I know it’s not right to stereotype.  People do not fit perfectly into little pre-labeled boxes.

Still, I must admit that stereotypes exist for a reason. As much as we may not want to admit it, sometimes we fit nice and neatly into that little labeled box.

For example…

Healthy living blogger stereotype: oatmeal obsessed, garmin-loving, chia-sprinkling, race running, apple cider vinegar drinking, WIAW-participating, vegetable lovers that swear you can’t taste the spinach in a green monster. (PS- you can’t- try it!)

I fit that one partially. Anyone else?

There are stereotypes for everyone and looking back on yesterday, I see how I fit the stay at home mom stereotype to a tee.

Let me explain…

The stay at home mom wakes up ready to prove to herself that she’s got everything under control!


Scrambled eggs with peppers, onion, salsa and cilantro. Banana on the side.

Why yes, I can whip up these breakfasts with my eyes closed. High five, mom!

Then, we must keep our bodies in tip top shape!

…or maybe we want to drop our precious angels off in day care so we can have an hour where we don’t have to utter phrases like, stop biting my toe or please pull the macaroni out of the dog’s ear).

cardio strength

1 hour cardio strength class that tried to kill me.

And you thought we worked out for our health! Winking smile

Stay at home moms always have a homemade snack on hand to munch on while they don their seasonally-appropriate aprons and make homemade broth. Check, check, check!


Sweet and Spicy Almonds

Stay at home moms always have a craft in the works, right? Does cutting yards and yards…and yards… of tulle while whipping up lunch count?


Spinach, kale, roasted carrots, roasted onion, roasted sweet potato with goat cheese and balsamic dressing.

Work out complete, two healthy meals down, craft partially accomplished, broth boiled, two loads of laundry done… I am MOM, hear me ROAR!

…oh gosh, only now I’m so tired. It sure would be nice to stretch out on the couch and close my eyes for a minute…

No such luck- the munchkin is up!

You’d think being a mom for over a year would mean I have things under control. Ha. Not quite. I spend the afternoon stereotypically chasing her around, undoing all the chaos fun she creates.

2012-11-27 16.31.39

And I only have one, bustling toddler.

Like any other mom, I know gloomy days outside mean long days stuck in the house.


Luckily, true to stereotype, I realize we need some things and errand running on gloomy days is fun! Let’s be honest, anything out of the house is fun. Off to Target we go!

Well, that’s pretty stereotypical for any woman… am I right? Winking smile

Too bad Hailey wasn’t in the mood to be carted around so, sticking with the day’s theme, I caved and bribed her. She happily accepted my bribe.

yummy earth organic sucker

Yummy Earth Organic Lollipop

I had one, too- yum!

The stereotypical stay at home mom pulls out all her tricks in the late afternoon/early evening hours. I’m no different. We color, read books, play with cups, repeat the same words over and over and overrr… and watch the clock, waiting for dad to get home.

He finally does and is smart enough to not comment that I’m still wearing workout clothes from the morning. Hey, that’s like the stay at home mom uniform, isn’t it?

Dad changes a diaper while mom pours herself a home brew. Not sure if that fits the stereotype, but I like it!


Thank goodness I had the good sense to make dinner while I was in my prime during lunch time. Kudos to you, super mom of the midday, because evening mom is tiredddd.


Slow cooker chicken sausage and beans with sourdough

Bath, hugs, kisses, snuggles. Hailey goes to bed.

After cleaning up dinner and answering emails, my morning aspirations of crafting after dinner are dashed. Now is the time to finish out the stereotype properly, by lying on the couch and watching “my stories”, which in this case turned out to be the premiere in Nashville.

…and make a to do list of everything I’m going to accomplish tomorrow morning when I think I’m supermom again!

And as any mom, working, stay at home or in between will tell you, it’s the best darn job I could ever have.

Do you ever find yourself fitting into a stereotype?

Which one?



  1. Lisa says

    This post has me very jealous. You wouldnt even want to read what my day is like. No time for a mid-day workout or taking your kids to target when you work on wall street:( Sometimes I’d like to pick up all of my things and move to the south! Okay…most of the time!!

  2. Paulina says

    Being a mom is hard work no matter what, but darn, you make being a SAHM sound sooooooo wonderful. *sigh* I’m stuck at work, and while its nice to have lots of adult/me time, I would love to be a SAHM. I hate seeing my girl (awake) for approximately 3 hours a day. Why am I working again?? Seriously, though, I look forward to this being my life when I have a second baby in a couple years and daycare is too expensive.

  3. Laura says

    Haha I love this post! I love your honesty–workouts are times away from the kiddos, just for an hour :). And that witching hour….the worst! Daddies sometimes just don’t understand!

  4. Christina says

    Sometimes I feel like the total stereotype of the “new mom” – you know, the woman who used to dress nicely, do her hair, wear makeup, and generally put effort into her appearance, but post-baby is rarely out of sweats, hair is always back in a ponytail, my makeup bag hasn’t been touched in months, and just the other day one of my coworkers commented about a “stain” on my jacket – yep, that would be a big slobbery drool mark from my 10 month old that I either hadn’t noticed or couldn’t be bothered to clean. I guess I’ll be breaking out the mom jeans next??? :)

  5. says

    Love that photo of you with the beer! So cute! What type of beer did your husband brew? My husband just got into brewing about a year and half ago and I am so glad I’m not pregnant anymore because I can finally enjoy one! Just before I was pregnant he made a beer that was a bit of a fail and then he made three really good ones (so I’ve been told) but I never got to try them. Right now we have a honey porter that is just about ready and I can’t wait to drink it
    Lindsay recently posted..PureProject: Running MotivatorMy Profile

  6. says

    Oh stereotypes. I love this post ha. Such a creative idea. Clearly you’re a typical stay at home Mom 😉 Oh heck yes, I’m a typical stereotype blogger. I like all those things, except running. Replace that with spinning and we’re set. Cheers to being a stay at home Mama. It’s tough!! When I was a nanny, I was ready to pass out after just 4 hours ha ha. Fail on my part. Whenever I travel to the States, people stereotype me being from Canada. I do so eh…but I don’t live in an igloo or live in the snow 24/7. It actually almost never snows where I live. I’m going on too far of a tangent here.
    Lisa recently posted..What I Ate WednesdayMy Profile

  7. says

    Ok supermom!! Please tell me this comes with time? My first babe is on the way, and the pregnancy exhaustion has me getting very little done. When did you find yourself getting into a great routine with baby?
    Seriously, jealous. I need to come do mom- training with you!
    Megan recently posted..34 weeksMy Profile

  8. says

    Awesome post! I was laughing and shaking my head in agreement through the entire thing! We just got back from the gym where I dropped my little guy at daycare for an hour :-) That was after whipping oatmeal for me and eggs for the hubby and my son. Now I’m trying to be productive catching up on blogs and emailing while lunch bakes away. Being a stay at home mom is a tough job but I love it!
    Giselle@ahealthyhappyhome recently posted..Check out Profile

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