Operation Baby Eviction

Hi friends! It’s finally September!!!

I’m still here (I guess you knew that because I keep blogging everyday…) and going strong at 39.2 weeks pregnant.

39 weeks pregnant

I will have another doctor appointment tomorrow, but last Friday’s appointment looked something like this:

  • Blood Pressure: 104/68
  • Blood Sugar: 78
  • Baby D’s Heart Rate: High 140’s
  • Weight Gained: 30 lbs (it seems to have stabilized)
  • Progress: 1 cm dilated and 75% effaced
  • Measuring: right on schedule at 38 weeks (last week)

I felt more like Baby D could come any day when I was 36 weeks more so than I do now.  Physically I feel great. Well, I feel large (duh) and kind of wiggle when I walk, and occasionally have that odd inner thigh nerve thing, but overall, feeling good.

39 weeks pregnant dock

My biggest worry right now is that Baby D is posterior, meaning head down, but facing outwards instead of facing my spine.

Baby D still may be able to rotate, but if not, this position makes labor longer and more painful, which really makes me worry about my plans for a natural childbirth.  I’m trying everything I can to turn the baby, which includes no reclining, a lot of time on hands and knees and leaning over counters.  Basically, nothing comfortable.

However, I think I’ve reached the point where I’m ready- regardless of what position Baby D is in.  Although I am still striving for a non-medicated childbirth, I’m ready for this baby to come because whatever labor brings, I know at the end of it, I will have her/him in my arms.

39 weeks pregnant shadow

So, with that being said, and only being 5 days away from my due date, I’m ready to push the ‘eject’ button… in a natural way, of course!

Here’s my plan:

  • Eggplant – done this. Multiple time. Nada.

eggplant pilaf

  • Pineapple – sounds delicious. I need to pick some up.
  • Red Raspberry Leaf Tea– I’ve been drinking 2 cups a day for 2 weeks.

Raspberry Leaf Tea

  • Walking– I’ve been walking at least 40 minutes a day (one day I walked for 1.5 hours!) on days when I’m not doing yoga.

39 weeks

  • Spicy Foods– What is considered spicy? I put Texas Pete and red pepper flakes on almost every dinner, but it just tastes yummy. I don’t feel anything happening.
  • Acupressure– I found some videos on youtube and have been pushing on my Achilles heal soft spot and Hubbs has been pushing on the shoulder and back spots.
  • Bouncing on a Birth Ball– I sit on it all day now.
  • Yoga– 1x/week
  • Some special time with Hubbs? – I obviously am not going into detail on this one, but I’ve heard it can work wonders. Now if only I can find some sexy lingerie that can accommodate a watermelon in the midsection. Does that sound enticing or what, fellas??

Bottom line… I’m just so ready…


Have you heard of any natural methods that you or a friend swear by?

Please share them with me!

PS- Don’t forget to follow me on twitter or facebook if you want to know when labor strikes. I’ll let you know since you’ve stuck out this journey with me :)



  1. says

    I hope your natural plans for ejecting Baby D work! I cannot imagine how uncomfortable you must be. You still look amazing, but I completely understand that you’re more than ready to hold baby in your arms :)

  2. says

    That silhouette picture with the heart is so, so sweet. I bet the little one would love to see that someday!

    Best of luck with everything ahead :)

  3. Melissa G says

    I’m not sure if either of my babies were in the position Baby D is in, but I’m sure they can turn even during labor. So I wouldn’t worry, hey a friend of mine delivered one of her twins butt down naturally.

    About ways to induce labor, I haven’t had to do anything since both my babies were quite early, but I have heard pumping can stimulate labor. Not that any milk will come out necessarily, but it gets the hormones going. Worth the try!

    <3 Melissa G

  4. Jess Mathias says

    Brit – love the pics, you look incredible and amazing. I hope he/she comes soon for you! I bet you are so ready to hold him/her in your arms. Wishing the best for you and David :)

  5. says

    You look fabulous girl and I am so proud of you for working out still. I couldn’t walk more then 10 minutes towards the end. Curb walking … heard it helps baby move down the pelvic area. You look ridiculous but hey it may work. Have you talked about sweeping membranes or is that not part of the “natural birth” that you are wanting? What if he/she doesn’t come have you guys talked about inducing?

