WIAW & Your Chance to Win some LOVE!


veggie and goat cheese omelet

Oh eggs, I’ve missed you! You didn’t sound appealing to me for a while, but yesterday when I added peppers, onions, mushrooms and goat cheese to you, you were a fantastic way to start the day! …even if I did shake the coffee creamer WITH THE TOP NOT CLOSED and splattered it everywhere. That’s what dogs are for.

Koda Clean Up

(She works quickly… by the time I got the camera out, she had that mess taken care of!)


Chobani Love Grown Granola

Though I’m no stranger to Love Grown deliciousness, I haven’t had a Greek yogurt in… dare I say, months?? The new apple cinnamon Chobani flavor is “da bomb” and pairs perfectly with Love Grown Granola’s apple walnut delight.

Love Grown Granola and Chobani


Uncle MILFS LKN buffalo chicken sandwich

We hit up Uncle MILF’S (Uncle Man I Love Food… what were you thinking?) yesterday. I couldn’t remember the last time I had eaten there. It’s a nice change from Mexican. (haha, not really… I’m never sick of Mexican, but it was still good!).


tangelo and string cheese

That might be my first tangelo ever. It was on sale. It’s a cross between a grapefruit and a tangerine. Not too bad as an after gym snack.


Mushroom Risotto Pressure Cooker

Dinner consisted of a side salad with Newman’s Own Light balsamic (of course), 1/2 a baked chicken breast and the star of the show… wild mushroom risotto. Made in SEVEN MINUTES in the pressure cooker. You better believe I’m looking forward to many more risottos!


In honor of WIAW, I want you to sample some of what I eat almost everyday… LOVE GROWN GRANOLA.

Love Grown Foods Original Agave Granola

You’ve no doubt heard of this delicious, gluten-free, natural granola that has taken the blog world (and the real world) by storm. I’m a huge fan, not only of it’s freshness, flavor and dedication to natural ingredients, but also of the way the company runs itself. Alex and Maddy have a real passion for the granola they make, and it shines through in their superior product. That’s why I’m a proud LOVE blogger.

Now it’s your chance to sample!

I’ll send ALL FIVE full sized bags to one lucky winner!

To enter: leave a comment telling me your favorite way to eat granola.

For additional entries:

*Follow me on twitter and tweet about the contest: “I want to win a @lovegrownfoods prize pack from @AHealthySlice http://ow.ly/8FEAU ”

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Please remember to leave a comment for each entry. The contest will close Sunday night at 9:00pm EST and the winner will be announced Monday.



  1. Sarah says

    I love it mixed in with my yogurt or added to some nuts and other goodies for a yummy trail mix.

  2. sarah s says

    i love to sprinkle homemade granola (which i haven’t made in a while!) on top of smoothie bowls… adds the perfect crunch to each bite/slurp :)

  3. lauren says

    i love granola straight up…but my favorite is with plain greek yogurt & fresh strawberries, instant parfait!

  4. Sara says

    I love eating granola by itself, but I also love topping plain greek yogurt with it, adds a great flavor and texture-YUM!

  5. says

    Can you believe I’ve still never tried LOVE Grown granola? Shameful, I know. My favorite way to eat granola is dry, with my fingers (weird?). Second fave is mixed in with oatmeal.

    Ps. Your risotto sounds amazing. A pressure cooker is on my to-buy list for sure!

  6. Sarah says

    I go to TOWN on granola if I just eat it plain, so I limit myself to sprinkles of it on top of my oats in the morning. It gives some texture and sweetness! Yum.

  7. Stefanie says

    Ok I tweeted!
    I facebooked (can’t believe I hadn’t done this before!)
    And now I’m commenting… granola in vanilla frozen yogurt. Delicious!
    I’m not a huge regular yogurt fan but I choke down the greek yogurt (Chobani is my fav!) from time to time for the protein. You just gave me the idea to granola to it which might make it easier for me to eat more often! Thank you!! :)

  8. says

    i love eating granola as is!!! i could snack on a whole bag!

  9. says

    i tweeted!

