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Goooooooood FRIDAY morning! I was thinking it’s been a bit heavy in baby content this week, so let’s chat about some random things today instead. But first let me say THANK YOU to all that participated in the first Munchkin Meals link up! I got a lot of great feedback, and more importantly, found some fabulous new ideas for Hailey’ meals. If you missed this week’s munchkin meals, join in the next installment, next Thursday!

So, let’s talk toes.

Friday randoms- no polish for nail health

I know what you’re thinking. Can we go back to talking babies so I don’t have to see your feet? Winking smile I love pedicures and painted toes, but being that they can be pricy, I always stretched about 4-5 weeks in between pedicures. This led to me learning the hard way that polish should be changed or removed every 2 weeks, otherwise the polish will eat into your nails and weaken and discolor them. So for now, I’m on a polish hiatus. You’ve been warned.

Friday randoms- Maybelline XXL Pro mascara

Can I also tell you how much I’m loving Maybelline’s XXL Pro mascara? First you apply the white “lengthening” substance, then the black mascara. It does a wonder on my lashes!

Friday randoms- kerotosis pilaris coconut oil

Sticking with the beauty theme, I’ve always had mild keratosis pilaris (self diagnosed) on my upper arms. Since using coconut oil as moisturizer, I’ve noticed it has gotten so much better! I googled it, and sure enough, it’s been found as a natural cure – awesome!

Friday randoms- disaster kitchen

After 2 months without a real oven, our new doubles have arrived! Squee!! They’ve been sitting in the middle of the kitchen for a week now, awaiting David and his dad to install them. Saws are buzzing through the dry wall as a type. Send prayers.

Friday randoms- Zootastic- Hailey and the kangaroo

Yesterday we went to an open house at David’s aunt’s home. Zootastic was there with baby animals. Hailey and the kangaroo are both 9 months old, making them fast friends!

Friday randoms- Zootastic- Hailey and lion cub

This lion cub was only 6 weeks old and didn’t appreciate Hailey tugging on his ears.

Friday randoms- Zootastic- Hailey and the lion

Yes, Hailey loved the animals! …well, minus the snake. I guess she takes after her mom with this one.

Friday randoms- Zootastic- Hailey and the snake

Have a wonderful weekend!

…and please share your favorite mascara. I’m always looking for the latest and greatest! Winking smile



  1. says

    I have tried many brands and always go back to Covergirl. For the past couple of years I have used Lash Blast in the purple container and love it. Usually after a few months of using a mascara is starts to bother my eyes (they are sensitive) but not this stuff!

  2. says

    1. I don’t blame you Hailey, that snake isn’t so cute, is it?

    2. You’ve sold me on the mascara. I want your lashes (and your underarms, FYI)

    3. Good luck with the new ovens!

  3. Kara says

    I love DiorShow but its $$ and hurts my wallet. I recently got “Lights, Camera, Lashes” by Tarte as a free sample with my Sephora purchase- its great quality but less expensive than the Dior! I swear it brings out every single lash that I have!

  4. melissa says

    so excited to try coconut oil! Ive had the bumps on my arms all my life and want them GONE before my wedding next year!! thanks :)

      • says

        Haha, YES, it’s totally random!! She lives in a historic house and was throwing an open house and decided to have baby animals there, too. I don’t understand the connection, but it was a lot of fun :)

  5. says

    My son has that on his arms so I have learned a lot about it. It’s genetic and doc said that my husband or i should have it, but we really don’t. He also said it gets worse when there is extra fat on the arms…so CJ my little chunkabum has no chance right now. haha

        • Krista says

          I get it REALLY bad on my upper arms for about a year following the birth of my 2 kids. Weird huh!! My youngest is 5 months and people keep telling me I’m sunburnt when we’re outside. I say no, it’s some weird thing i get after pregnancy. (I actually always have it mildly, but it’s insane looking after kids).

  6. says

    You are hilarious- you have such a way with words! I hope your double ovens are installed without a hitch and that you have a fantastic weekend! Thanks again for the Munchkin Meals link-up yesterday- I found a lot of mommy blogs I didn’t know about before and enjoyed seeing what others do with thier kiddos.

  7. Lauren B. says

    I’ve been using Covergirl Lash blast for years now, and I get so many eyelash compliments! Love love love!

    PS. Now I want a baby kangaroo.

  8. says

    Wahoo for getting the double ovens! I’m even excited for you!! I still need to try coconut oil as a moisturizer, I’m all about it for cooking though. My favourite mascara is probably dior show. Its one of been using for years.

  9. says

    Ahhhh snake!

    I love Covergirl Naturals – it’s a green tube. I love that it doesn’t smudge all over my eyes either during the day or after a shower. And it’s pretty nice for length. Also like the wand.

  10. Marie-Sophie says

    Yay, make-up discussion :-)

    I’ve been using Maybelline Great Lash (waterproof) for a few years since that one seems to be the only one to tame my long but very straight and stubborn lashes!

    However, that’s one of the very non-organic skin, hair and make-up products that’s left in my bathroom! I’ve recently switched most of them since getting rid of toxins seemed to make more and more sense there! (still struggling with deodorant and hairspray, though!)

    Gillian (on http://www.battleofthebites) has a great post on skin/make up products right now! I live in Germany so unfortunately I won’t be able to purchase what she tried out but maybe it helps some US and Canadian folks over there :-)

    • says

      I keep mean to look into more green beauty products, but haven’t done it yet. I have a feeling once I get rolling on it, I’ll want everything organic and that could get costly! Thanks for sharing Gillian’s post; I’ll have to check it out!

  11. erica says

    I had ni idea that nail polish did that! I always just leave the polish on my toenails for 4-5 weeks until I feel like painting again, and they always look terrible when I take the polish off. Now I know whhy!

    H is so cute with the cub!

  12. Katy P says

    I have sworn by Maybelline Full& Soft for over 10 years and have yet to find anything to top it! It gives super full lashes and washes off easily without having to tug at lashes (but never smudges underneath the eyes.)

  13. says

    I LOVE that photo and Hailey with the lion cub! How cool! I want one!!!

    I love that mascara too. I am ALWAYS on the search though. I still haven’t found “the one.” I think Lancome had the best on I’ve ever used but it’s pricey, so I stopped using it haha. I wear falsies a lot on the weekend for fun. I’m a makeup junkie.

  14. julia says

    I didn’t know that about toe-nail polish or coconut oil! I’ll be implementing both of those little tidbits. Thanks!

  15. Tracey says

    I love benefit’s “they’re real” for an expensive purchase. And cover girl’s lash blast for a drugstore buy. I’ll have to try the XXL pro soon! I lOVE beauty products.

  16. says

    I had a random thought for you on pedis (hehe – like how I tied in your theme)!

    All out pedicures can get expensive, but just a polish change can run between $8 – $10! This is a great way to continued to get pampered without being too expensive!


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