Hailey at 11 Months Old


In less than a month, we’ll be singing happy birthday to my sweet girl. Although in some ways it seems unreal that a year has passed, in other ways, it’s obvious in how much Hailey has changed. She’s no longer a helpless, sleepy infant. She’s busy, … [Read more...]

Signs that Baby is Ready to Drop a Nap


Hailey is a great sleeper.  I can’t take too much credit because she was just born that way. Her second week of life she was sleeping predictably and only waking up once during the night. Her naps became predictable after a few more weeks and since then, … [Read more...]

Hailey FAQ at 7 Months Old


I receive emails every so often with Hailey questions, so after a few repeats, I find myself wanting to post about it. I love talking about what Hailey is up to because it helps me remember. If I didn’t write down everything that happens, I wouldn’t remember a … [Read more...]