Vacation Preparation

Last night David, Hailey and I went to dinner to talk over some issues. Nothing serious, but you know when adult issues come up (bank talk, travel logistics, etc) it’s more fun to sort them out over buffalo chicken salad and beers. Well, just one beer. A Seeing Double IPA which lived up to its name.

After sorting things out, we got home, blasted Margaritaville, danced around (OK, maybe that was just me) and posted a ridiculous picture on instagram while packing our things.

Now I’m analyzing everything, trying to make sure I’m not forgetting any items of dire importance.

We have loads of sunscreen, flippers, snorkels, hats and my Maui Jims.

And bathing suits.

vacation prep- bathing suits

I have cover ups and lounging clothes, quick dry dresses, flip flops and sandals.

I have my toothbrush and comb ready to go, along with other toiletries.

vacation prep- toiletries

I’m not planning on wearing makeup most days, but am bringing tinted moisturizer, mascara and blush to fancy up if the occasion arises.

No hairdryers or straighteners, so I’m preparing myself for curlytown.

I have my camera, video camera, charger and book.

I even got my first manicure in years! …with gel. I love it.

vacation prep- nails

I’m bringing some medicine (Tums, advil, etc) just in case and a big ‘ol bag of almonds. I’m looking into trail mix or bars, too, after your suggestions.

Hailey is set with plenty of grab-n-go snacks and last minute meal choices.

vacation prep- toddler

Pouches, Chobani, Annie’s Mac and Cheese, Larabars, cooked lentils, olives, Mandarin oranges and guacamole

So… am I missing anything?

What are your MUST packs for a tropical vacation?



  1. says

    Aren’t gel manicures the best?! I’m obsessed with them. I only get them once and a while, but I love them!! And I loved your instagram photo!! Looks like you are all set to go!

    I am going to Disney on Saturday for a week w/ my friends and haven’t packed a thing! I’m blaming it on midterms. boo :(
    Kaitlyn @Keeping up with Kaitlyn recently posted..Say my name, say my nameMy Profile

  2. Ali says

    An empty extra carry on bag for souvenirs or new items acquired?
    Dried Fruits?
    A few cereal bars?
    A hat of some sort?

    • says

      I did better than dramamine (that stuff makes me pass out!). After talking to many sailors, we ordered stugeron from Cananda. It’s not available in the US, but is supposed to be amazing. Hoping I don’t need it, though :)

  3. Hanna says

    I love your selection of bathing suits! When I go on beachy vacations I never forget my cover ups 😉

    I’ll be heading in the opposite direction as you next week. I’m going to Maine for a work trip all week. The bad part about it is my daughter Abby, will be turning 1 on March 18th and I’m still nursing her! So I reckon I’ll be taking my pump as a carry on. Wanna trade places?! LOL!

    • says

      Though I feel for you for having to pump on a work trip (NO fun!!), I am jealous you get to see Maine! I’ve never been, but have heard it’s gorgeous. I hope you get a chance to explore.
      And HAPPY (almost) 1st birthday to Abby!! :)

  4. M says

    Wow your packing looks so much like mine from last weeks Cancun trip its scary! My only advice that saved our trip from a serious let down, put one full day of clothes in your carry on. We had a blackout at the airport as we were leaving and I knew the bags weren’t coming after that! I packed my essentials, favorite bikini, shorts and top, dinner dress, flip flops.

  5. Lauren B. says

    A flattering bathing suit, a great coverup, sandals, sunglasses, floppy hat, sunscreen, snacks, a couple of good books, and my favorite traveling partner- my hubby!

    Can I just say how envious I am right now?! 😉

  6. says

    Copies of your passport bio-data pages (and scanned copies sent to your email) and of your tickets (if applicable), proof of vaccination (if required – some countries randomly check for those), extra cash and sunscreen. I know I probably sound like an old maiden or someone’s mom right now :-) 😉

  7. says

    Woohoo, get excited! Well, you probably already are. Duh;)
    I always make sure to have sunscreen, sunglasses, a few books, tunes, gym clothes (in case), nice clothes, makeup, toothbrush, hair + face wash, a few accessories, shoes, hm, I feel like I could go on forever, but I won’t. Have the best time!
    Lisa recently posted..February FavoritesMy Profile

  8. Christina says

    Some gallon zip-loc bags, in case you need to keep things dry (or keep wet things from touching dry things). And I second the Dramamine suggestion, but maybe that’s just me :)

    • says

      We bought a drug called stugeron from Canada for any possible sea sickness that (hopefully doesn’t) arise. We’ve talked to a lot of sailors and they all swear by it :)
      And I just grabbed some ziplocks- great suggestion!

  9. says

    Ummm, how could you forget the most important thing? Me, obviously! I wonder if there’s a direct flight from Maui to Tortola 😉

    I straightened my hair once this week. Not even sure why I tried.

    I picked up some of the Kirkland Signature (adult) wipes. Hear me out, haha. I use them to freshen up midday and to cool off my neck and shoulders. Also, makeup wipes to clean your face…so much easier than washing.

    • says

      If you look into flights, I’ll let you snuggle into mine and David’s cabin! :)
      Maui to Tortola… that would be quite the vacay!

      I got some makeup wipes (brilliant) and I giggled a bit at your adult wipes, but I totally get it! Hope you’re having an amazing time :)

  10. Nicole @ Fruit 'N' Fitness says

    I always make sure to bring a sweater or two for cold nights! I feel like I always get cold at night after spending the day in the sun.

  11. LINDA says

    Your vacation sounds fabulous! I have always wanted to do that in the Caribbean. Are you renting a boat? If so, can you tell me who you went through to set this up? Thanks, and have a wonderful time! (How can you NOT!! :-)

    • says

      We are on a chartered catamaran with 2 other couples and a captain and cook. If you google BVI Charters, you’ll find a ton of companies that provide the service. It’s all about finding the best deal and boat to fit your needs. Since I’ve never done this before, I’ll have a lot more info to share when I get back :)

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