Hailey at 14 Months Old


14 months old and getting more fun everyday.  I finally made the decision to enjoy each stage as it comes, instead of reminiscing about the days flying by. I tend to get nostalgic easily and want to make sure I focus on the thrill of the journey of parenthood … [Read more...]

Hailey’s 1st Birthday Party


You know what one of my biggest fears is? Throwing a party and having no one come. Know how to get rid of a fear? Have it happen. Ha! I’m kidding… kind of. I knew I wanted to keep Hailey’s birthday small, but it didn’t mean I didn’t want to put effort into … [Read more...]

Hailey at 11 Months Old


In less than a month, we’ll be singing happy birthday to my sweet girl. Although in some ways it seems unreal that a year has passed, in other ways, it’s obvious in how much Hailey has changed. She’s no longer a helpless, sleepy infant. She’s busy, … [Read more...]

Hailey FAQ at 7 Months Old


I receive emails every so often with Hailey questions, so after a few repeats, I find myself wanting to post about it. I love talking about what Hailey is up to because it helps me remember. If I didn’t write down everything that happens, I wouldn’t remember a … [Read more...]