19 Weeks: Pregnancy Update

I refuse to feel guilty. …OK, I feel a little guilty. With my first pregnancy I took pictures every week, googled all things baby and would rest quietly until I felt a kick. This pregnancy is flying by, probably because I am so busy that I sometimes forget I’m pregnant until baby girl gives me a little thump for a reminder or I suddenly NEED to eat 12 olives.

I’m grateful, though, that I’m finally at a place where I feel GOOD. Looking back now, I felt worse this time for longer than I admitted to. I felt some sort of nausea every day until the past week, but since it kept getting better, I kept thinking I was over it. Now that I truly feel good, I realize how tired/nauseous/emotional I was for several months.

So let’s play catch up, shall we?

second baby- 19 weeks pregnant

What Fruit are you? Ah, the infamous fruit question! Baby girl is an heirloom tomato this week, about 8.5 ounces and 6 inches crown to rump. She should be able to hear my voice now, so here come the monologues with myself when I have down time.

At our 18 week anatomy scan she was measuring right on schedule and weighed an estimated 8 ounces. While kicking up a storm her heart rate was 156, but while resting it was 135-140.

Due date:  May 9, 2014 (Hailey was induced at 10 days past due, so I’m interested to see how this labor will develop. Luckily, I still have time!)

How far along:  19 weeks on the nose

Gender:  It’s a girl!! And this sweet sleeper that my bro and sil gave to me hangs in our room and makes me smile every night. So tiny!!

newborn sleeper

Total weight gain/loss:  Up 8.5 lbs. I was up 10 lbs at this point with Hailey. Not sure why there is a difference, but my game plan is the same: stay active, eat when hungry, try to focus on the good stuff, hydrate and enjoy sleep as much as possible.

Exercise: I LOVE that I feel good again because I feel like I’m able to work out a little harder than before. I’ve been averaging 3-4 workouts a week, plus chasing a toddler all day. I’m also on the lookout for maternity workout clothes- suggestions?

I usually do at least two strength workouts (I’m loving Jess’ prenatal circuits) mixed with cardio. I’ve returned to running (ok, jogging/wogging). I went 2.3 miles in 30 minutes, so I’m not breaking any speed records, but it feels really good to be out there! I’ve found my sweet spot is around the 12 minute mile (which it usually is when I’m not pregnant, too- ha!)

Photo Dec 09, 10 28 12 AM

Stretch marks: No, and hoping I can avoid them again. Fingers crossed!

Swelling: None.

Maternity clothes: All maternity jeans and leggings, but still can wear regular tops, though I prefer maternity (they flatter the bump better). I need to find some long maternity tops that can be worn with leggings- any suggestions?

Belly button: In for now.

Sleep: Grateful that it’s so good! Daytime naps are at a minimum now, maybe once a week. At night I’m asleep by 9:30 or 10 and sleep solidly until my alarm goes off at 6:30. Really soaking in the good sleep right now.

Food cravings:  Though my eating habits are largely back to normal (I post way to much of what I eat on instagram if you’re interested), I still find myself craving salt. I’ve eaten a ton of olives. Still loving soups and salads and oh, the craving for popcorn and Texas Pete has returned and is in full effect.

pregnancy cravings

Symptoms:  I’m honestly just enjoying the sweet spot of pregnancy right now. My energy is good, no nausea and a hearty appetite. My hips burn occasionally, but that and a growing belly is really all the symptoms I have.

Movement: Yes! I wish I had time to sit down and focus more on her kicks, but they usually catch me by surprise. They are still subtle at this point, feeling more like tiny thumps than kicks, but they’re there. I’m really looking forward to them getting stronger and more pronounced. Like any pregnant lady, they’re my favorite part!

What I miss:  Not much to be honest. Except for out at a social occasion I don’t even really miss wine that much. I do feel the urge to want to become a better runner or really get into practicing yoga though. I love how my motivation surges when I’m not at a place to push myself. How convenient!

