What (we) Ate Wednesday

Yesterday was a full day- yoga, business meetings and clients, but I managed to do a pretty good job of sticking to healthy eats.  Somehow that pesky bagel managed to sneak it’s way in though.  Baby wants CARBS!


I started the day with a some delicious well-roundedness.  1 egg + 1 egg white omelet with spinach.  Side of organic wheat toast with 1 Tbsp JIF Natural Peanut Butter and a handful of the delicious organic berries from my CSA box.

Photo May 10, 7 30 52 AM

calories 250.96

carbs 18.18

fat 13.53

protein 15.63

sodium 261.62



I’m becoming proud to show off my belly- can you tell? :)  I find it funny that when I started doing prenatal yoga around 8 weeks, I found it relaxing, like a good long stretch.  Now I’m noticing how much more challenging it is becoming.  Lift my leg up to 3 point dog again?? Really?? Love it though :)

Photo May 10, 10 46 23 AM

Mini Meal #1

Instead of lunch, my day consisted of many mini-meals.  I met the wonderful ladies of Zabels Cookies for a quick meeting.  I’m reviewing their delicious cookie bites for The Charlotte Moms and couldn’t resist diving right into one of their fabulous cookie sandwiches!

Photo May 10, 11 15 50 AM

Before leaving the house I also grabbed our Indian leftovers from last night.  The Channa Masala was just as spicy and delicious the next day!

Photo May 10, 11 17 02 AMcalories 212.5

carbs 24.75

fat 10.5

protein 5.5

sodium 490


Mini Meal #2

When I finally arrived home, I was ready to eat again, so I whipped up a salad full of my CSA greens, a tiny bit of leftover grilled chicken, an entire tomato and a drizzle of Newman’s.  I sipped on my first La Croix of the day… I’m obsessed, I tell ya.

Photo May 10, 2 18 06 PMcalories 145.2

carbs 16.3

fat 4.11

protein 11.53

sodium 273.1


Mini Meal #3

A 2% Chobani Mango – which is delicious, but not quite up to black cherry standards- with 1/4 cup of Quaker Natural Granola.  I could chow down on the granola by the handful, but it’s incredibly calorie dense, so I watch my portions.

Photo May 10, 3 47 27 PMcalories 265

carbs 40

fat 5.5

protein 15.5

sodium 77.5



I was excited to try out Lindsay’s stuffed chicken recipe for dinner- YUM.  I used a different method and beat my chicken flat, then folded in the goat cheese mixture instead of attempting to cut slits in the chicken… which I knew I wasn’t talented enough to accomplish.

Photo May 10, 6 22 01 PM Photo May 10, 6 24 04 PM Photo May 10, 6 59 31 PM

Served with a baked sweet potato and another CSA salad, with greens, strawberries, feta and a drizzle of Newman’s.

Photo May 10, 6 32 00 PMcalories 433.08

carbs 30.65

fat 17.46

protein 34.77

sodium 843.26


After Dinner

Without even logging it, my body subconsciously knew I hadn’t eaten enough during the day, so hunger kicked in during the evening, and I could resist. BAGEL!!! Give me a BAGEL!!!

Photo May 10, 8 22 16 PM

A few crackers found their way into my stomach, too, along with my Juice Plus gummies.

Photo May 10, 9 45 57 PMPhoto May 10, 7 18 57 PM












calories 355

carbs 57.7

fat 10.15

protein 7.2

sodium 580




calories 1661.74

carbs 187.58

fat 61.25

protein 90.13

sodium 2525.48

Thoughts? That pesky sodium! Not too bad, but not great.  And I think I just need to embrace my love for bagels.  The more I fight it, the more my love grows stronger :)

Have you ever tried to give up a food, but finally given in and decided to keep it around?

I don’t think my love for bagels will be dwindling anytime soon!



  1. Suzanne says

    Yay for bellies! I feel like my booty is trying to take over the world right about now. Have you had any problems with bloating when your sodium intake goes up? I had HORRIBLE bloating last night (probably didn’t help that I had COOKED shrimp sushi for lunch and the husband wanted pizza for dinner – fail) and today I am dreading going to the doctor because I know I am retaining water like CRAZY! I hope you have a good day :)

    • says

      I try and watch my sodium intake for that reason(some days are better than others). I drink a ton of water and haven’t had any bloating issues so far, but I know I’m bound to once summer arrives in full force!

  2. says

    I love how you’re listening to your body (and baby!) and eating when you need to – but keeping it healthy.
    I try to kick the diet soda habit now and then. Now I consider it a nice “treat” and try to stick with natural iced teas and juices. :)
    But a diet ginger ale now and then is oh, so good.

      • says

        3 hours! OK, I guess I’ll throw them in the oven tomorrow during the work day so they will be ready in time. If I bake them whole I usually only do 1 hour and I find they aren’t soft or SMOOSHY enough for me! Do you wrap them in foil first?

        • says

          I know, 3 hours… but you could probably do 2- mine were very thoroughly baked by 3 hours- smooshy, like you say! I didn’t wrap them- just scrubbed, poked with a fork and put them in a baking dish lined with foil.

  3. says

    Oh I love refined carbs in most any form. Fresh, white bakery bread is my favorite. I still eat it from time to time, but keep in mind that my body sees it basically the same as sugar and I’ll limit other sweets that day.

  4. erin says

    am I crazy, but 1660 cal for a pregnant woman seems low? The recommended is 1900-2500. I know you have gained a healthy amount of weight, but still.

    • says

      Since I’m focusing on listening to my body, eating when I’m hungry and making the healthiest choices possible, some days my calorie level is higher than others. I don’t worry too much about my calories because I am gaining weight as I should be -whether I like it or not 😉 – and my doctor says I’m right on track.
      Thanks for the input!

  5. says

    I don’t try to cut much out entirely, but I think you already know about my goal to eliminate soda. As far as actual foods, I try to reduce the amount of refined carbs that I eat. I haven’t set out to eliminate them completely, though.

  6. says

    Holy smokes, only 1600 calories. I’m not a pro, but I don’t remember the last time I ate that few calories! Pack it on while you can mama!

  7. says

    I love the mini-meals!

    I’ve certainly found that the more I deprive myself of certain foods, the more I crave them later on. Moderation really is the way to go! I agree that you need to embrace your love of bagels. I need to be more accepting of myself when I indulge in chocolate or other desserts!

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