Fitness Fashion: Lululemon?

I received big news yesterday at my 6 week post partum appointment.  Nope, not expecting Baby D #2, but I am officially cleared for exercise!  I have a few mixed emotions about this development.

A. I’m SO excited because I’ve missed having an exercise goal to shoot for… and maybe Koda will lose some of the chub she’s put on.  Sorry pup!

B. I’m a little frustrated because I thought being cleared for exercise would mean I’d be feeling 100% healed and ready to go.  It’s not quite the case.  I’m still feeling some soreness and discomfort in the pelvic region. Guess it means I’ll move forward at a gentle pace.

C. Now that my body is getting closer to it’s new permanent shape and size, it means I can ditch the maternity yoga pants and GO SHOPPING!!!

I’ve never owned quality workout clothes.  Unless you count Soffes. (What? Cheerleading shorts from high school don’t count as quality work out gear?)


Up until I really started training for my 5k last year (for those that haven’t know me long, I’m not a natural runner and yes, I had to train for a 5k… and I loved it!), I never owned real running shorts.

Oh yes, I’m sporting thick workout/pajama pants from target… and I’m guessing marathoners don’t run in kiddie-sized pumpkin t-shirts from Target 😉


An old fleece and a beanie? Fine for starting off… but they get hot and sweat-soaked before long.

So, it’s time.  Time for some real running (wogging) gear to motivate me to get out there and tackle another 5k!

I mentioned on TWITTER yesterday that I was hoping to splurge on my first Lululemon purchase soon because I’ve heard their stuff is incredible and well worth the hefty price tag.

After all, I need some real support.

lulu tata tamer

And I’d be so aerodynamic that I’m sure I’d shave minutes off my PR by just wearing this:

lulu define jacket

And people swear by their yoga pants, so I’d have to get those too, right?

lulu astro pant

Well, I started hearing feedback from the lulu-lovers and the lulu-non-believers.

Some sample reactions:

  • I’m obsessed with Lulu- it’s all I wear!
  • Overpriced!!!
  • You don’t own any Lulu? I live in it!!
  • I don’t get the huge appeal… maybe if it was cheaper.

Hmm… this had me wondering.  Is Lululemon all it’s cracked up to be?

Or have they just created such a cult like following that people buy it because it’s the thing to do?

I’m skeptical.

So, I’m asking you, friends.

Do you own any Lululemon gear?

Is Lululemon worth the price tag?

What’s the one item you’d recommend?

If you’re not a Lulu fan, what workout gear to you recommend?




    1. says

      Honestly Brittany I am going to say it’s not worth it. They have really nice stuff but in my opinion its all over priced. For day to day gym gear I think you can find great stuff at places like Target or Old Navy. For running I may spend a little more and will grab Under Armor or Suguoi, but I try not to get too caught up in the hype that is Lulu. You can definitely live without it if you want or need to.

      That said, splurging on a good sports bra is a good idea!! I don’t like Lulu’s myself but its a good investment when you find the right one (in fact, buy 4 of them!!)

      • Lisa Marie says

        First, i dont have any lulu gear so i am just curious! but is this your opinion coming from someone who has purchased lululemon before?

    2. Christina says

      We don’t have a LuLu near us and I really don’t want to shell out THAT much money for something I’ve never tried on or seen in person. If I ever see one in person, I will definitely go in and try things on and feel the materials.
      BUT, I would order their TaTa Tamer and give it a try without trying it in person(it will be the next sports bra I buy actually). I shell out the big bucks for a good bra (sports and non-sports) because my girls need the support and I know from experience what a difference it makes. I’ve heard they are great, supportive bras and it’s hard to find a good selection of high-support sport bras in stores where I live.
      For my workout clothes, I have had great luck shopping at TJMaxx and getting some quality clothes there, a lot of them name brand (Nike, Under Armour, New Balance, etc.) . I also don’t mind some of Targets workout gear (not ALL of it, but a lot of it does work well).
      Have fun shopping!

    3. Pamela says

      I swear by Nike and Athleta for my workout/running gear. You can get amazing deals on and many of the pants come in short and long sizes. Athleta has some really cute workout tops and the ones I’ve bought have held up amazingly well after many workouts and washes.

    4. says

      I would suggest to get a couple of things from lululemon and then get some other cheaper things. I do feel like the quality of lululemon makes it worth it. If you want to live in workout clothes then I do think they are worth it. If I’m going to be running errands or doing other things before I work out I wear lululemon pants, if I’m just working out I’ll go for target or under armor. Hope this helps!

