Yesterday I packed up the car, then Hailey and I drove from Georgia back to Charlotte. It was dreary so I decided we’d stop for lunch at Whole Foods and do a little shopping.

I filled our cart with organic vegetables, sprouted lentils and wild caught shrimp… then we got home and went to meet David for Mexican.

I thought a trip to the gym would help inspire me. I tried to run, but 5 minutes later I surrendered and watched an episode of Friends while speed-walking my way to 1.5 miles.

I keep trying to be all…


but end up feeling more like this-

fermented grapes for dinner

There is nothing wrong; I’m just in the middle of a hectic month for our family and am a bit more all over than place than normal.

So instead of forcing a topic on how good sprouted lentils are for you, I decided to just write down what’s on my mind.

I know I’m not the only one whose motivation to eat clean and train mean waxes and wanes. …right? I think that’s a giant misconception that people who live healthy lifestyles are hitting it hard at the gym and preparing gourmet super green salads at every meal. We’re not. Well, at least I’m not.

The important thing is to not get caught up with the idea of perfection. The number one problem I saw when health coaching was that people would start off SO determined, motivated and strict. After a week passed and life set in, they’d have an off day. When that day came, they’d be so bummed, but I was always excited because that was when the learning and habit changing actually happened. If I could help them understand that one off day wouldn’t deter their progress, they’d eventually go on to make real changes in their lives.

So it isn’t the one cheeseburger or the skipped trip to the gym that defines your lifestyle, it’s what you do the next day.

I’ve now had a few off days and am ready to feel the passion for healthy living again. I’m hoping Holly’s cardio strength class can whip it into me! But first, coffee…

What do you do when you are in need of some motivation?



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    Hi there,

    How are you? I enjoy checking in with your blog… feeling uninspired? Umm yea. Big time…. wondering if you could help me with some healthy snack ideas that Brady (16 mths) would enjoy and could also take with her to school?

    We have been doing yogurt bites, cherrios, goldfish, the squeezable fruit pouches…. anything else? I welcome your suggestions.

    When are you coming by FOX News Rising again?

    Theresa Liberatore

    • says

      Hi Theresa!
      Let’s see, for snacks- string cheese, banana “sushi” (a banana wrapped up in a wheat tortilla with banana and honey, then cut into “sushi pieces”), the new squeeze kids yogurts from chobani, olives (I know olives sound funny, but H loves them!). Plus there are some great ideas on the link ups from the last munchkin meals, too- http://www.ahealthysliceoflife.com/2013/02/06/munchkin-meals-link-up-16-months-old/

      …wordier than you expected? 😉

      As for FOX News Rising- you tell me! I’d love to come on again. Maybe I’ll shake less this time :)

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    Hooray for honesty. My truth is that even when I’m not motivated, I tend to force myself to get to the gym. Usually I end up feeling great afterwards, just like “they” say. Sometimes I’ll just get on the elliptical, watch Bravo, and call it a day, but sometimes I overcompensate and end up running 11 miles or something c-RA-zy. I just have to get in the right head space. Now, with eating, let’s just say I have had more than one evening of overeating nut butter…or a recent white bread experience I’d rather not share too much about. I just focused on eating more vegetables the next day. :)
    Sarah @ The Smart Kitchen recently posted..Toasted Walnut Romesco [#MMAZ]My Profile

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    Oh most definitely have my phases where I’m feeling uninspired in the healthy living realm. It comes and goes for sure. Anyone who says otherwise, well they’re lying or a superfreak. Haha! And coffee is always a must. 😉
    Tina @ Best Body Fitness recently posted..Dream KillerMy Profile

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    I used to believe that in order to live a “healthy” life I had to bring my A game to everything I did, including my workouts and meals. Over time, I realized that this mentality did nothing but exhaust me. Now I realize that perfection is not the point…so what if I only work out 3 times one week instead of 5 and so what if I eat a few pieces of chocolate after a pretty heavy dinner one night. At the end of the day, my mental sanity is just as important as my physical health and these “off” are what keep me sane!
    Parita @ myinnershakti recently posted..Seasons 52My Profile

  5. Jessica says

    Completely agree that we all have ups and downs with healthy lifestyles – I’ve been in a complete dinner making funk for over a week now. Last night I just made a fruit smoothie and snuck in some veggies – not great, but better than nothing, right? :)

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    That’s the thing with blogs. As bloggers, we tend to write about the inspiring things (a great workout, a PR, a great meal) and not about the other stuff so it seems like everyone is always inspired all the time and I’m sure that’s not true. I know it’s not for me. I eat frozen pizza more than I’d like to admit (though I cook it so it’s not really frozen!) and definitely have days where I don’t workout and I just lay on the couch.
    Lee recently posted..Sandwiches on SaturdayMy Profile

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    Thank you so much for this post. I truly appreciate the thoughts and sentiment behind it. Trying to remember that “perfection” is not healthy or happy is a weekly (sometimes daily) struggle for me. Posts like these really help to inspire me to let loose a bit more and remember that indulging on special treats and taking rest days from the gym are SO needed for my sanity!
    Hannah @ CleanEatingVeggieGirl recently posted..Vegetable Stuffed Slow Cooker Baked Potatoes with Vegan “Cheese” SauceMy Profile

  8. Stefanie says

    I have more off days than on days with my workouts but I try to remind myself that a crappy workout is better than no workout at all!