    • says

      I probably won’t go with a membrane sweep, but they won’t let me go more than 1 week past my due date. That’s why I’m starting to really try all these old wives tales… anything I can do to get things moving!

  6. says

    Hmmm…of course I have no experience with giving birth as of yet, but my prenatal yoga teacher has talking about using visualization- like picturing a flower opening. She’s also talked about talking to your baby and telling him or her that you’re ready. (I think it’s more a “giving your body permission to go ahead thing.) I know those ideas sound a little nutty, but they were the only ones I can think of that you haven’t already listed!

  7. erin says

    I tried just about everything to evict my boy: acupuncture, walking, sex (not fun for anyone when you’re 41w pregnant), evening primrose oil, and rasp leaf tea. He was super stubborn though. Even the non natural drugs didn’t work on him…sigh. They all have their plan.
    Good luck!

  8. says

    You look gorgeous! Good luck with the waiting! It just about killed me and then, at my 39-week appointment, they decided to induce me. It’s good to be open to whatever might come. I really wanted a natural birth but ended up with a C-section. Having a healthy, screaming baby is all that matters in the end!

  9. says

    Brittany, you look so gorgeous in the photos! I read some tidbit somewhere (can’t recall where, of course) that said the baby is more likely to be posterior if you have an anterior placenta (which I have). Ow. I hope your methods get her (it’s totally a girl, I know it!) to turn :) I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to hear the good news!

  10. says

    You look fantastic Brittany! I am in love with the pics! :)

    I can’t wait to find out if you’re having a little him or a little her. Soon enough!!

    I had eggplant parm the night before I went into labor, worked out and went for a walk the morning of. No idea any of those had anything to do with it though…I think he was coming either way!

    Best of luck with everything. XOXOXOX

  11. says

    Special time with husband worked for baby 1. The baby was in the posterior position, so it made for a long, painful labor, but I was able to ‘turn’ her at the 24 hour mark. If I had gotten an epidural, I couldn’t have been lunging and squatting like a crazy woman during labor and she would have been delivered by C-section.

    Baby #2 came via pitocin at 41 weeks, but it was a great little 3 hour labor. Painful, but so fast, so very do-able. We tried all the above list and he just wasn’t ready to come out on his own.

    good luck!

  12. Michelle says

    I read when I was pregnant that pineapple may trigger labor, with that being said I ate a ton of it along with spicy foods and the little munchkin decided in her own time when she wanted to make her entrance into the world. She was also born posterior, which made for a very long labor. I had to have an epidural due to the back pain. We didn’t know until she was born that she was, as they called it, “sunny side up.”
    Best of luck on turning the babes around!

  13. says

    I hope Baby D makes an appearance soon! I can’t imagine how exciting this all must be and I’m so happy for ya! Your plan sounds good (and delicious- hot tea, eggplant & spicy food!) and I hope it works :]

  14. says

    I’m no expert but my mom thinks the following things made her go into labor: with me — walking under a full moon and scrubbing the floor on her hands and knees the night before; with my brother – taking the Christmas tree down by herself the day before. Unfortunately the next full moon isn’t until the 14th but I’m sure walks are helping. So excited for you! :)

  15. says

    ahhhhh so excited for you and you are too cute with your big belly! i know you must be so ready. thinking of you every single day and hoping everything to go just the way you want it to with labor. although i do think it’s great that you’re mentally prepared for anything.


  16. Rachel says

    You look great!! I love all the pictures, especially the shadow one. So precious!

    No advice for you, but I just wanted to tell you that you have been such an inspiration for me to have a healthy pregnancy when the time comes. Your dedication to continue exercising, eat right, and avoid medications really resonated with me. So, thank you!!

