Signs of Spring & Dip for Dinner

What is the best thing about being a grown up… and a grown up pregnant woman at that?  Making 7 layer dip and calling it dinner.  Let me explain…

I read Tina’s post yesterday about a birthday party that she went to with her daughter.  Casually she mentioned that she had 7 layer dip.  MMM!, I thought. I’m sure if I could feel Baby D that he/she would have been kicking me saying ‘Eat that, Mom!!’

But I pushed the craving aside and went along with my day.  Since I missed the first day of spring, I decided to celebrate late by sowing my seeds.  First, heirloom tomatoes!

Photo Mar 22, 7 48 47 AM

Then I was hoping to bribe Hubbs to build me a garden, so I did a few of his sunflowers, too.  Is it sad that I was shocked when I opened the package and the seeds looked like… well… sunflower seeds.  I almost popped a handful in my mouth :)

Photo Mar 22, 7 49 05 AM

I moved all my baby plants to the back porch, and that’s when I saw it… the sign.

Photo Mar 22, 7 49 26 AM

Last  year’s cilantro had fought through the layer of leaves and sticks covering it’s bed; it fought through the cold winter, then took advantage of the recent sun and decided to POP up in full bloom!  I knew what it was asking… eat me, please… in a 7 layer dip.  So I obliged.

I started with a strong base layer of fat free refried beans, mixed with a little taco seasoning.

Photo Mar 22, 7 48 08 AM

Then came a thin, smooth layer of reduced fat sour cream.

Photo Mar 22, 7 47 46 AM

A sprinkle of onions, and a layer of tomatoes- 1/2 freshly chopped, 1/2 rotel (for a kick!)

Photo Mar 22, 7 47 28 AMPhoto Mar 22, 7 47 06 AM

Then came the fresh avocado, which I mixed with fresh squeezed lime juice to protect the color and add some zing.

Photo Mar 22, 7 46 50 AM

A sprinkle of 50% reduced fat Cabot cheddar and my garden fresh cilantro later… a delicious dip dinner was born!

Photo Mar 22, 7 46 30 AM Photo Mar 22, 7 46 05 AM

I chowed down outside, and somehow managed to leave some for Hubbs.  It totally hit the spot!  And the Bug has a happy camper, too… she can never spend enough time outside with her sticks!

Photo Mar 22, 7 48 28 AM

What’s the craziest non-dinner dinner you’ve ever had?

Mine may be Mexican dip… or maybe in middle school when at sleepovers we’d have veggies and Catalina, followed by ice cream sundaes.  Now that I think about it… that sounds much more like a pregnant craving than Mexican dip.



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    You have to convince your husband to make you a garden and I have to convince mine to stop gardening and step away from his garden boxes. The dip looks so fresh and tasty!

  2. says

    I love a 7 layer bean dip!!!! I use refried black beans and it’s so YUM! I make my fair share of non-dinner dinners – for example, last night we had a bowl of black-eyed peas, cucumber, onion, cilantro, and lime juice :)

  3. says

    Oooh, I love 7 layer dip! Such a fun spring/summer recipe and never fails to please a crowd.

    I used to eat cereal for dinner all the time in college. The unhealthy, changes the color of your milk cereal :)

  4. says

    First of all, I love seven-layer dip…and it is impossible to resist.

    Secondly, it really is a well-balanced meal when you think about it.

    Third, I can’t believe you successfully grew cilantro…twice! It is one of the hardest herbs to grow…at least for me. :)

    Fourth, I eat “crazy” things for dinner all the time. Don’t even know WHERE to begin…

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    Nothing wrong with dip for dinner. YUM!! If Koda can have sticks for dinner, mom can have dip!! :) When I first lived on my own, I would often have cheese and crackers or cereal for dinner.

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    I think that sounds like a perfectly healthy dinner :) I won’t detail the not-so-healthy dinners I used to eat, especially in college! Thanks for the Cabot mention :)

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    I was just wondering this morning if it was too soon to plant some seeds inside. We still have snow on the ground, but it would be fun to get a little head start. Seeing your cilantro makes me even more anxious. :)

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