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I’ve mentioned my penchant for grocery shopping before. I could spend hours in a food store, the way most women could spend time in a mall. The downside of this? I dress pretty terribly. The upside? I find some really amazing healthy foods to try!

food finds- Bragg Organic Apple Cider drink

I was so pumped when I came across this Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar drink. You see, I’m a big fan of apple cider vinegar as a natural expectorant when I get sick. However, it’s not for everyone. In fact, David hates the taste of it. I get it—it’s vinegar. But this simple drink is the solution! Sweetened with stevia, and with only about 40 calories per bottle, it’s a great way to get all the benefits of apple cider vinegar without having to hold your nose and swallow.

food finds- Wallaby organic Greek yogurt

We eat a decent amount of Greek yogurt over here, and if you do the same, you’ve also probably noticed it’s hard to find organic Greek yogurt. I’m not an end-all-be-all organic girl, but I still was excited to find this Wallaby Organic Greek Yogurt. It was thick and creamy (+1), the blueberry mix-in had real, tiny blueberries in it (+2) and it didn’t seem as sweet as other Greek yogurts, in a good way (+3).

I wish I could have had more than one bite so I could describe it more, but Hailey insisted on finishing it herself.

Speaking of Hailey…

food finds- annie chun roasted seaweed

I am always on the look out for unique and healthy snacks to keep her occupied while I cook dinner. Annie Chun’s roasted seaweed snacks seemed like a great idea! She tried it and immediately handed it back to me. Rare for her. So I tried it. GAG. I get it kid, they’re terrible.

food finds- wheat berries

Wheat berries. These little gems aren’t new to me, but I often forget about them. Maybe it’s the $6.00 price tag for this little bag? Turns out, there are more than I thought in this little bag and they cook up in only 15 minutes. They are my current grain for the week and I almost forgot how much I missed their chewy, nutty texture.

food finds- wheat berry lunch

Wheat berries, kale, spinach, roasted sweet potatoes, roasted brussels sprouts, roasted onion, goat cheese and balsamic dressing.

Finally, I found some raw almonds. Usually I eat these by the handful because I like them well enough when I don’t have my Blue Diamond Habanero BBQ almonds on hand.

But yesterday I was looking for a little more flavor, so I raided my spice cabinet and created

sweet and spicy roasted almonds- recipe

So good. So easy. Sweet and salty with a kick. Right up my alley.

If you’re interested, here’s the recipe for Sweet & Spicy Roasted almonds. Or, try out these Pumpkin Spice Almonds.

They’d both be great to package in mason jars with ribbon for homemade Christmas gifts!

What about you… any good food finds lately?



  1. says

    Those seaweed snacks look tasting and also those roasted nuts.
    Now that you speak of finding new interesting, healthy eats, I should really go and explore a bit. Haven’t done so in a long time.
    blackhuff recently posted..Was hectic ….My Profile

  2. says

    I have always been tempted by those apple cider drinks just to try it but I am not a huge fan of apple cider vinegar. However, I think i might try it next time I feel a cold coming on!

    As for seaweed snacks I love them! We get a giant box of them from costco whenever we go because they make quick and easy snacks (especially when I am craving something salty).

    Lastly can we just talk about how delicious seasoned almonds are?
    Lindsay recently posted..PureProject: Running MotivatorMy Profile

  3. says

    I bet that ACV is really good- especially with the apple cinnamon flavor! Hailey’s hair is getting so long now! Rileys seemed to take SOOO long to grow- so excited for it to finally fit into a pony!

  4. says

    I’m so jealous of the food stores you have nearby. I can’t wait until we move to a city with more healthy food places! Alabama sucks.

    I think ACV is gross. I tried to drink a small glass a day for my health and lasted… two days. Maybe that drink would be better?
    Chantal recently posted..Women Connect ’12 – Who Am I?My Profile

  5. Elizabeth says

    Definitely try to make the Bragg drink at home! I bought the same one a few months ago (after drinking acv regularly for a while) and thought there must be a cheaper way! It’s totally easy… save the bottle you bought, and basically just put the same ingredients it states on the bottle, and fill it up with warm water. I put it in the fridge to make it cold and the cinnamon became a little congealed which was gross, but I strained it and it was fine. Also I’ve put a few slices of fresh ginger and it gives it a nice kick!

    Check the bulk bin for the wheat berries! Love the kale/wheatberry salad! Nice and chewy…

  6. says

    That first paragraph also describes me perfectly! I LOVE to grocery shop and I think it’s so fun to find new health food stores…it’s nice when I hear I’m not the only one :)
    I actually tried lentils for the first time this week and loved them. I don’t know what I’ve been waiting all this time for either.
    Danica @ It’s Progression recently posted..{new} track circuit workout!My Profile

  7. says

    When I first had those seaweed snacks, I hated them.. I kinda thought they were the worst things EVER. I tried them about 2 months later, and now I have quite an obsession with them. I think you just have to get past the unusual texture at first & then your good to go :)
    Jessie recently posted..WIAW: I can approveMy Profile

  8. says

    I’m with you on the seaweed snacks. Not so much on drinking ACV :)

    I’ve been obsessing over TJ’s Black bean and quina tortilla chips. So amazingly good and high in protein…for tortilla chips. You and I could dominate the whole bag in like 5 minutes.

  9. Sera says

    Ugh, totally agree about the Annie Chun’s. One of my best friends in middle school was Korean and her parents always had seaweed snacks in the house that were delicious. They looked very similar to the Annie Chun’s so I bought them thinking they would be great. Not great at all. Total bummer because I wanted to love them.

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