    5. Colleen says

      I really like Lululemon. It IS expensive, so it’s important to make good choices. I like the Define jacket, I can wear it with yoga pants or jeans. I have a pair of Astro pants and Wunder Under crops, both of which I love. I really like the wide waist band on both pairs, really keeps everything in, no muffin top :) When I buy something I buy the plain black version, and not a fancy pattern with the hopes that it will last longer/I won’t get sick of it as fast and will go with everything. I have a couple of their tanks, which are good and I like, but probably overpriced. The other things I’ve mentioned I really think are worth the price. The really put thought into what they are creating and I just feel really good in their clothing. Just my two cents worth!

      • Colleen says

        Oh and I should mention that most of these clothes aren’t really for working out. I wear the crops to pilates and yoga, but I don’t run in them. The jacket I will wear to pilates/yoga as well… but I wear my cheaper long sleeves for high-sweat activities like running. The pants are great for travelling or errand when you don’t feel like wearing jeans, they look nicer and last longer than other brands of yoga pants.

    6. Carolyn @ Eat Live Be Well says

      I try to Luke Lululemon. I really do. I believe in quality exercise clothes. Since I work from home I live in my sweaty gym clothes. Here’s the deal. I have numerous Lulu items. I only like two of them. And I only really like one piece – my running skirt. I find that the pants and too low waisted for me and all the shirts just don’t fit thy great. I’ve had yoga tops that I thought my boobs would fall out of (and I wear a B cup). Like I said. I try, but I’m all about FIT not LABELS. I want to feel good in my exercise clothes and for me I can’t go all Lululemon. I’d be interested to see if the clothes fit you well. Have fun shopping.

      Be well

    7. says

      Haha, I think that last one was me. I actually do have a pair of shorts that I got as a gift. They’re nice, but not like OMG I have to have a million more pairs.

      I like to go to Sports Authority and Costco and get workout stuff. They often have lots of sales at SA. Also, Target really does have decent stuff too.

    8. Tara says

      My friend splurged on a pair of yoga pants from there and calls them her “fancy sweats” seeing as they cost over a hundred bucks. Yep, I have to agree with the others, Lulu is overpriced and there are so many other affordable options. I prefer Nike and Asics stuff and can usually score some good stuff at places like TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

    9. says

      I have a couple Lululemon pieces and absolutely love them, but I don’t think you need your entire workout wardrobe to be from there – especially since its so expensive. I do think there are some KEY items that you would love that really are pretty fantastic, like the Wunder Under crop. It sucks in everything, super comfortable, and it is my absolute favorite workout pant. I think the tops are a bit overrated and (obviously) too expensive (just really cute!), but the crop is simply amazing :)

    10. says

      I bought a workout tank and cropped yoga pants from Lululemon at the beginning of the year and loved them. Up until I got home and started feeling too guilty about spending so much. Everything was returned a few days later and my bank account was happier! If I had the money to spare, I would still like to invest in maybe just a few Lululemon pieces. But for now, I’ve had good luck finding cute, colorful workout clothes at TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

    11. says

      Don’t have any. Never been there. I wonder what the markup is. You know it does not cost $54 to make a pair of shorts.

      I just feel like I don’t fit into the clientele they seek. If there was an outlet nearby I would go… or if I find some at Goodwill I’ll buy them. Just sayin!

    12. says

      I’m also in the boat of their are just too expensive to justify… I have really liked most things I have gotten from Target and Old Navy and have a few more quality Under Armour pieces for long runs. I wish I could afford at least a piece or too for a special treat but I just can’t wrap my head around the $$…

    13. says

      I have a pair of yoga pants, a jacket, three pairs of cropped pants, two different types of bras, a pair of shorts and two racerback tanks. I lived in the cool racerback tank when I was running during pregnancy-I love it. I also love the happy heat bra (I think that’s what its called) and my crops for hot yoga. Those are my “essential” items. I wore the crops nearly every day during bikram yoga and ran in them as well-they are still good as new.

      I prefer nike or even old navy for running shorts. The ones I purchased are really…short.

      So yeah, lululemon stuff is pricey but worth it. I have a lot of it bc 1)its what I ask for for christmas and bday gifts and 2)I use it a lot! You could always check out an outlet for cheaper prices if there’s one nearby!

    14. says

      I LOVE lululemon! My entire workout wardrobe is not lululemon. I keep the pieces for rewards. I finish a race. I buy lululemon. I then wear them on my tough runs. It works for me. I think having a baby is great time to treat yourself. I plan on doing the same in January once I have my baby.

      If you want to limit the pieces you buy, I would buy pants. The waist band is AMAZING. I’ve actually been able to wear my clothes from lululemon through the past 7 months of pregnancy!

    15. says

      I think Lululemon is the kind of stuff you sprinkle into your workout wardrobe. I have one of their shirts now and I love it. (it was a gift). It’s stretchy and comfy and is the only shirt I have that fits during pregnancy.

