What I’m Loving & What I’m Not

I’m loving…

my new pressure cooker!

Cuisinart Pressure Cooker waiting to pressurize

It’s the appliance I never knew I was missing. It was a Christmas gift, so I didn’t know much about them prior to receiving it, but now I’m fascinated with it’s ability to quickly cook rice and beans and can’t wait to explore some of the recipes from this site.

Cuisinart Pressure Cooker rice drained

I’m NOT loving…

Koda’s sneaky ways of finding Hailey’s toys and claiming them as her own. But once her slobber is all over them, what is a mom to do but to let her play?

Koda baby toy

I’m loving…

CILANTRO. For some reason I just can’t get enough.


Photo Jan 04, 12 19 44 PM

I’m NOT loving…

Annie’s Goddess dressing. I recently tried it because I hear so many people love it. Me? Eh, not a fan.

Annie's Goddess Dressing

I’m loving…

the one arm swaddle for Hailey’s nap times. SO far- success!

one arm swaddle

I’m NOT loving…

That I think we’ve hit 4 month sleep regression. Down at 7:45, awake at 3:45, 4:45 and 6:15. Um, what happened to my super sleeper? Luckily she is waking up, but going right back down once I put the paci in her mouth and hit the noise machine.

I’m Loving…

Smart Chicken… ON SALE!

Smart Chicken on Sale

This never happens. I may or may not have bought 5 packs to freeze. I also met and bonded with a new friend over our excitement of the sale. We exchanged phone numbers. No, I’m not joking.

SMart Chicken Receipt

I’m loving…

Lemon diffused water! Another fabulous Christmas gift. It adds just enough lemon-y zest to make it addicting. And it looks pretty, too.

Lemon DIffused Water

What is one thing you are or are NOT loving on this fabulous Friday?



  1. Kathy says

    I am LOVING that I found FAGE yogurt for .49 cents today at Kroger! Of course it was expiring but I secretly know it won’t go bad before I consume it’s yumminess~ :)

  2. says

    You now have me loving the fact that I can go to Teeters and get Smart Chicken on sale- heading there now! Also where did you get the lemon pitcher…. love this idea and have never seen it… where have I been?

  3. says

    I bought that dressing too and thought it was horrible.
    Lately what I’m loving is the bond I feel with new moms and majorly pregnant women. I feel like I’m in a new club.

    I also love the nutella that my mom bought me for Xmas. She got the one in the glass jar imported from Italy, and it’s heaven!

  4. says

    Smart Chicken sale! Yew! I hope I didn’t miss it. I was planning on hitting up HT this weekend. As for the goddess dressing, I haven’t tried that one. I’ve only tried TJ’s, but I guess if you do/don’t like one, you’d like/not like the other.

  5. says

    I love this list…I am not loving the Biscoff spread that a lot of people are talking about. Did nothing for me.

    At least my husband liked it!

  6. says

    Thanks for posting the pressure cooker link – I got one for our wedding and haven’t used it yet! (1.5 years ago!)

    The fact that you exchanged #’s with someone while buying chicken makes me love you just a little bit more. Haha!

  7. Shannon says

    Loving that it’s Friday! It was a short week, but it was a doozie. Also loving that I’m trying to fully avoid HFCS and most processed foods in 2012, and so far success! Pretty sure that one week is the longest any of my resolutions have ever lasted, but I’m proud to say I think I’ll be able to keep this going!!

  8. Lauren B. says

    Now that I’m pregnant (huge smile!), I am loving carbs and anything salty/crunchy, and not loving salads or sweets. Completely opposite from the norm! So strange how that happens!

      • says

        Thanks Brittany! And I have to thank you for all of your great pregnancy posts (and post-baby, too!) as they are providing tons of great tips for me already! I am enjoying reading them again… I even mentioned the whole fro-yo debate to my doctor and she had never heard of that! I educated her. :)

  9. Stefanie Setlock says

    ooo. I’m loving the lemon water pitcher. We have a huge Brita in the fridge and I keep a bottle of lemon juice next to it so I can squirt it into my water bottles as I’m filling them. That pitcher looks so much easier!!

  10. says

    Waking up to snow! But, I’m loving that we leave for the beach tomorrow and my sparkly flip flops were the first thing I saw this morning, sitting on top of my suitcase! Have a great Friday and loved your lists!