  17. says

    Good luck!!! I love all of the photos in this post. The soft light on you by the water is breathtaking. And the shadow one is great too. I got goosebumps when I read about you just having them in your arms at the end of it! Oh, so lovely. :)

  18. says

    You look like you are about to POP! [And I mean that in the best way, of course. :)] Perhaps popcorn will send some subliminal messages to Baby D? Although pineapple and eggplant mixed together in a spicy sauce sounds like some sort of miracle labor-inducing dish I might have to whip up. :)

  19. Paulina says

    Lovely photos of you’re bump! I just learned last week in a birth-education class that doing lots of pelvic tilts, basically the cat/cow yoga pose where you arch and flatten your back while on hands and knees, can help turn a baby to anterior. Good luck with keeping your natural childbirth plan, but know that if you do end up needing medications for pain or interventions, that’s ok too :)

    • says

      If I still lived in Atlanta I would TOTALLY be there for dinner… in fact, I’ve debated driving down just to go there because of the famous legend :) But perhaps I’ll try the homemade version…

  20. says

    Hey mommy, so excited for you, I adore your shadow picture and know you will do just fine in delivery, so glad you’re open for whatever happens because really it’s out of our control and in God’s hands and in the end you will have a beautiful little life that you will treasure for the rest of your life.

    On the labor tip I have a couple of friends who have tried castor oil, and went into labor almost immediately. I’m not sure how healthy it is, I know they’ve said it tastes horrible and makes you feel even worse, so I’m not sure it’s a great option but I’ve heard it works wonders *LOL*

  21. says

    I hope your eviction plan works and Baby D decides to make his appearance very soon! It must be nerve wracking to think about all the possibilities of what could derail your natural birth plan, but like you said the most important thing is to get him out safely and that will happen no matter what. Those are gorgeous pictures of you, Brittany!

  22. says

    Love the photos!!

    I’ve heard that sex and rasp leaf tea are the most effective from your list so stick w those. Also I think just mentally being ready and not nervous or fighting it is a big part of it. My chiropractor has some adjustments and acupuncture points that he uses to naturally induce, not sure what they are but he says he’s had a 99% success rate.

    Good luck, I can’t believe it’s already September!

  23. says

    Wow you have tried everything!!! Looks like that baby has it’s own time schedule! I also did the pressure point between my thumb and forefinger. Good luck!

  24. Lyndsey says

    Hi Brittany,

    My 3rd baby decided to turn like your lil one once I was already in labour. The doctors and nurses had me get on all fours on the bed and push. I am not going to lie, it was very painful….but it worked like a charm and my baby boy was born a short time later, all natural! It can be done. Hang in there, won’t be long now. Can’t wait to “meet” the lil one :)

  25. says

    GAH, I’m so excited for you. and as soon as you stop blogging, I’m going to go all crazy on you and be thinking 24/7 about you giving birth.

    does that sound creepy, or what? what I mean is, I’m excited for you. :)

  26. says

    I haven’t commented in a while, but I have consistently checked for Baby D to make his debut. Or her. :) Your photos are stunning. Love the shadow one–very creative. Hang in there momma.

  27. says

    Girl I know the feeling. I’m 40 weeks and 2 days right now and it feels excruciating just waiting. I’ve had multiple “false alarms” – contractions all day and then nothing the next day. I’m ready for both of us!

  28. says

    I love all the pictures of you on this post! So beautiful! My brother’s wife just had her baby about 2 1/2 weeks early the other day. I’m sure you are close!! Hang in there!!

  29. says

    I don’t know any natural “eject buttons” that you didn’t already mention. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling well, and I am looking forward to hearing your big news! Every time I don’t get on the computer for a few days, I wonder if I’m going to come back and find that Baby D has arrived. :)

  30. says

    You are going to do great! A few of our friends had their baby come out “sunny side up.” One’s doctor was able to flip him mid delivery and it worked. And one ended up with a c-section. Hah. Enjoy the last few days of quiet!

  31. says

    Your photos are gorgeous!

    I’ve been calling it operation evict baby, but basically the same thing! Right now all I’m doing really is walking a lot. Next week I’ll be a little more aggressive and do some of the other stuff.

    I can’t believe you’re so close! One way or another you will be meeting your baby in the next couple of weeks! Please put me on the email announcement list!!

  32. Hanna says

    Hi! I love reading your blog. It’s inspiring me to live a healthier life. I have a two yr old and I’m currently 10 weeks pregnant. With my daughter I had elevated BP and was put on bed rest the last 2 months of pregnancy. It was horrible. I was enduced which was even worse! This go round, I’d love to have a better experience. My question for you is…are there any foods that will help lower my BP?? I’d really appreciate your advice!! Thanks!