      For running though? I have had the best luck with underarmour and nike running gear.

      I plan to get a pair of Wunder Unders because I heard that they are amazing as far as comfort and performance.

      I think the biggest rip off is probably their hoodies and other gear that is really just designed for you to show off that logo and not so much for performance.

    16. erin says

      I use to be someone who thought people were ridiculous for spending that much on workout gear. Then I gave in, tried on some pants, bought the pants and became a believer! Love the Astro pants and really love the wunder under crops. Don’t own any of their tops because i have a large chest and need a real sports bra. A built in tank doesn’t cut it for me.

      No I like their pants for gym workouts but don’t love them for running. I find the astro a little too thick and heavy.

      Sure maybe they could sell it for less, but their stuff does make your butt and body look good and when you feel good it makes all the difference in the world. Oh and post baby I totally appreciated that their pants seemed to hide my flabby tummy:)

      Oh and they will alter pants for free!

    17. Beth says

      I would have to agree with the comment above, it is great to have a few pieces of lulu, but I think nike and underarmer is wonderful for running gear and less expensive. I love nike running capris and have worn them for ever. I would say to get a couple pairs of those and some nice dry fit tops and jackets. Good luck and have fun shopping!

      Congrats on baby girl, she is darling! We are anticipating our little ladies’ arrival any day :)

    18. Emily says

      I wanted SO badly to love lululemon gear but after drooling over several pieces online for ages, I went in the store and couldn’t find a single pair of pants/crops that fit me comfortably. It was strange. I’m 5’1, average weight, a runner . . .nothing. The material was not flattering on me. However, I still look online and dream of owning a jacket or something.

      Like you, I’ve heard mixed reviews about whether or not it’s worth it but I think if you find a piece that makes you feel good and sporty and ready to get moving, then I think it’s worth the splurge. As you know, running can be so much a mental battle that if you find a piece of gear that makes you feel really good, it’s priceless.

    19. Susanne says

      I have a pair of Lululemon pants but I actually like my GapFit ones better and they were only about $20 on sale. If you watch Gap they usually put everything 30%-40% at least every 2 weeks. My pants from Gap still look brand new after washing and wearing a million times my Lulu ones – not so much. I like Moving Comfort sports bras best – the Juno ones are awesome and you can get them pretty cheap on Amazon :)

    20. says

      i buy most of my workout stuff at tj maxx or marshalls. in my opinion you can get just as good a workout in a $20 pair of pants :) not to say i won’t buy a piece or two from lulu at some point…but i went in once just to try stuff on and walked out with nothing because i just couldn’t justify the price tag

    21. says

      I didn’t get the lulu craze at first either and then I randomly walked by a store in the mall when I was in FL and made 2 purchases. A ta-ta tamer and a pair of running crops. Best investment ever. I now own 4 tata tamers, 4 running crops, 1 pair of running tights, a headband and countless tanks. It’s worth it for some things. the bras are hands down the best one I’ve ever worn. If you need support, I can’t recommend that tata tamer enough. It’s worth every penny of the $58 or so that it costs. I also love the running crops/pants b/c they are the perfect combination of tight/stretchy. It’s almost like wearing compression without the “too tight” feel. The tanks are nice but I won’t pay for price for them. I’m lucky enough to live 30 minutes from one of their 2 outlets in the country so I only buy tanks from the clearance rack at the outlet otherwise, marshalls, tjmaxx have way better deals on brand name workout tanks from nike, addidas and under armour that are just as good. :) Hope this helps!

    22. Kim says

      I wear workout clothes everyday, it’s my job (I manage a government fitness center in DC). I have a few Lulu items, one pair of pants that I bought in Feb 2007 and they still fit and look great today. So if you want to splurge I do think they are quality and can last a very long time. Also, I am pregnant and have been wearing them throughout the pregnancy (currently 30 wks) and they haven’t stretched and they’ve stayed up! I also really like Lucy athletic gear, they’ve held up just as well over the years. The biggest advice I can give though is how you take care of the clothes. I never dry any of my pants, capris, shorts or shirts. The material that they are all made of to wick moisture breaks down over time in high heat. It also causes the clothes to hold on to odor (I’ve had more than one member with this issue that I’ve had to, ahem, address). I don’t use a special sports wash, I just air dry everything. I wash the clothes at night, hang them to dry and usually it’s all dry by the next day due to the moisture wicking properties! Also, if you have a fitness/group exerciser teaching certification of any kind (or plan on getting one) the brick and mortar stores will often have a program for instructors (I think Lulu’s is 10-15% and Lucy’s is 30%!) so if you ever think about getting one, ask! Yes, quality workout clothes can be expensive but they are worth the investment if you take care of them. And they make your butt look good :)

    23. says

      I don’t own any Lulu basically because I don’t go to the gym very often and I don’t run every single day. My Old Navy and Target workout gear works fine for the amount of time I put into exercising. I have heard awesome reviews about Lulu and I would probably consider paying the price if I was a marathoner-in-training or lived in the gym :)

    24. says

      I recently invested in the ta-ta tamer. As you know, my jugs are NOT small by any means – and especially so now that I’m nursing. I was sick of wearing 2-3 sports bras to go for a jog. The ta-ta tamer is super comfy and holds the girls in place. So to me, it was totally worth the hefty price tag. But for tanks & shorts – I shop at Target, Dick’s or Old Navy.