  11. Kelly says

    Loving then I get to start moving into our new house :) Not loving that we can’t sell our condo :( Also, the grouchy buyers on e-bay that think you control the mail…wake up people! Just had to vent :) PS Please spill where to get that water pitcher :)

  12. says

    I totally agree with not loving the sleep regression…it really isn’t that our lil’ one is waking up per se, but crying in her sleep enough to wake me up and have to go in multiple times to give her her fa (what we call a paci) and then I am AWAKE! :)

  13. says

    Britt– I got the diffuser pitcher for Christmas too. I LOVE it. You can do more than just lemons– I have tried blackberries, a berry combo (strawberries, blackberries, blueberries), oranges, cucumbers– all yummy!

    ..oh, and I love that you exchanged phone numbers in the grocery store.

  14. says

    Ahhh the lemon water thing! My Mom had this same one in her fridge at Christmas and I couldn’t stop drinking it. I am not normally a lemon-in-my-water type of girl but this was delicious. I seriously had to keep refilling it because I was drinking it all/ was being a terrible sharer 😉

  15. Stacy K says

    HATE the Goddess Dressing I tried it after a bunch of bloggers started raving about it. YUCK I don’t like it. I’m also on a cilantro kick makes everything taste so fresh and zesty.

    I’m loving the new playlist I made for the gym this week. It’s kept me motivated for those 45 min cardio sessions!

  16. Maria says

    I’m with ya on the Annie’s Goddess dressing. I tried that stuff a year ago when I saw it plastered all over the blogs and thought I was weird for not “getting it”.

    I’m loving a new tea I found, called Bentley’s White Tea in Ginger Peach. It’s comfort in a cup.

  17. Sarah says

    Annie’s Goddess dressing does have a very strong flavor. I like to take about half a serving and mix it with an equal portion of vinegar to lighten it up a bit.

    What’s “smart” about your chicken? Besides the sale price of course. Is it organic? Local?

      • says

        I’ll blog about the pressure cooker soon- it’s a pretty cool toy!… I mean appliance 😉
        And yes, the smart chicken is antibiotic free, free range, etc- and it tastes better, too! It would even be better if it was local, but it isn’t.

  18. says

    OO I love the look of that lemony water thing! And I agree, Hailey is adorable in that one armed swaddle.. sounds like her pirate name.

  19. says

    I love the story of the new chicken friend!!! That is FANTASTIC!!!! Oh Koda!!! :) Love the photo of her on her back. Neva does that to get our attention and we call it her “floating otter” pose. Have a great day Brittany.

  20. says

    The photo of you gazing lovingly at your pressure cooker is priceless! Thank you for the link. I’m looking forward to reading more of your adventures with your new kitchen paramour.. er pressure cooker!

    OMGosh, my kids never looked so organized when they were 4 months old! They were either bursting out of the swaddle or crumpled in bed next to a passed-out mamma with a breast hanging in their face.

    My first stopped crying and started sleeping through the night at 4 months (that is very early). Made us think that parenting was easy so we made a second. She cried non-stop for 2 years (day, night, anytime between her two 20 minute naps in 24 hours).



    • says

      I feel that when we have #2 it will be the same way. We feel like we have this parenting stuff down… that means #2 will be ca-razy!
      Thanks so much for stopping by- I love your site and all its delicious recipes!

  21. says

    Loving that I can feel my little man bouncing around all the time- 22 weeks meant it was time for him to get his groove on.

    Not loving that my job makes me crazy. I miss teaching.

  22. says

    Oh man when my turkey is on sale I buy out the shelf! Lately I’ve been loving greek yogurt with coconut flour, PB and cinnamon. I’ve had in every night for like a month and it’s ALWAYS the best part of my day.

  23. says

    I’m lovin’ this post! Your little one is too sweet. Currently, I am also loving the sauna at my gym…it’s the perfect antidote to this freezing weather.

  24. Andrea says

    That’s the exact same pressure cooker I received a little under a year ago as an engagement present. I love it! It’s become a valuable member of my kitchen team. Between the recipes it came with, the ones posted on hippressurecooking.com, and learning how to modify traditional ones for the PC, I use it about twice a week. My crock pot has been relegated to the basement and it’s the PC now that has a coveted full-time spot in the kitchen.


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