What I’m loving:  Christmas time! I’m soaking up the music and lights and imagining rocking a new baby girl at this time next year. I’m also reveling in spending this time with Hailey. She’s at an incredible age right now and she makes me laugh. I’ve had fun having girl dates with her to see the singing bears, to Barnes and Noble and just being out and about.

What I’m looking forward to:  Just enjoying this time right now of feeling good and being with family around the holidays!

Best moment this week: Just not feeling any more nausea and having my full energy back.

Words of wisdom: People really do say stupid things. Let the comments of ‘wow, you’re huge’ and ‘hopefully the next one will be a boy’ roll off your back. Baby girl and I are happy and healthy. That’s all that matters!

Any suggestions for affordable maternity clothes (long shirts for leggings) and affordable maternity workout gear?



  1. says

    Old navy has some nice maternity tunics right now… affordable and cute :-)

    I wish I would have gotten more, but I can’t justify spending any more money on clothes with only 3 weeks to go!
    Caits recently posted..36 weeksMy Profile

  2. says

    First off, you look adorable! I was thinking “she looks so tiny!” Not in a “you need to gain weight” kinda way. Just “what a beautiful, glowing, mama”. People have no filters and usually those people are dealing with internal things. I like to remind myself that they have to deal with themselves 24/7 and I only have to hear them for a few minutes. What a pity for them 😉

    I love love love the blue shirt in the first pic. Where’s it from?

    So I’m about 21.5 weeks preggo with #2. Still mostly wearing regular shirts and layering them with a longer white tank since most are beginning to expose the bottom of the belly (we’re having another boy and he’s low riding). For maternity I found some ADORABLE, affordable shirts from H&M of all places. Also, Target. For workouts outside I wear this shirt I got from Old Navy. http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=53934&vid=1&pid=919503002

    I LOVE it. It’s really long and covers the bump well. It’s flattering and fitted in the right places but at 21.5 weeks preggo still has room to grow into in the belly. Plus it’s on sale, has thumb holes and is super comfy! And the feminine neckline I’m in love with. I should mention I’m 5’4″, 113lbs pre-pregnancy (currently 119–I died from morning sickness through week 17) and ordered the small and its still fitting well and I believe will the rest of pregnancy.

    I also wear longer tanks from H&M just in bigger sizes than normal and they work well for treadmill runs. And all my Nike Dri-fit shirts that are usually loose are fitting with a ton of room to grow. They’re about $20/piece.
    Regina recently posted..Weeks 17-18 AND It’s a…My Profile

    • Brittany Dixon says

      Congratulations on your baby BOY!! (I had to go check out your post ;)).

      Also, the blue shirt is from Target (Liz Lange I believe). Thanks for all the clothes suggestions- I’m going to go check them out now!

  3. Beth says

    You look awesome! I think I might have a bigger bump than you and am a full month behind!

    Glad to hear you are feeling well finally. I, like you, am trying to savor my time with Claire before we add baby #2 to the mix!

  4. Jessica says

    I love the ribbed maternity tanks from old navy. I wear them with leggings and am completely covered. Not sure that’s realistic for you since I live in the state that thinks it’s still summer. I’ve also found a couple tops at H&M that were ribbed (puckered? I have no idea what it would be called) on the side and were long enough to wear with leggings also that were like $10 each. I got my leggings from Motherhood and really like them. They thick enough to have good coverage without being suffocating.

    I’m in the same boat as you (21 weeks on Sunday) in that I like the maternity tops since they’re more flattering. I’ve been looking for things that don’t scream maternity so I could still wear them after the baby’s born (which helps me justify buying them haha)

  5. says

    I love your recaps–makes me excited!! I have to say I am glad you are ignoring those comments. What’s wrong with people? Any baby inside your belly is a unique miracle and it doesn’t matter what they say :)

  6. Jenn says

    I love your updates! Your about a 1.5 weeks ahead of me so it’s so fun to read what is coming! I found some good tops at Old Navy and also Pink Blush Maternity (online). I bought a bunch of stuff on Black Friday thinking I would have to send half of it back but I love all of it! They have really long shirts/cardigans which look really good with leggings.