  9. holly says

    It’s funny you post this bc I was just saying how unispired I’m feeling. I was so fired up after the new year, ready to get back in the train after the holiday indulgences. Now the train is just slowing down…

  10. Lauren B. says

    Well put! And quite timely, as I am sitting here debating on whether to squeeze in a workout during Jackson’s nap time today. I used to get my panties in a wad if I couldn’t workout just one day, but now my perfectionist self has learned to be “perfectly” okay with giving my body a break when it needs it. A day or two off is always a great rejuvenator and alway proves to get my mojo back! :)

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    Just discovered your blog recently, and I’ve been loving searching around and reading all about your pregnancy and being a mama!

    I love your approach to healthy living. It’s when we expect perfection in ourselves that it becomes a chore and then we don’t reach our goals. Thanks for being a great example!
    Ashley @ My Food N Fitness Diaries recently posted..Week 32: Growth Spurt?My Profile

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      Hi Ashley- I’m so glad you stopped by! I’ve lurked on your blog before, so I guess I should say hi, too :) I love your pregnancy updates and you are looking fantastic! Does it seem like it’s getting close yet? Such an exciting time!

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    I love this post! Honestly sometimes taking a few days off is all the motivation I need. I will tell myself that I am taking 3-4 days off from the gym in a row and not going to worry about what I eat. For those days I will just do whatever I want and try not to worry about the copious amounts of ice cream or cookies im eating and the face that I havent had my workout gear on in a few days. After a few days I am normally itching to get in a good workout!
    Nicole @ Fruit ‘N’ Fitness recently posted..Graduation Trip – ItalyMy Profile

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    Oh yes, I think we all go through these up and downs with healthy living. Especially when things get stressful. And hey, perfection is nothing to strive for, it’s impossible really. Just little progress in our daily lives is all we really need! Even though that can be hard to remember. It’s a great reminder!
    Lisa recently posted..Moving ForwardMy Profile

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    You’re right. It’s consistency over time. It’s not letting a bad day define you or your plan. I know for myself (and not necessary anyone else) that I get uninspired when I’m stressed or sad about something, so I use that time for my me time – me time is such a huge necessity for me, which I’ve recently learned. I do things I enjoy other than food (haha) – like a cup of tea and a book, browsing fashion blogs, or catch up on one of my favorite shows. And somewhere along the way, my inspiration comes back.

    But don’t fret – this happens to the best of us!
    Maria recently posted..Sunday ConfessionsMy Profile

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    YES!!! this. we obviously see eye-to-eye (first challenges and now this!) I get super unmotivated and am working on convincing myself that going to the gym, even if it’s to walk on the treadmill and watch Once Upon A Time on Netflix on my phone, is better than not. Going for a walk is still exercise. And skipping the gym is occasionally just as important. I love everything about this post :)

    To get motivated…hmmm. Go to the gym and watch Netflix?! :) Nah, listen to fast music, or honestly, just go with it – drink some wine and watch some trashy tv. Healthy living is balance, and the gym and super healthy food will be there next week too.
    Jane T. recently posted..#CrockpotChallenge – Corn Bisque with Red PepperMy Profile

    • says

      Haha, yes, I’m not alone!! 😉
      As for your suggestions… trashy tv- check! (the bachelor last night) and wine- check! (well, a beer at Mexican).
      I think you’re right and it did the trick! Feeling better already…

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    In my opinion, what you do day in and day out defines your life*style*, but the cheeseburgers and skipped gym days make your *life*. Some days, skipping the gym means I’m doing something extra special instead like a attending a concert or just cuddling with my boys. My lifestyle means I can enjoy my life, ya know? My health is there so that I can have those *unhealthy* days. haha :)
    Presley @ Run Pretty recently posted..Snack Attack: Mexican Deviled EggsMy Profile

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    Ahhh thank you for such a refreshing blog post! I’m so exhausted of reading how perfect everyone’s lives seem through blogs- while I sit heard and feel so inadequate at times. I sooo appreciate your vulnerability and honesty- that’s why I keep reading your blog!!
    Kelsey recently posted..Broken RecordMy Profile

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    Such a fabulous post, as always I definitely think it’s common for people to feel uninspired from time to time, and if they try to say different, it’s a lie :)

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    I love this post of yours because it’s very real. Yes, it’s after that one burger or missed trip to the gym, that next day defines you. When life sets in. To pick yourself up and do it again. We’re not perfect and I too have a bad meal or slip of the wagon, but I pick myself up the next day and go again.
    blackhuff recently posted..A view into my preparationMy Profile

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  21. jamie says

    I’m 37 been divorced for two years. Up until 33 I had always been active and now for the past few years I have been lady and unmotivated. I’m still healthy as far as weight but I need to start exercising again. Any tips on motivation

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