    25. says

      I don’t own anything from Lululemon. All of my workout clothes are Target Champion brand (their sports bras are the best, but I also don’t need tons of support). I also love Under Armour compression shirts — I have one long sleeve and 1 short sleeve (both were on clearance so they aren’t the best colors (light blue and old lady pink) but they fit well and they really pull the sweat off of you which I love.

    26. Jazz says

      I love lulu! ( go Canada!)
      I do get annoyed when people wear it around like it’s a fashion… but for workout clothes it’s actually fantastic. I would recommend the running shorts, and the tanks. I think there are better sweaters out there for excersize. And the headbands are really good. I have some wind/compression pants from there that I got for -20 degree running as well which work well.

    27. Linda says

      After having the baby and nursing, I purchased the Moving Comfort Fiona sports bras. They are not cute by any means, but they are very supportive and hold everything in place. The straps are velcro which make them adjustable which I really like. Best part is it also allows you to easily nurse while wearing these bras b/c of the velcro strap. I’m still not running since having my baby 11 months ago, but enjoy the supportive bra for walking.

    28. Lisa says

      WORTH IT!
      I Own lots!
      3 pairs of pants, 2 pairs of capris, 4 tanks, 2 hoodies, 1jacket,1 diaper bag, and 2 head bands.

      It last a long time and wears SO well.
      It’s also nicer than just lounging in jogging pants. It’s presentable and you CAN feel great shopping in it and still be comfy!
      Get some!

    29. says

      I own a few things from Lulu- but I only paid for 2 pieces. I have mixed feelings about the brand.

      I LOVE one of my pair of shorts. They’re the only ones still comfortable this far along in pregnancy. But they are SO expensive. The majority of my running clothes have always come from the Nike outlet. I feel like their apparel is just as good and lasts just as long for 1/2 the price. I’m someone who abuses my workout clothes too- I wear (and wash!) them 3-4 times a week and they still last for years. Now, I do replenish 2-3 tanks every year b/c I get them so nasty- but at $15ish each, it’s something I can handle.

      I have no boobs though so I can’t help you w/ support issues. But I’ve heard amazing things about Lulu bras!

    30. says

      Wow, lots of conversation about work out gear
      Honestly, all i wear is lululemon because –
      Its quality and lasts, i still wear the first pieces bought 5 years ago
      The colours are fun and bright and make getting dressed for the gym fun – its amazing the motivation you get from wearing clothes you love
      Extras, like pockets made exactly for your iPod, or thumb holes/cuffins for cold weather runs, slits in winter hats for your pony tail etc..
      Thats just my piece, i’m a loyal fan and own probably too much but i love every single piece and i would rather buy one pair of pants for $100 then 4 for $25 that don’t last
      Happy to hear you got the all clear :)

    31. Kristen says

      For me, it makes the most sense to splurge on a really good supportive sports bra, and then save on the rest. I’ve run a full marathon, two halves, and countless 5 & 10K’s in the Champion fitted cropped capris from Target, and I have their performance tees and tanks in a rainbow of colors. I have a few more expensive pieces that I received as gifts, and although they are very nice (and I appreciate the thought!), I just can’t justify purchasing them myself. Plus, I usually work out 5-6 days per week, so that either means a LOT of laundry or a lot of money! :)

    32. says

      I really do love Lululemon. But I also don’t have a budget that allows me to buy it in bulk. So, I invested in a few key pieces — mostly jackets and a couple singlets — and have been happy. For all my other gear, I try to balance out the price by picking up stuff at TJ Max.

    33. Ellen says

      I’ve been wearing lululemon for close to ten years now and there stuff never disappoints. I am extremely hard on my gear and I’ve never had a issue (unlike other brands). I wear there stuff to the gym, to school, weekends, relaxing you name it!

    34. says

      I fully consider high school Soffes workout wear. :) I have a few lulu things- all things I bought with gift cards. I love everything I have- it fits really well, is comfy, and cute. BUT the prices are insane- besides those few things nearly everything else I own is Target C9. I mean, you’re just going to sweat in it. 😉

    35. says

      I think I’d just feel too guilty spending that much money on workout clothes, especially since I don’t even need any right now. All of mine came from Victoria’s Secret Pink or Marshall’s/TJ Maxx. I’m the kind of person who can’t stand to pay more if a cheaper option is available. You can find lots of cute stuff that’s brand name at Marshall’s and TJMaxx and I’d rather have more cute clothes than just one or two cute but expensive things.

