT (ears, nose, throat) doctor because I was in such pain. He gave me another script for antibiotics. I left after a $50 co-pay and still in the same horrific pain I had walking in. I wanted to try going without antibiotics since this isn’t strep. I was tested for that yesterday. I found your site and tried the garlic! Sucked on them like lozenges and am going to do it again right now. I already feel so much better just from the one time!! It’s amazing! You are a lifesaver! I mean it. I was losing hope and hurting real bad! Thank you! Thank you!!

  63. says

    I got laryngitis next day tried lemon honey green tea, honey with cinnamon, and eating a lemon. Nothing worked. Day2 read your article,went to store bought garlic Drank ginger lemon tea (no more lemons because burned my throat).Tried to suck garlic it but decided to go for the gusto and chew. Very spicy 60% voice back. Haven’t mustered courage to try again. Love garlic but chewing raw was horrible. Had taste in mouth for 2 days. Now have raspy voice and its been 2 weeks. I thought I’d be better by now, garlic did being up lots of phlegm and partial voice back. I need full recovery because I tutor. I’m going to try ACV and honey. If that doesn’t work I’ll have to get the courage to go for the garlic, yuck.

  64. Greg says

    Gargling with raw, unpasteurized honey did it for me. I was at the point of eating baby food because it was very painful to swallow. I placed a tablespoon of honey in my mouth, allowed it to liquify and then gargled and swallowed. Went to bed (with two ibuprofen) and the next morning it was 90% better. Fever gone, too. By noon my throat was back to normal. Would it have happened without the honey? Who knows, but as severe as the throat was, I don’t think so.

  65. ALEXANDRA says


    • Bettysam says

      Great advice. Honey is great gor sore throats. I dissolve two soluable aspirin in water and gargle. Helps ease the pain. Try it, you’ll be glad you did. Best Wishes.

      Smile just because you can:-)

  66. Pixie says

    Cutting up garlic pieces and swallowing like pills.for one of my kids i wrap some of the soft part of the bread around it and have them take it that way, much easier. eat something first so your stomach knows starts digesting and crushing it up on the way down, that with salt water gargles, lemon and salt gargles (no water, just a spoon full) and pieces of raw ginger taken the same way i do the garlic cures just about everything!

  67. Miphii says

    The vinegar remedy and garlic remedy work for me. Another tip for garlic is to mince it up and stir it with a bit of yogurt ASAP, because allicin goes away. This method doesn’t make your breath horrible, and it’s edible. Hope this helps for people who don’t like garlic. Equal parts honey and vinegar work for a sore throat because both are soothing. GREAT POST, Brittany!

  68. says

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  69. Amy_M says

    I have to mention ginger and honey tea with lemon! I swear by it! All these expensive medicines from the doctor never really work for me! I’m a classical singer and as soon as the throat starts off I run to make that tea ginger and honey tea. I can’t say how much you should drink, but I usually have about 3 or 4 cups a day if need be.

  70. enlightened1 says

    SLEEP! if you can get some, sleep can really help accelerate your body’s response to infection. Sometimes I sleep with the covers over my head and when I wake up I feel much better.

  71. Thomas says

    I am a firm believer in my juicer, Organic greens like kale, spinich, chard and lots of citrus, ginger and garlic.

  72. Azel says

    I swear that Apple Cider works! Not only for sore throat, but for flu and fever too. Also, my family used ACV diluted with water as face toner on acne prone skin n it works a wonder and their faces are like smooth, glowing and clear now! (My sis,cousin n friend tried that-used it continuously for few years and no SINGLE acne til today) And also, you can use it for other skin issues, itch, cuts n all. I know it smells horrible but it is worth it! If you drink it, you can mix it with honey. And although it stinks, it tastes like honey lemon.

  73. Ariella says

    I agree that everything you are doing helps. I’m doing most of those already. I do find the most effective cure is Grapefruit Seed Extract. I use the brand called “NutriBiotic”. I gargle it with a little water, then I drink some. It relieves the pain immediately and I always spit a gunk of colorful mucous (sexy to do in front of your significant other as well).

  74. Jheanelle says

    I have a sore throat now and I’ve been trying to find a home remedy to solve it since yesterday and here you are recommending garlic, I won’t lie I was scared (aka freaking out!) but you were right, after you get over the fact that garlic is spicy (didn’t see that coming lol) it’s not that bad…and the garlic breath can be dealt with…so THANK YOU for saving my throat.

  75. Jessica says

    I got a sore throat this morning and since then I’ve been into the zinc, vitamin c, lots of water, salt gargle, medi-honey, a hot pepper shot (lemon juice, ginger, tumeric and cayenne pepper), an immunity juice and essential oils. I had hoped there would be garlic on tonight’s dinner, but no such luck, so I might make my own garlic bread tomorrow (with multiple cloves of crushed garlic).

  76. says

    Salt gargle cured my bad cough. I used a solution absolutely saturated in salt and I felt the effect as I gargled. A bit uncomfortable but instantly cure.

  77. says

    I have a sore throat now and I’ve been trying to find a home remedy to solve it since yesterday and here you are recommending garlic, but i mixed honey also in it and found really very effective. you should also try this.

  78. Tina Watts says

    I started sucking on garlic when I started reading this, and though it’s burning my cheek a little, my throat is feeling better as I read! Amazing! I also gargled salt water and am a die hard acv fan! Though I don’t mind the taste and take it straight up!

  79. says

    Hi I’ve got an audition for my school’s talent show all day I’ve been drinking hot chocolate and I tried the salt water. How can you do it? I just kept chucking it out!. I couldn’t keep it in for more than half a second!
    ~ Sophie age 11
    Sophie recently posted..Laura and Wilson’s Atlanta WeddingMy Profile

    • Brittany Dixon says

      Warm up the salt water, then get about 1-2 Tbsp in your mouth. Tilt your head back and gargle for as long as possible before spitting it out. Repeat as necessary! Best of luck to you Sophie!

  80. says

    Oh my!
    Was struck down with a very sore throat yesterday so spent the day dosing up on hot lemon and ginger, cayenne pepper, coconut oil and I tried the garlic trick. I think it works!! I love garlic anyways and lets just say I’m not kissing anyone! Woken up today pain free!

  81. Mia says

    Im really ill with a sore throat, I have tonsilitis, a throat infection and tongue infection all at once! It kills…. Im only 12 and i gargle with salt water and my mum says i need to drink ACV but its HORRIBLE! Every website that i go on says to drink water/fluids but i cant because i immediatly gag it up again! I havnt eat in 3 days… someone help me!

  82. McKenzie says

    Thank you so much for this!! I know that you would be a great health teacher. When you said that you drank hot tea, what did you put in it?I’m going to dry and drink a little tea, and I was just wondering what ingredients would help my throat.

    • Brittany Dixon says

      I love Throat Coat tea by itself, or any green or white tea with a squeeze of lemon. I weaned myself off of sweeteners for the most part, but sometimes will add some honey if I’m feeling it. Delicious!

  83. says

    I love garlic… It literally saved me a root canal on a cracked tooth once (still had to get a crown because of the crack, but the garlic reduced the inflammation so that the accompanying toothache went way and didn’t cause the root to die).

    However, use with caution in the mouth, as raw garlic can cause a chemical burn on the tissues of the mouth if it comes in direct contact with the gums for a prolonged period of time. Not saying you shouldn’t use it…. just be careful!

  84. says

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