WIAW: Eatin’ my Veggies

Lately (after the holidays), I’ve really focused on eating as many whole, non-processed foods and vegetables as possible. I’m really quite proud of the amount I’ve been able to consume each day. Sometimes I run into a rut of boring ways to eat veggies, which is why I love these WIAW posts. I often find myself clicking back through my old ones to get idea of things to eat  I hope they offer you some ideas, as well!

I love healthy foods, but I certainly would get bored eating the same thing everyday… unless it was Mexican. I’d be fine with that.


clementines and almond smile

2 clementines and a handful of almonds, plus the remains of Hubbs’ green monster. (Hubbs’ green monster?! Oh yea, you read that right).

Chocolate Banana Green Monster

It was quick and easy because I had to blog, eat, feed and dress Hailey (and myself) and still be at the gym by 8:15 for pilates. Somehow I made it work! However, taking a picture of myself as inconspicuously as possible did not work out as well.

pilates class


(I eat like a hobbit)

pressure cooker vegan lentil and veggie stoup

A big bowl of leftover veggie lentil stoup, drizzled with Texas Pete.


Caribou Coffee Vanilla Pomegranate Oolong Tea Latte

Above is the Caribou Coffee Vanilla Pomegranate Oolong Latte with skim. It’s so good!

I was at Caribou meeting up with my new chicken friend and her baby girl for the first time. We ended up hitting it off and I’m thrilled to have found a friend who in the neighborhood next to us!


veggie burger salad

Spinach, romaine, tomatoes, carrots, celery, onion, goat cheese and a cut up veggie burger, drizzled with Newman’s Own Light Balsamic.

Celery and Wild Squirrel Nut Butter

Plus 2 celery sticks smothered with Wild Squirrel Peanut Butter.


dinner side salad

It started with another side salad (I told you… so many veggies, right?!) and ended with Jenna’s dairy free stuffed shells.

Eat Live Run Dairy Free Stuffed Shells

These have NO dairy in them whatsoever. Instead they are stuffed with a mixture of tofu, nutritional yeast, olive oil, spinach and salt. It was my first time trying them and I was shocked at how much the tofu tasted like ricotta!

I let Hubbs eat them before telling him what it was and he said he was surprised, too because they were pretty good (though he would have said they weren’t my best batch Winking smile).

Eat Live Run Dairy Free Stuffed Shells- tofu stuffed

Then I watched Biggest Loser, made fun of their obvious product placement (Jennie-O) and called it a night!

Have you been getting in your veggies lately?



  1. Andrea says

    Too much corn and too much butternut squash. I’m planning on moving to a new house soon and have it in my head that instead of grocery shopping I should eat as much of what is already in the house as possible – less to move. Due to a bumper crop of corn this past summer I have oodles of it frozen and home-canned. Same thing with the squash (but it’s just hanging out in the basement whole). Anyone have interesting and healthy new ways to eat either corn or butternut squash? :-)

  2. says

    Haha I almost spit my coffee out when I read “my chicken friend”. I still find that highly amusing. Glad you guys hit it off though! Those stuffed shells sound interesting. I don’t know how I missed those on Jenna’s blog. I like the idea because I don’t ever have ricotta on hand but I do usually have tofu.

  3. says

    I’m so impressed you made it to an 8:15 class…I am so struggling lately getting to the gym because my lil’ one has been waking up at 6 and then is ready for a nap by 7:30, so by the time she gets up, feed her, change her and what not it is 10:30 and I have missed the morning classes and then she is ready for a nap again by like 11:30…but I digress, my child clearly needs a lot of sleep haha.

    This week I have been trying to get in more veggies too because I was not doing a very good job, I find green monsters are my best friend and an easy way to incorporate those greens.

    • says

      The little ones certainly make sure we can’t plan ahead. It drives me crazy not knowing if I’ll make it to a class until the morning of, but I guess it’s part of the experience. I love green monsters for sneaking in greens- good for you! :)

  4. says

    I made those shells for my husband once and didn’t tell him there was tofu until he finished and he was like, “That wasn’t ricotta??”

  5. says

    I LOVE that you met with the chicken friend!!! Such a fun story, and yay for a new connection!!! Wow…that latte sounds amazing and unusual! Hope you have a great day Brittany.

  6. says

    I, too, have been working hard on getting my fruits and veggies in. I set a goal (before Christmas actually) to have a piece of fruit or some veggies with every meal. I didn’t get overly specific, so sometimes that means some dried cranberries in my oatmeal, but it makes me very *aware* of my fruit and beg intake! Your shells look yum!!

  7. says

    It’s seriously inspiring to know that if you can eat that many veggies and do early morning pilates with a tiny baby to take care of.. well, anyone can! Congrats on the salad front today!

  8. Melissa says

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  9. says

    I’m not so sure my husband would go for tofu instead of ricotta. Tofu is probably the one healthy food he just doesn’t care for. Maybe I could trick him with this recipe!
    I am big into roasting my veggies lately. You name it, I roast it!

    Lindsay @ fuelmyfamily.wordpress.com

  10. says

    Great work on still attending the gym classes while being a mom. And also for eating so well since the Holidays. You’re doing great.
    Love the meals you shared. Looks yummy.
    Veggies – I get mine in with lunch and dinner. Fruit is with my snacks.
    I have a question. Can one really have coffee as a snack?

    • says

      It may be a stretch to call it a snack, but I do find that lattes (because of the milk) can hold me over until a real snack or meal. Plus, they’re delicious :)

  11. says

    I made those stuffed shells and they were fantastic! Though next time I think I’ll mix in some ricotta to get more of that smooth, melty mouth feel.
    And you are rocking those veggies! I’m sure Hailey is benefiting from your produce-packed meals.

  12. says

    Haha I love that you “eat like a Hobbit” 😛
    That coffee sounds amazing, I love special coffees!
    And those stuffed shells look delicious – I think I’d prefer them to ones stuffed with ricotta as I’m not too keen on it :-)

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