  10. says

    I love granola mixed with fruit and yogurt for a delicious balanced breakfast!

    I also like it straight from the bag, by the handful :)

  11. Lisa says

    REALLY would love to win this! I haven’t gotten bit by the granola bug like all of you bloggers! But i want to! I love TJ’s greek yogurt with the granola on the side. So, i am sure that is the way I would eat this stuff. Plus, its expensive so this would be great!

  12. Dana says

    Granola and yogurt is my go-to breakfast at work after the gym. Would love to try some Love Grown with it!

  13. says

    My fave way to eat it is like cereal–with milk. Though the portions are not right for a meal, so that is usually a snack when I have a sweet tooth.

  14. Jenn says

    I love eating granola on top of oatmeal for the extra crunch. I also like it on yogurt or just straight out of the bag :)

  15. Kristen says

    I’ve wanted to try Love Grown for so long! I think my fav way is on top of Chobani yogurt as a snack :)

  16. Shannon says

    On top of a Chobani! Speaking of which have you seen all the new flavors in addition to the apple cinnamon??

  17. Marissa W says

    MMM I eat granola almost everyday!! I haven’t tried this kind yet. I love it in vanilla yogurt with bananas and strawberries.

  18. Morgan says

    I love granola with milk, but realistically it is usually eaten by the handful as I rush somewhere :)

  19. Lauren B. says

    I tend to eat granola at night, standing in the kitchen, with the cabinet door still wide open, sticking my whole hand right into the box, grabbing the large chunks first and crunching down on every yummy morsel. It’s a bad habit I know, and only reserved for certain nights when I need a crunch-fix!

  20. Staci says

    I love granola and I’ll snack on it straight from the bag, in yogurt, or eat it like cereal with milk. :-)

  21. Cynthia says

    I love eat granola by itself . . . it’s hard to resist grabbing tons of handfuls of the stuff.

  22. says

    I’m like a lot of others and like to mix my granola in with my greek yogurt. And I totally agree about the Chobani apple flavor being awesome!

  23. Ashlee says

    Straight out of the bag! I have to say, that yogurt looks amazing though. I can’t find that flavor anywhere in Utah!

  24. Gina says

    I love to eat granola with yogurt or milk. My hubby and daughter are gluten free, these would be amazing for them!

  25. Cindy says

    I love my granola straight out of the bag, in my warm oatmeal in the morning or in my yogurt! YUMM!!!

    My little guy loves eating his granola out of the bag though! He likes to keep it simple! =)

    *I also liked you on FB!

  26. Melanie says

    My favorite way to eat granola is mixed with vanilla yogurt. The yogurt gives a little sweetness, but the granola is still the star of the show!

  27. Shannon says

    Granola goes SOO well on yogurt, or just straight from the bag to my mouth. I would LOVE to try this granola!

  28. Elena says

    i actually just recently started eating granola with some milk and i LOVE it! i’ve been dying to try the love grown granola too, so this giveaway is perfect!

  29. says

    Favorite way to eat granola?? Out of the bag, by the handful! I love snacking on granola, so good! Haven’t tried the LOVE grown ones yet, but heard so many amazing reviews, seems like a delicious and health snack!

  30. Yolanda says

    This may sound odd, but I like to put it in a little bowl and top it off with light whipped cream as a treat!

  31. Liz says

    Granola mixed into almond milk yogurt. Love the crunch texture with the yogurt, makes it seem more filling,

  32. says

    my absolute favorite way to eat granola is in yogurt. i usually get some fage 0%, throw on some various fruits, a tiny bit of honey, and granola. HAVE to have crunch in my breakfast!

    2nd best way: just by itself!