    36. says

      Yes, it’s overpriced, but to some extent, you really do get what you pay for, but this has been debated up there in the comments, so my perspective is more about FIT.

      No secret that I’m fun-sized and Lulu workout pants (I only own yoga pants and just couple tanks) fit me perfectly! There’s nothing worse than working out and constantly pulling at your clothes. They hem for free, which doesn’t really make them any cheaper, but they do a quality job and you cannot tell that they’ve been altered.

      That being said, you CAN get some nice workout clothes at Target (Champion line is great) and Old Navy expanding their line. Altheta (GAP), is a bit pricey too, but I hear they have nice stuff as well.

    37. Shannon says

      I think that people are more obsessed with the BRAND and that makes them believe more in the product. Not sure if you’re familiar with them, but there’s a whole mantra and lifestyle that “Lulu’s” live by. I am a firm believer that you can get just fine quality basics at Target (the C9 stuff is great) and stores like Kohl’s carry good deals on Nike, Adidas, etc. I personally recommend Athleta for athletic goods splurges, it’s not quite as pricey as Lulu with all the style. But all that being said, I DEFINITELY think that making a splurge on your athletic equipment (running clothes) can make a huge mental difference (MOTIVATION) so go for it if you find some items you like!! Also try for some discounted gear.

    38. says

      I like Lulu a lot but mainly because of all the cute colors and patterns. I’ve always been a very matchy-matchy person and like that I have so many options of tops and bottoms. They also like to include pockets on a lot of their items which is always helpful!

    39. Stacy K says

      I have a few pieces from lululemon. Including the tata tamer, a few tanks and a pair of pants. What I do is go online and under women there is a section that says “whoops we made too much” and that is where you were find gear on sale. That helps cut down the cost a bit. I also echo someone above the recommended Lucy, their stuff is awesome quality.

    40. says

      I absolutely adore Lulu, but it is pricey. So I have a few things and sometimes reward myself (like after my first tri) with a piece or 2 of Lulu apparel. I also find C9 from Target to be very comfy and decent quality at a great price! Good luck!

    41. says

      Honestly, I never got the Lululemon hype…until I got a pair of their yoga pants. They are seriously the most comfortable pants ever. I now have quite a few Lululemon things, and I have to say that they are worth every penny!

    42. says

      Honestly, I never got the Lululemon hype…until I got a pair of their yoga pants. They are seriously the most comfortable pants ever. I now have quite a few Lululemon things, and I have to say that they were worth every penny!

    43. says

      I own Lululemon gear and LOVE it. It’s comfortable, trendy and is has great support. I wore lululemon all throughout my pregnancy and didn’t have any problem with the clothing stretching out or not fitting while I was 9 months pregnant, craziness! I love them and they were worth the price tag. I was given a tip to justify hefty price-tag purchases:

      Every Wear = $1. If you can pay for the item you bought through wears, it was worth the money 😀 This always seems to work for me :)

      I’m a runner and will start training for my first triathlon soon. The items I bought are no longer on the site, but their pants are AWESOME. Talk to a sales rep and she will help you find the right fit and style to fit the exercise (or not… hehe) that you are going to use them for. I would only stick to the pants though. The tops, you could buy anywhere and they don’t really stand out to me in performance. Plus in the winter, no one will see your awesome sports bra anyway, lol.

      The other gear that I love are Nike Brand, especially for outdoor running. They have some great lightweight jackets that keep you warm in the winter, but don’t overheat you. They are also easy to see if you’re running and it’s getting dark. Their sports bras are great too. I’ve had support issues since I had Andrew and Nike has definitely been there for me, haha.

    44. Kristin S. says

      Yes lululemon is an amazing brand but you don’t need expensive clothes to run marathons. I’ve ran 2 fulls, 1 half, a 25k and a 32.5 ultra relay race and did it all in soffees :) and just regular tank tops and shorts. No special brands required. It’s about the runner and their ability not clothes.

    45. says

      for me, it all depends on what you want. I really love the scoop neck tanks because they keep in the belly bloat and look cute while still keeping me cool, and it’s so hard to find a top that’ll do that for me.

      the wunderunders are just so-so for me. I don’t like how they kinda cut into my hips.

      LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the speed shorts. they were most definitely my best purchase from lulu thus far. 😉

    46. says

      I’ve never owned anything from lululemon and dont’ think I will just because I don’t get the hype. My sis-in-law is a notorious bandwagon jumper and works at the store in times square and I’m pretty sure has an iv drip of the Kool-aid. She sent all of us a LONG e-mail about how they are awesome and we should all buy some. I responded and asked if I could get her discount. haha I didn’t get a response, but I’m a bikram lover and it works just as good without me having to drop over $100 on pants. I even rock my soffee sometimes!

    47. says

      I own 2 pieces of clothing from Lululemon and I truly love them both. However, they were both really expensive and generally out of my price range but the yoga pants are the best I’ve ever owned and they will even hem them for you if need be. I’d suggest owning a few key items from Lululemon and then getting your usual reasonably priced workout gear from other places.

    48. says

      I don’t own any lululemon gear and even though there’s a store in Boulder, I’ve never been! I usually go Nike for all my work out stuff but until last year, I worked out in old t-shirts and yoga pants all the time. Suited me just fine.

    49. says

      It’s a bit too pricey for me. Cute. But pricey. Therefore I own none of it. Nike might be my favorite. Their stuff can be pricey, but sometimes you get good deals at Dicks or Sports Authority -depending on the sale. I also like Under Armour for cold weather.

    50. TanyaS says

      I used to think it was just an overpriced fad, but then I actually tried on a shirt. My first thought was “So this is what they are talking about”. I was scared to try on any bottoms for fear I wouldn’t want to take them off and I just couldn’t afford both at once.

    51. Sarah says

      I own one lulu item and it’s that jacket you picture. My thoughts:

      1. It attracts dog hair like no other fabric I’ve ever owned. Seriously annoying.
      2. It gets pill-y if you wash it with your regular cotton clothes (I wash mine separate with athletic gear only and avoid that problem, but don’t get to wash or wear it often because of that). Lululemon told me about this tip when I questioned them on twitter which is super cool of them.
      3. It has a super comfy stretchiness and I love the length since I have a long torso and usually I have to tug on stuff.

      Overall, the things I like about this jacket do NOT outweigh the annoying-ness aspects for me (or the hefty price!).

      If I were you, I would invest in a tee or tank top instead, because you’ll get a taste of the quality/fit/fabrics without spending so much. Plus I think a top that sits right next to your skin takes priority over a jacket for comfort.

    52. says

      it’s definitely expensive, but I think it’s totally worth it. I find myself doing extra loads of laundry so that i don’t have to wear my non-lulu clothes to yoga! their stuff is just really well-made, and extremely practical. they think of everything. and they’re a really fantastic company!! I have a pullover that I especially love, and I love my Wunder Under leggings! hope that helps! xo

    53. Irina says

      absolutely worth it. don’t listen to nay-sayers!!! it holds up beautifully in the wash and lasts a long time. I am 38 wks pregnant and still wear my lulu wonder under crops to prenatal yoga and for just getting out of the house with a tunic top. I accidentally bought one size up last year and I have been wearing it through my entire pregnancy and it is doing really well!!! I would be careful with bras – they are not always comfortable – I never could find the right fit for me, even when I was not pregnant (original size – smallish C) – bras are very specific fit and I would try every one on, do not just order from the website.

      Another recommendation for running: Icebreaker merino wool running / exercise clothes. Super pricy but each piece goes a LONG way – it really really really does not smell and washes well. I am a believer. Unfortunately, I got my pieces just before I got pregnant and I did not run that much during my pregnancy, so I only used it for a couple of months, but it was fantastic. That my be your “upgrade” purchase after you become comfortable with lulu.

      Also: lulu tends to run long – so I suggest starting with the crops – easier to size (I am just under 5-3 and find all longer pants too long – OK for yoga but not OK for running….). Try ALL tops on – sometimes the bra portions may be a little constricting, esp with the “bigger” busts, so going up a size may be a good idea. I never owned a jacket from lulu – they all seemed a little heavy for running, at least in the winter here in CA – I end up taking them off anyway – and since these are the most expensive items – hold off on these – you probably can get away with a long sleeve running jacket from a more main stream brand and save $.

      Best of luck with your exercise – very good blog – I get a lot of info!!!!

    54. Kristie says

      I say just go in to one of their stores, try on everything in the store, and then come out with a few things that you truly love. I found that although I came out with 2 tanks, 2 pairs of crops (of the same kind), and 1 long-sleeved shirt, that there were still lots of things I tried on and really didn’t like. Odd fit, uncomfortable material, weird sizing, etc. But the stuff I bought I am in love with and would wear every day if I could! I figure if I treat myself once every year or two it’s not too bad in the long run, especially since I work out at least 5 times a week!

    55. says

      I only own 2 items from Lululemon–both bras. They’re the “ta-ta tamers” :-) and they’re fantastic, best sports bras for running that I’ve encountered.

