27 Weeks Pregnant & Growing

27 weeks pregnant. 13 weeks until my due date.  The amount of discomfort I’m feeling is growing, but so is my excitement!

Baby D is now about the size of a cauliflower, measuring 16 inches and weighing 2.5 pounds.  I’m so glad my little one is finally accounting for some of the lbs I’m packing on :)

And, according to What to Expect, I’m finally in my THIRD TRIMESTER!!

27 weeks pregnant belly picture

How I’m Feeling

Maybe it’s my eternal optimism, but I’m feeling well!  Not to say I haven’t noticed some little changes here and there.

I think at times, mostly after exercise, I am experiencing some round ligament pains.  I feel stretching and pressure on both the lower sides of my abdomen, which are uncomfortable.

Also, after a long day on my feet, I feel more pressure in them and feel the need to put them up.  They haven’t looked swollen yet, but sometimes I feel like they are.

And finally, my abs are disappearing.  When I’m in a reclining position, 99% of the time I have to roll over on my side and prop myself up, rather than just sitting up like a normal person.  It makes me feel quite like a turtle on his back.

I’m feeling my giddiness grow, though!! We finally started baby classes and it’s making it all seem so much more real, and like it’s coming… SOON!

Baby Class

What I’m Eating

I won’t lie, this past weekend’s indulgences made me one very happy pregnant lady!  But now that we’re back to a normal week, I’m back to eating normal as well… although I made HEAB’s lactation cookies to bring to Susan, and ended up eating 1-2 myself… so DELICIOUS!

Lactation Cookies

Speaking of Susan, doesn’t baby Caden just give you a bad case of baby fever??  Meeting this cutie just got me that much more anxious to meet our sweet little one.

Baby Caden

I don’t have any crazy fun cravings to share, but I do notice that there isn’t as much room for food in my belly.  I can’t tackle large portions the way I used to… but that’s probably a good thing!

How I’m Workin’ It

I’ve switched things up a bit!  Now, instead of 30 minutes, I’m shooting for a 3 mile distance on the treadmill with various inclines.  I tend to walk anywhere from 3.0 miles per hour (when I feel muscles pulling) to 3.7 (when I’m feeling tough).  So I’m walking 3 miles in just under 1 hour about 4 times a week.

I’m sticking to weight training, too, but focusing on upper body.  I actually feel like I’m gaining muscle in my legs just from carrying around extra weight.

I’m also sticking with yoga, even though I missed last week, I’ll return on Thursday! I’m loving my new yoga pants, though- so COMFY!

27 weeks pregnant exercise


Weight Gain: About 20.5 pounds. I’m interested to see what the doctor’s scale says next week.

Movement: I felt my first kicks under the ribs!  They aren’t painful, but imagine they may get that way eventually.  But to me, it’s just another sign that Baby D is growing like s/he should!

On the Horizon: Glucose test, 3d ultrasound, first baby shower… lots of exciting posts to come!!

Toes: Disappearing.

27 weeks pregnant belly picture 2



  1. says

    You look SO cute! And I am so glad that you’re feeling great :) I’m the exact opposite of you right now; 13 weeks with 27 weeks to go! Promise me it goes fast 😉
    I am so interested to hear about the 3d ultrasound!

    • says

      I feel like everyone’s goes super quickly EXCEPT mine! But now I’m just trying to soak it in and enjoy these last few months. Love reading about the little one you’re growing!

  2. says

    Congrats on hitting the third trimester milestone! You look so good. You are such a good example when it comes to exercise – switching things up depending on how you feel. I had to slow down because of those dern round ligament pains!

    Keep up the good work, mama!

  3. John J says

    Thanks for great update. Compliments to you for all the healthy things you do during your pregnancy. Already you are a wonderful Mom!

  4. says

    I love these posts!
    Brittany, you are absolutely glowing. And I’m glad to read that the lactation cookies are good- I plan to make myself a big batch when the time comes!

  5. Kelly says

    You are glowing so much! I can tell how happy you are! I love the updates with photos…can’t wait till Baby D is born :)

  6. says

    Disappearing toes pic – you are so cute.

    And yes, sweet Caden totally makes me want another, and my little baby girl is only 7 months old. Not sure if that is a good or bad thing. 😉

    You are glowing and beautiful, and I’m so happy you are sticking with exercising. It helped so much, and I really do credit my short labor with staying active. Plus, I think it helped me remain more comfortable during my 2nd and 3rd trimesters which I didn’t think were bad at all. They were a dream compared to the 1st one.

    I hope Susan enjoyed the cookies – she’ll be making you a batch before you know it! :)

  7. says

    Thanks so much for the cookies … they are SO good, Nate had a couple too .. hope he doesn’t start leaking hehe. That picture turned out so cute of Caden :) Love it! Thanks again for stopping by we’ll have to get together again soon and talk blog :)

  8. Suzanne says

    Love your bump! I agree with the walking situation. Hubs and I used to take a 3 mile walk in reasonable amounts of time and now it takes me around an hour (give or take a little). If you have a few days still before your glucose test, give yourself some extra carbs in those days. A lot of false positives come from the glucose test because people aren’t used to having that much glucose in their system. Add a couple extra pieces of whole grain bread or high carb fruits to your day and it should help not put your body into sugar shock and give more accurate results (wish someone had told me that). The 3-hour test was hell and I’d hate for you to have to go through it too :( Avoid eating in the 2 hours before you drink the solution if you can. It will help. YAY FOR 3RD TRIMESTERS!!! 91 days left for you and 84 for me. I can’t believe this is going so fast now :)

  9. says

    Is it just me or is this pregnancy going by super fast? I cannot believe you are in the your third trimester and still looking as cute as ever :)

  10. says

    How exciting! This post *almost* makes me want to be pregnant again, but then I remember how I threw up every. single. day. Caden is a beautiful baby! Can’t wait to see Baby D! You look great, by the way!

  11. Millie says

    I just found your blog and have loved reading about your healthy pregnancy! Congrats! One quick question, though. What is wogging?

    • says

      Thanks so much for finding it and reading :) Wogging is a word I made up- instead of real running, I usually do a combo of walking and jogging- sometimes more intensely than others. So I combined the terms- walking + jogging = wogging! :)

  12. says

    Love the toes disappearing picture. Too cute! Just like you. :)

    Glad you are still feeling good. I can hardly believe you are already in the 3rd trimester! And then I hate saying that bec I know it would always drive me crazy when other people told me my pregnancy was flying by but it seemed to drag to me. LOL


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