    I can’t believe the stupid things people say. I went to a cookie exchange yesterday and when my friend saw me instead of saying “hi” she said “oh wow you ARE getting bigger”.

    I will be reading comments to see if I can get some ideas on maternity workout gear. My regular capris are getting TIGHT!

  7. Lauren B. says

    Great update! And you are NOT huge!! You look perfect for 19 weeks. Glad you are feeling better.

    I just ordered a bunch of really cute and affordable maternity clothes at Old Navy.

    Happy weekend!

  8. says

    you look so good for 19 weeks! I’m 15, and I still feel so bloated with no real ‘bump’, and this gives me such hope!

    PS you just made me want olives SO bad!!

  9. says

    It’s fun to follow your pregnancy posts because I’m a little over 20 weeks along with a “Girl”, our third baby. It’s amazing how different every pregnancy is. I’ve gained about 10 pounds. Keep em coming. And I’m with ya on the lack of photos…honestly I don’t even know what fruit I’m at =)

    Melissa G recently posted..Sprint Triathlon – RecapMy Profile

  10. says

    You look great!

    I’ve been wearing a lot of leggings and then have bought a lot of maternity wear from Target on their clearance racks. Motherhood Maternity also has some great deals online sometimes, especially if you keep an eye our for coupons and codes online (or their BumpBucks).
    Amber at Love, Laugh, Live Well recently posted..Bumpdate: 36 weeks!My Profile

  11. says

    When I was pregnant I has two maternity workout shirts from “For Two Fitness”(http://fortwofitness.com/) I LOVED them- I’d still wear them if they didn’t imply I was pregnant (and I’m not…;). They are a little pricey in my opinion for 1 top but I got one as a gift for my birthday and I think they were having a sale on the other one.

    You look great at 19 weeks! People are dopes sometimes. At 31 weeks I had a women come up to me at the ATM and the first words out of her mouth were “OH THAT MUST HURT”. I assumed she meant my growing belly?! It was so weird. And then she told me her traumatizing birth story that ended with a gigantic 10+ lbs baby…which she assured me I was having based on my “painful” bump. I mean, what is WITH people? And my baby was a nice average 7lbs 8ozs thankyouverymuch! 😉

  12. Ashley says

    I love your blog and your updates! You are doing great!!! I’m 26 weeks now and still loving it. I’m so happy for you that you are done with the sickness. My maternity wear LOL is mostly Target, Old Navy and the Maternity store at the mall (motherhood I think). I didn’t buy any expensive pieces and feel pretty cute most days. I did splurge on a sweater at gap ;). I hope you find some long tops soon.

    I hear you on the comments. I actually called my Dr. this week (yes, I was that girl) b/c I get SO many comments that I don’t look 26.5 weeks along and should be WAY bigger. My doc said people have NO filter and I’m doing great. Say hello to cray cray worrier here.

    Hope you have a happy, healthy and FESTIVE weekend! I can’t wait to spread some cheer with a side of meal planning & prepping (this week my plan was bad and it’s been hodge podge lunches at work everyday).

    Cheers AND thanks for sharing!

  13. Paulina says

    I’m sure others have mentioned these stores, but Target and H & M have nice maternity clothes at affordable prices. I had to get the H&M stuff online, and found it to be good quality. Watch Zulily, I got a deal on black leggings on there that I’m practically living in this pregnancy. No idea on maternity work-out clothes since I don’t have time to workout (that’s half true/half an excuse!).
    Oh and I am dealing with rude comments too. My husbands grandma always acts so shocked with how big I’ve gotten, and I don’t know if she means it in a bad or good way. My own mom doesn’t like the name we choose and has been texting me name suggestions and trying to talk me out of it. Thanks but no thanks mom! Gotta let it roll off my back too! 4 weeks left…

    • Brittany Dixon says

      I can’t believe she is texting you different names!! That’s probably why we will keep the name quiet (whenever we decide on one) until she is born. People can’t say something then right? (yeah right… ;))

  14. ErikaMC says

    I loved the maternity tank tops from Target for working out in (and sleeping in and basically just living in – I was pregnant during the summer). I had one in every color and even wore them after pregnancy.