    • says

      10 weeks along- how exciting!! Congrats :)
      I’m no expert, but for me personally, eating whole foods in their most natural state and staying away from processed (frozen, canned, restaurant stuff, excess salt, etc) has made me feel really energized and has helped keep my blood pressure low through this pregnancy. I also believe exercise helps- nothing intense- just keep moving. Walking has been fabulous for me, as has prenatal yoga for stretching out, relieving aches and releasing endorphins (which I really need some days!)
      But like I said, I’m not expert; it’s just what has worked for me. Good luck to you during the rest of your pregnancy!

  33. Megan says

    You look amazing! I hope when I’m 39 weeks I can look half as great. Fingers crossed for the baby to be in the right position for you to have a natural childbirth as planned.

  34. Mary Ann says

    I’ve been following your blog for several months (and finally following you on facebook) but have never commented. Just wanted to say that I love all of the pics – esp the shadow heart. Can’t wait for the reveal of baby D (I suspect girl)! :) Sending good vibes for a speedy delivery!

  35. Sherry says

    You look gorgeous! Love the pictures. Actually, I think you look too fabulous to deliver any time soon (like not today). Castor oil–but I would not give that a try without your doctor’s approval. Time with “Hubbs” should be much more enjoyable.

  36. stephanie*L says

    Good luck Brittany!! For some reason I have a *feeling* that tomorrow may be your last post for a little bit!! Cant wait to “meet” s/he although I think its a girl :) Not sure why. You are such a cute prego mama!!

  37. stephanie says

    Great pictures!! Don’t forget the pedicure to help “kick” things into gear, it’s supposed to have inducing benefits, feels great and you’ll have pretty toes for delivery.

  38. Suze says

    I had an ultrasound 12 hours before my water broke and due to her positioning, they told me to get ready for back labor. She turned to face my spine right before the onset of labor. Try not to worry :)

  39. Madeline@Food, fitness and family says

    My hair dresser said peppermint oil – it’s the smell

    My friend who is a massage therapist said she can’t massage pregnant woman’s ankles because it can cause contractions

    Let me know if any work!

  40. says

    I’ve also tried numerous things to get labor going but nothing helped. The one thing I did not try, is laxatives. There is just no way I am going to put myself and my baby in harms way. So that I did not do.
    Nothing of the inducing birth ways have helped. So yes, I just had to wait it out.
    You still look good though. He will come, be patient (which I know you don’t want to hear anymore.)

  41. kristin point says

    I know you’re prob so uncomfortable but you look adorable! I’ve only been following your blog for the past month but I love it and I’ve been checking back everyday wondering when you were going to pop! Haha I don’t know any tips or tricks for going into labor but ill be bookmarking this page for suggestions for when I’m trying to go into labor in march!

  42. says

    my experience was when i stopped trying to get my baby to come….he came 😉 he was 13 days past his “guess” date. i tried a lot of natural ways of encouraging him out but nothing works. really. it’s just happens to be the last thing that someone tried that happened to be right before baby was planning to come and people swear by whatever it was. for me, i was asleep when my water broke. and if that is what made him come, then i suggest sleeping 😉
    in all seriousness though, i wish you the best! this is such a magical time. my little one will be 1 in a month, and it feels like i had him just yesterday. enjoy every single moment, it goes way too fast!
    i had an unmedicated homebirth and it was a beautiful experience. i wish you the best with your drug free childbirth! the body can do amazing things! congratulations on this wonderful time in your life and i look forward to reading of your experience and life as a mommy :)

  43. TanyaS says

    With my son, labour was brought on by an angry walk. My dr. refused to induce me, I was so angry I went for a 3 mile power walk and went into labour that night right on my due date.

    My daughter was 2 days early after some “special time with hubby”. My water broke shortly after and she came along 10 hours later.

  44. says

    There is ZERO science behind this, but us May Moms have a group of 500-or-so of us that have a FB page and compare notes. A good dozen of us went into labor the day after watching Fast and Furious 5 in the theaters. Including me. My kiddo was a week early. Good luck! (I also did eggplant, pineapple, and raspberry leaf pretty much the whole pregnancy…so don’t think those count for me 😉


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