    56. Sarah says

      I own several pieces of Lululemon gear, most notably the Wunder Under capris and the Groove pants. I thought they were super cute when I bought them, but they pill like crazy. They look terrible and worn out. I bought the right size, but I think the Wonder Unders are too big, because when I do yoga in them they feel like they’re going to fall off, or my butt is going to show. (Not to mention running in them.) I would not buy anything from Lululemon again, especially considering the large price tag. Instead I would suggest the Fit Couture line on Amazon. I have several pairs of yoga pants from Fit Couture that have been around for at least 7 years. I wear them regularly. At least once a week. They still look brand new, fit great and the price tag doesn’t hurt as much as Lululemon. I also have some Nike and Adidas gear that I don’t love as much as the Fit Couture. For reference, my workouts are yoga, running, elliptical, and/or weights at least 5 days a week. Don’t believe the hype about Lululemon!

    57. Molly says

      Lulu really is good. But Nordstrom sells Zella which is very similar and a little less, especially if its on sale. I love Zellas crops and leggings!

    58. Emily Dambrin says

      I love Lulu but also think it’s a bit pricey…I wait for pieces to go on sale (you can always check out the “we made too much” section on their website). My go-to store for workout gear is Gap! They really have some great quality pieces and Gap is always seeming to have some type of sale. I’m a distance runner, lift weights 3x per week as well as take yoga and spin and my Gap stuff has held up quite nicely :)

    59. Erica says

      I like Lulu and their clothes are pretty, however way too Pricey to have a workout wardrobe based on them! I have a tank (w/o a built in bra) and a pair of the run:speed shorts. The shorts ride up a lot and I don’t think they are very flattering unless you look like the models on their website (and who does?).

      My favorite brand of running gear is Nike. The Tempo shorts are the best running shorts I’ve ever owned – perfect length for my height (5’4″) as in – not too short and the legs are wide enough that they don’t ride up. I think I have 5 pairs of these shorts, and continue to buy more! I have wide-ish hips and big runner’s quads (and I’m still wearing them at 18 weeks pregnant). I also have a number of their bra tanks, and a pair of tights. The Nike DriFit stuff is really good.
      I also have a few things from Target, the C9 gear. I really like their bras and tanks. They are a little cheaper than Nike but still last as long and hold up well.

    60. says

      No re lululemon, but one of my girlfriends had a problem with mastitis while breastfeeding and training for a 5K. I just wanted to make you aware and to be careful (I feel the need to pass on the into.

      I have no lulu, but it looks super cute and comfy

    61. says

      My husband gave me a gift certificate to LuLu one Christmas. I bought a pair of yoga pants and a sports bra. They were fine, but just as fine as the other pieces that I got elsewhere which were more than half the price. And the fabric of the bra pilled pretty quickly. Let us know if you buy anything from there and what you think.

    62. says

      I like their tank tops, but their shorts ride up and none of their shirts with arms fit me because my arms/shoulders are too big. I guess that makes sense since their stuff is geared towards runners and yoga people, but I hate not being able to find clothes to fit my muscle in ATHLETIC stores :-P.

      For shorts I highly recommend Sugoi. I think they’re technically cycling shorts, but the ones I have have grippy rubber on the inside bottoms of the legs so they don’t ride up. I’ve also been wearing both pairs for over 5 years at least 1x/week and they’re holding up crazy well!

    63. Rachel Starr says

      for running i definitely recommend the Lulu Run:Inspire pant. it’s a tight fitting, compression pant that feels amazing on & wicks moisture. and for those of us with, ahem, larger chests the TaTa Tamer or The Bust Stops Here bras a fantastic! no jiggling or chaffing at all. you pretty much can’t go wrong w/ anything Lulu & in my experience, you get what you pay for.

    64. says

      I agree that most lulu stuff is pretty expensive, but i’ve found that most is also worth it. I swear by my running capris and love the extra pockets, zippers/compartments and thumb holes that a lot of their clothing has. It’s the little things =)

      I haven’t tried their sports bras, but want to, as i’ve heard good things.

      A little tip is to go when they have a sale rack (end of seasons) or even check out ebay, as you can often find pieces on there for cheaper that are brand new. This is how I got started- bought something from a sale rack and fell is love with it!

      Must know piece of info: NEVER put lulu stuff in the dryer!

      • says

        Thought of another note- they are very comfy. Oh, and my husband can’t keep his hands off me when I wear my pants/capris 😉

        Of course you could always find cheaper workout clothes that will get the job done, so to some extent it could just be a cult-like following, but I am glad I am a member of said cult =)

    65. Claire says

      Lululemon’s quality is OK. But ethically I will never buy them again. They sacked a part time staff member at one of their stores recently just because she had the misfortune of having a horrific bike accident and needed some time off to heal (what, thev’ye never heard of putting a temporary on?). They do not practice what they preach and have lost me as a customer because of this. The most important thing about exercise clothing is not the brand. It is the fabric and the fit. Fabric needs to be moisture wicking (ie no cotton), and the fit is as individual as we all are and you will only find out thru trial and error. For short runs/work outs, it probably doesn’t matter as much. But for long runs/exercise sessions it is crucial to avoid chaffing.

