A Day with Nana

My mom is here visiting and I love it. It’s always nice to have extra hands helping with Hailey, but the greatest thing about Nana is that she likes to play, too!


We started the morning off with me teaching her instagram over pumpkin spice coffees. Then I made scrambled eggs with red peppers, spinach and onions on half a bagel. It was so pretty, but I forgot to snap a picture. I considered remaking it it, photographing it and tossing it before I realized how absolutely crazy that sounded. #bloggerproblems

After breakfast we took off to find a pumpkin at Patterson Farms. First we teased the goats.


Then hung out with the ducks.


Then high-fived this momma pig (…and I thought it was rough with only 1!)


And finally picked out a bag of apples and 2 pumpkins.

h pumpkin

Back home mom and I snacked on carrots and hummus while Hailey ate lunch.

lunch app

Then we each had a bowl of sweet potato chili.

lunch sp chili

Hailey we down for a nap and we got to work.

peel apples

Mom peeled our granny smiths and I made dough. Soon enough, we had ourselves one fancy pie.

making apple pie

It baked while we snacked.


Once Hailey woke up we went for a walk. After covering 3.6 miles, it was time to take on the pumpkin! H toddled around outside with the help of her stroller

hailey outside

while I attacked the pumpkin guts. Soon enough, we were all in it.

pumpkin guts

We let David take over while we went to feed Hailey dinner.

pumpkin drilling

She ate what we ate- burrito bowls featuring crockpot taco slop over brown rice. Plus fixins.

burrito bowls

That was my portion, not her’s Winking smile

The day faded away. I lit the pumpkin and David started a fire.

decorative drill pumpkin

Finally it was time to kick up our feet and relax.


With apple pie ala mode, of course.

Luckily Mom and I are much better at making pie than snapping pictures of it because it was DElicious.

apple pie alamode

Another fun fall day, despite it being 77 degrees out. I’m ready for you, cold front! As always, thanks Jenn for hosting WIAW!

What’s your favorite pie?

I thought mine was pecan, but this apple was pretty awesome!



  1. says

    What do you do with the pumpkin seeds you scraped out of the pumpkin?
    I ask because I read that some people roast them for a snack.
    Glad you and Hailey have your mother with you two. Great time with Nana :)

      • Stefanie says

        I’m planning to roast some pumpkin seeds next wk. I’d love to hear how your spicy ones turn out beause that’s what I’m hoping to do! LOVE spicy! :)

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