  33. Heather says

    I love to put gronola in my oatmeal and sometimes on top of vanilla ice cream as a crunchy treat :)

  34. Emily says

    Hi Brittany! I too love Mexican food and I was wondering if you ate Mexican food regularly while pregnant? Many of the dishes ooze with cheese and I worry whether or not they are pasteurized? Is this something you just asked about at restaurants or did you avoid the cheese all together? I know a waiter could easily yes you to death, without really knowing whether or not the cheese is pasteurized. Thanks!! :)

  35. Jeri says

    is straight from the bag a valid answer??
    if not, i like putting my granola on smoothies and yogurt too :)

  36. Megan says

    Awesome giveaway! I see this granola on a bunch of blogs and it seems to get great reviews. My favorite way to eat granola is straight out of the box by the handful (ha!) or in plain Greek yogurt

  37. Beth says

    When I was pregnant, I ate greek yogurt, granola, and some sort of berry (strawberry, blueberry, raspberry) almost every morning. It is still my favorite!

  38. Anna says

    I seem to always eat granola with yogurt…for some reason the texture combo is my fave. LOVE your blog. I have a 5.5 month son so following your adventures is so much fun! Crossing my fingers and toes for these bags of granola. So generous – 5 bags!

  39. Jen W. says

    I LOVE using granola as a quick topping for apple crisp. Simply slice your apples (peaches are great too), add sweetener & cinnamon as desired, top with granola and bake. Quick, easy and yummy! And don’t forgot a scoop of ice cream on the side.

  40. says

    I LOVE to eat granola in Chobani! My favorite kind of granola is Whole Foods apple cinnamon flavor (and it’s completely perfect in Chobani’s new flavors), but I’ve been looking forward to trying Love Grown granola! I’d absolutely love to win this prize pack!

  41. Melissa says

    With yougurt and berries!! Looking forward to getting my hands on some of this granola. Sounds great!

  42. says

    I’ll be honest, I never have. I love Chobani yogurt (especially the new apple cinnamon), so I think I’d try that. This seems like a for sure win snack/light lunch!

  43. Jessica says

    I’ve always been iffy about my feelings for yogurt. I don’t always love it but I know it’s a good snack. Granola makes me want to eat lots and lots of yogurt!

  44. Stephanie**s says

    So, I won’t lie…. I have never tried love grown, so before I commented I went to the store and bought the almond raisin crunch, and I am ADDICTED. I like eating it by the bag and in the hands :) can’t wait to try it in yogurt tomorrow!

  45. says

    So many bloggers rave about this stuff and I am dying to try it. Where do you get it (somewhere local-?), just in case i don’t win? 😉
    I usually love granola straight out of the bag or bowl, but will occasionally add it to yogurt.

  46. sue says

    I fill up a ramekin with granola and put just enough milk for the granola to soak up. After letting it sit for a few minutes I have a mushy, but still slightly crunchy treat!

  47. Amy says

    I love it in yogurt-I have a hard time eating yogurt without crunch in it (it’s a texture thing) so this would be perfect!

  48. says

    love granola with plain greek yogurt, fruit and nut butter.

    i struggle with eggs at the beginning of the day too. i like them for brunch or lunch but they usually aren’t appetizing first thing in the AM.

  49. says

    I don’t know that I can enter…since I, too, am a Love Blogger…but I would like to share that my favorite way to eat granola is sprinkled on top of a mess of other cereal and fruit, covered in almond milk.

    Hooray for LOVE!

  50. Claire says

    Granola is always best with eaten with Plain Greek Yogurt! There is no better combination in my mind.

  51. Nicole says

    I love to eat granola… straight out of the bag. Occasionally some drops on the floor, but that’s what dogs are for…right?

  52. @stampylisa says

    My fave way to eat granola is with chobani too or my fave the vanilla So Delicious Sugar free coconut milk sweetened with stevia. Love that stuff!! Granola also rocks made into marshmallow treats w/veggie marshmallows or fluff. And on non dairy ice cream.mmmmmm love mix-ins!

  53. says

    My favorite way to eat Love Grown Granola is either on top of a Chobani yogurt or just by the handful. I wish it was sold near where I live though!

  54. Kristin says

    …i follow you on facebook, too! i’ve been wanting to try this granola..thank you for hosting the giveaway!

  55. staci says

    i love to eat granola and milk….simple! but i also love it in yogurt, with fruit, on top of oatmeal, by the handful out of the bag, etc. :)