Food & Fitness for the Week (December)


This weekend was awesome. It started Friday when I finally gave into my desire to take Hailey to a movie. I love the movies and since Hailey was born I’ve dreamt of mommy daughter movie dates. We somehow roped in David, too, and the trip to see Frozen was a … [Read more...]

Second Pregnancy: Weeks 6-9


In case you missed it: Second Pregnancy: The Beginning- Week 6 I went into the doctor on September 10th, excited and nervous to get a confirmation. I thought I’d be close to 6 weeks and was hoping, and secretly fully intending, to see a heartbeat. When … [Read more...]

Operation Baby Eviction


Hi friends! It’s finally September!!! I’m still here (I guess you knew that because I keep blogging everyday…) and going strong at 39.2 weeks pregnant. I will have another doctor appointment tomorrow, but last Friday’s appointment looked something … [Read more...]