Post Baby Body: 7 Months Postpartum

Another month has passed and here I am with another post baby body post. These updates are a great way to keep me accountable, so thanks for checking in! I actually took these pictures and measurements closer to the accurate 7 month mark (about a week and a half ago), but am just getting around to publishing them now.

So… what’s been going on?

7 months postpartum- front view

Well, Picnik closed down, which means I no longer know how to do any cool editing of pictures into collages, you’re stuck with plain old snapshots.

7 months postpartum- front view 2

But health-wise, my biggest change this month has been a big increase in strength training, thanks to best body bootcamp. I’m doing a 40-50 minutes strength training circuit 3 days a week. I’ve noticed a significant difference in my arm strength and ab strength (thanks to planks!).

7 months postpartum- side view

I need to do a better job with cardio though. After the 10k I was supposed to run didn’t happen, I kind of fell off the wogging wagon. Well, I’m still wogging, but not pushing myself as hard.

7 months postpartum- side view 2

I feel great (even after bathing suit shopping had me ready to pull my hair out) and am looking forward to repeating some boot camp circuits until Tina has another bootcamp to sign up for (I hear it’s going to happen!). Strength training makes a big difference. Here’s the proof:

6 months postpartum 7 months postpartum difference
right arm 10” 10.5” +.5”
waist 27.5” 27” -.5”
around belly button 30.5” 29” -1.5”
hips 36.5” 36.5” 0
right thigh 21” 21” 0
right calf 12.75” 12.5” -.25”
weight 113 112 lbs -1 lb


I feel like my calf measurement is always going up and down, so I don’t pay much attention to it. I’m thrilled with the progress in  my mid-section and just wish I could have the same success in my stubborn thighs.

I’ve been able to see more definition in my legs, but would love to really tighten and tone my upper thighs.

Any tips?

Random side note… I take my own progress pictures with the self timer; that’s why they’re so awesome… HA. The camera won’t focus without an object to focus on, so I use a broom as my body double.


Let’s hear it for the broom!

7 months goofball

Rock on.

…and give me tips to tone my thighs, please Smile



  1. Andrea says

    Add some sprint drills to your wogging routine. And wow…you’re doing great. Reading your blog has made me decide I need to add strength training to my running routine. Now I just need to actually do it. :-)

  2. says

    You look awesome! I think it’s great you still have goals and are making progress 7 months after. I need to go read your first months! I think old fashioned squats and lunges with and without weights will do the trick for thighs!

  3. Kathy says

    They have already said it but I will say it again. GReat Job! You look amazing and YOU are INSPIRING to others! Have a wonderful day and enjoy that baby!

  4. krista says

    First of all, you look fabulous:) My favorite thigh toning workout is a barre class. I am partial to Tracey Mallet’s Booty Barre, because I am certified and teach Booty Barre. However, see if there is a barre class in you area. If not, get some DVDs- Booty Barre, Pure Barre, Physique 57 and Xtend Barre are my favorites:) Good Luck and keep up the great work!

  5. beth says

    If you need an alternate photo editing software, try Gimp! It’s a free download :) By-the-way, I have no kids and I’ve never looked as good as you. Kudos!

  6. says

    I have no idea how to tone thighs but please share what you learn as it is my trouble spot as well! However, your arms look ROCKIN…especially while holding the broom in that last pic! Great work!

  7. says

    You look great, Brittnay! What makes your progress posts so awesome is that everything about your process screams balance and I love that! I think a lot of people, including myself sometimes, get a bit too extreme, but you are doing such a great job while including your favorite foods and a healthy amount of exercise. Go you!!

  8. says

    Haha, you are too cute. You look super amazing! Congratulations on the success you’ve had so far. I find that doing plyometrics like squat jumps, jumping lunges, pulse jumps, etc. help tone my legs/thighs nicely!

  9. Annie says

    WOW. You look *amazing* – esp those abs!

    We will be looking to start our own family within the next couple of years, and to be perfectly vulnerably honest about this, I am terrified about what it would do to my body. I know the miracle of my body carrying life for 9 months will outshine the badges of honor I will receive, but I am in my 30s and it’s already hard enough to keep the weight off even with all my workouts! I definitely enjoyed reading your post-baby updates though and if anything, it helps me take each step towards having a baby of my own a little easier to swallow.

  10. Katie says

    You look awesome!! I can NOT believe your abs!! You should be so proud of yourself! Love your blog – you always inspire me!! =)

  11. says

    You give me hope that when I have a baby someday, that it will be totally possible to get back in shape…and without any crazy workout plans or deprivation.

    Thighs are my problem area as well and I found that spin classes helped. Also, kettle bell swings really target your hamstrings. Plus, they are more fun than squats and lunges in my opinion :)

  12. Sable@SquatLikeALady says

    HEY! Thank you so much for commenting – I had no idea you’d ever clicked over to my blog!! I discovered yours when you first posted about your food stamps project and honestly I really liked it. I was on food stamps as a kid and my mom is back on food stamps now and while I know most people don’t use limited food $$ as an excuse for unhealthy eating, my wonderful mother does, and I was so happy to be able to point her to your posts 😀 She just needed to read it somewhere other than in a text or email from me, I guess! haha!!

    ANYWAY. You look AMAZING! Keep it up!

  13. Britt says

    Aaah I’m never going to lose the baby weight I’m 6 months post partum and stuck in the 140s!!! Tmi… I had to complain “out loud” for one second :)

  14. says

    You look amazing! And it is very refreshing to see how balanced you have been losing your baby weight!

    My suggestion for thighs is sprints (and I am NOT a runner, but short bouts of sprinting can really tighten and tone your legs, especially the thighs!), also [jump] squats, and [jump] lunges will really help!

  15. says

    Way to go! 1.5 around the belly shows HARD work. I’m glad it’s paying off for you. As for the hips/thighs, running works for me. It can’t be looooong runs though. I think short and fast seems to help.

    Thanks for the broom tip. I’m going to have to try that! Rock on hot mama!

  16. Carla says

    smokin’!!! try picmonkey…. i believe the ‘monkeys’ behind the scenes are some that used to work, or created, or had something to do with picnik. It’s fun to use and very similiar to picnik!

  17. says

    I’m 7 months post birth right now, feeling good. I am impressed you do the longer strength sessions! I feel like my workouts are 30 minutes max when I’m at home with my little girl, she tends to wake up during her naps right when I could do more. :)
    Looking great!

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