    66. says

      i dont own any myself, so i guess i cant give a proper response. But i dont get they hype. Yea they have cute stuff, but so does target. And its 1/4 the price.

    67. Cassandra Okamoto says

      I LOVE my lulu. I would recommend the wunder unders – crops or pants. They are seriously so comfortable (Im still wearing mine during pregnancy!) and just the feel of them is so much nicer than any other workout pants I’ve owned. The sports bras are unlike no other either and SO cute.

    68. says

      i love lulu but it is expensive. that said, i think it’s worth it. the quality is unmatched, it washes well and doesn’t get that gross workout clothes smell. also, i don’t mind wearing it outside of the gym because it actually looks cute!

      i used to buy a lot of target workout clothes and now i can’t believe i ever wore it!

    69. @stampylisa says

      I broke down & bought a TaTa Tamer bra at lulu this past spring because my other sport bras weren’t holdin the Ta’s in place during my boot camp workouts. It was downright painful but that is seriously the best $ I’ve spent on workout gear! Old navy had compression pants /jackets on sale thru today which also helps. I bought the bra in a clearance color so it was $44 instead of whatever full price is

    70. says

      Woo that’s great news :-)
      I’m sure you’re keen to get started again and I can understand why you fancy some new workout gear!
      I’m afraid I can’t comment on lululemon clothes because I own none but I’ve always been envious of everyone’s things and I say just treat yourself! :-)

    71. says

      I don’t own anything from Lululemon, but I was at their store the other day and very tempted to buy something. It seems to be good quality, but I am such a cheap-o that I never “splurge” on really expensive workout gear. I would say go for it! You deserve to have something nice to wear :)

    72. Christine says

      I didn’t get the hype about lululemon until i got my first pair of yoga pants from them. I sweat a lot when I workout, so compared to my other workout clothes the lulu’s were much better.

      Since them I’ve gotten tops and more pants from them, but I always buy them when they’re on sale. Actually, was just at the mall today and got a few tops because they were having a special ($19 for a lulu top is a steal!)

    73. says

      I have a couple things, one of the jackets with the thumb-holes and a pair of their cropped pants. I LOVE the cropped pants. They were expensive, but they are great for yoga or running, and totally flattering and awesome. They have worn well too, and have a little pocket in the back, which is handy for keys, running fuel, etc… Totally recommend them!

    74. says

      i don’t own any mainly b/c there aren’t any stores around. I always run in my clothes from I LOVE running in skirts, so so comfy and free feeling unlike shorts.
      I do also have some target pieces, so you are not alone :)

    75. Missy Wisenthall says

      Not worth it. No better than most decent $35 and up pants. Jusrt doesn’t have logo. If you want to be a Lululemming and self-psych yourself that their marketing is worth it go ahead. With 6 friends we did blind test between Lands end, Nike, New Balance and Lulu and and Lands end and Nike tied with 3 votes each, Lulu and New Balance were about same with 2 votes each for second. Butt :no big difference in any of Nike or New Balance. The front,Y section: about the same also ( less riding up on all vs. Lands end. Just not worth the $$$ and hype. Unless you can’t resist in being trendy or like all the rest of the ‘A’ crowd to fit in. The majority , I own I get on sale from place slike TJ Maxx or Dicks, etc. $55-75 brands for only $29-$40. Lands ends and others I have too at less than $15. I can buy a tank, shorts and a good pair of sneakers for about the same as a pair of Lulu pants. Also these are no longer the Canada little factory made, they are made also in sweat shops. I do yoga and excercise for health, the rest a good fit and body , comes with it- I could care less what I look like while excercising in anything as long as it ‘s comfortable. And my husband says my but looks even better under all of these, so why waste and pretend or worry what others think.

    76. Gemma says

      I own a lot of clothing from Lulu and it’s all worth it. I have the Run: Shorts, they’re my favourite item from there, and I seriously love them, I wear them as much as I can. I haven’t had any problems with any of the clothes, either. And at the store in my city, the sales people are really nice, helpful, etc, and I sometimes just go into the store, and it’ll motivate me to go work out. I love lululemon!

    77. Rita says

      Almost all my yoga and running outfit from lululemon, and I love them all, I’ve tried Nike and Brooks but they just waste of money, quality over quantity. But now I want to buy under armour and lorna jane, if I can find something is as good as Lulu then why not ?

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