    Just curious – how did you have a gender reveal ultrasound already? All the doctors around here won’t do them until 20 weeks. Will you have another one to confirm?

    • Brittany Dixon says

      We actually had a health scare in the first trimester and I had to do some genetic blood work. All came back normal (phew) and the bonus was finding out the sex early! Plus our 18 week ultrasound confirmed baby girl is indeed a GIRL! :)

    • Jenn says

      I had an ultrasound scan at 13 weeks (NT scan) and they said it was a girl. I still have the 20 week scan, but she was positive about it at 13 weeks. Technology is crazy these days!

  15. says

    Oh my gosh, such a cute bump! You look fantastic and I’m glad you are finally feeling fantastic!

    I know nothing about maternity fashion (or much about fashion in general – I just like it), but I’ve read that they best way to wear leggings is to pair a long tank or cami with a loose, flowy sweater/boyfriend cardi + scarf. Adding boots always looks cute too!
    Maria recently posted..FireworksMy Profile

  16. Ashley says

    I know I have said this before but I love your blog! I am 22 weeks now and reading this is exactly how I have felt, I was sick longer and the time has flown by. I guess having a toddler to keep you busy us a distraction!
    I can’t wait to read more later : )

  17. says

    You look amazing!!!

    I got some really nice maternity (and nursing) outfits from destination maternity, they are not necessarily cheap but the “cheapskate” in me only shops when they have a promo and they always have one sale or the other on at any given time. This girl loves a good deal 😉 😉
    Mrs FF recently posted..A Carpet…My Profile

  18. says

    look super cute :) !! i feel like i carry huge and blame it on being short but your posts kind of prove me wrong . ahh well!!

    check out japanese weekend! (online). i loooooooooove their stuff. and gap maternity pants/jeans are great – i have a pair of cords and a pair of skinny jeans from there that make up my weekend uniform along with a few tees :)
    sarah (the SHU box) recently posted..friday find: maternity wear that is even somewhat cuteMy Profile

  19. says

    I have been hitting up the resale shops for maternity clothes, so since this #4 and I know we are done having kids, I don’t want to spend a crap ton of money on clothes I’ll only be wearing the next 3-4 months (due in April). I prefer to spend the money on baby girl’s new wardrobe 😉
    Jen@PregnantDiabetic recently posted..Five Things FridayMy Profile

  20. says

    I’d LOVE to see side-by-side comparisons :) is your belly bigger/smaller/the same as with Hailey?!?! You look so fabulous! And I wonder if you’ll be late again. I think I’ve said this before but be a week late and this baby will have THE BEST birthday ever (aka mine hahah)
    char eats greens recently posted..florida is my best friendMy Profile

  21. says

    Your bump is looking so cute! Glad you are enjoying pregnancy so much right now. I feel like that makes such a huge difference! You’re definitely inspiring me to keep up with my prenatal workouts. It’s been so hard to get motivated without a gym :( Really hoping I can join again next year! Our little babe had a 156 heartbeat too! So jealous you know your gender.. we still have 5 days to go :) Random question – how do you make your popcorn? I’ve had a few cravings for some but I don’t really want the microwave bag stuff, it makes me nervous! What do you use?
    Avery @ YoungAspirations recently posted..Mr. Mayer and a Weekend RecapMy Profile

  22. Meg says

    You and your blog make me smile! Thanks for always brightening my day with your stories of life as you know it!

    A new place I’ve heard about that I’ll most definitely check out when it’s time for my #2 is the maternity store (I forget the name) at Divine Consign on Park Rd. I’m all for consignment or otherwise affordable maternity clothes since their shelf life is so short!

    All the best and keep on being fabulous you!

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