Weekend Ups and Downs

Ups and downs. This weekend was full of them.

Down. Koda started acting funny on Thursday. Not eating much, lethargic and sulky. I kept a close eye on her, but when she didn’t hop out of bed for breakfast Friday morning, I knew something was wrong. I took her to the vet, where they asked to keep her overnight. My heart sank. She was dehydrated with a slight fever, but her blood work all came back normal, minus slightly elevated white blood cells. I picked her up Saturday morning without an official diagnosis. She’s not quite back to her old self yet, but she seems to be heading in the right direction. She has a swollen gland (I’m guessing) on the side of her neck and is on a regimen of antibiotics. I’m really worried about my sweet pup and just want her back to her hyperactive self.

weekend- sick pup

Up. Hailey took a 3 hour nap! How do I make that a regular thing?

Down. Since Koda was on edge, I didn’t feel right going far from her, so sadly we missed a Halloween party we were looking forward to.

Up. We did, however, manage a dinner out, just the two of us this weekend. We went to one of our favorites, Restaurant X, and was floored when I opened up their menu to see that they used my pictures in their new menu. Flattered.

weekend- restaurant x- davidson

Down: David sliced open his finger. I’ll spare you the picture.

Up: It was worth it. A new brew! It’s called caribou slobber. Sounds delicious, no? Winking smile

weekend- brewing

Down: Munchkin Meals won’t be this week. BUT I’m not dropping it. I’ve realized moms are busy people, so I’m going to host the link up the first Thursday of every month from here on out. November’s Munchkin Meals link up will focus on challenges you face feeding your little ones and how you’ve overcome them, or haven’t. I get a lot of feedback from people that LOVE clicking on your links, there just need to be more links for them to click! So I highly encourage you to join in.

Up: Georgia beat Florida!!


Down: I’m sure I’ll be made fun for buying a box of wine from Target. Surprisingly, it’s pretty decent and I love being able to just have one glass without opening a bottle.

Up: We found a fun new food that Hailey loves. Pomegranate arils! And they happen to be the perfect size.

weekend- pom arils munchkin meals

Down: It’s official. I always spend more than I should at Target. How do such great prices nickel and dime their way past my grocery budget? Oh, maybe it’s that boxed wine. #sorryimnotsorry

Up: At least after my trip to Target I had all the fixins for a great lunch. Yes, fixins. I’m sure that makes me a bit southern in the accent vlog! I can’t remember the last time I bought deli meat, and I’m not sure why not. Hello buffalo chicken!

weekend- turkey sandwich

and I must end on two UPs in a row because exciting news…

UP: My bro, Kris, and his wife, Cara, announced they are expecting their first baby! I’m excited beyond belief that Hailey will have a new little cousin in May!


A cake a friend made for them… clearly we’re a family of dawg fans Winking smile

Hope your weekend was more ups than downs, too!



  1. says

    Sounds like my weekend (lot of ups and downs).

    I’ve made going to Target into a Hobby, seriously. I calculated all my spending for a month and, after groceries, Target came in #2.

  2. says

    I’m so sorry to hear about Koda, however I’m glad he’s almost back to feeling 100%.

    && I’m too glad GA beat the Gators! I absolutely love the cake, it’s too funny!

  3. says

    I can’t remember where I saw it, but someone did a blind taste test between one of the boxed wines (I think it’s the Black Box brand) and a nice bottle of wine. Many people chose the boxed wine over the bottle. If you’re anything like me and you don’t have a sensitive palate for all the wonderful things going on it wine, I say box it up.

    When I was pregnant, I bought the little 4 packs of wine because I still used it to cook with. I didn’t want to break open a bottle of wine just for 1/2 a cup. The boxed wine idea would have been a brilliant one also! Too bad I didn’t think of that then…

    Which brand did you pick up?

    • says

      It was actually the target brand (I think) I got the pinot noir wine cube- the one that has 4 bottles worth 😉
      It’s quite good! And you have a great idea about buying the box or smaller bottles to cook with- so smart!

  4. Kristin says

    This sounds like exactly what happened to my dog!!! Ours ended up pooping out a peach pit which is why he felt so sick! exact same diagnosis as yours, and the peach pit didn’t even show up on the xray!

  5. says

    My husband sliced his finger open, too! He was using a Swiss Army knife to try to pop a metal piece out of an old watch, and the knife sliced his thumb. We couldn’t get it to stop bleeding at first. I thought I was going to pass out!

  6. says

    I hope Koda feels better soon:( Our 13 year old dog had a similar problem and it turned out she was low on albumin which meant her kidneys weren’t okay – seems fine now though. Try offering Koda cooked chicken, dogs feel very tempted to eat by the smell.
    Did you know in Australia we can’t buy alcohol at department or grocery stores? I’m not complaining but my parents do lol!

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