Family Fun and a Grocery Store Run

Good mooooorning! Wow, it feels like I’ve been away from the computer forever. Do you feel the same? Like you, I’ve been busy and wanted to focus on soaking in time with family that we don’t get to see very often.

First, there was Thanksgiving at “the farm” as we call my Nannie’s house. It felt like a storybook Thanksgiving, complete with a trip to the Christmas tree far!

Then, it was on to Atlanta to visit more family, where the tough guys played football


while the girls enjoyed the swings.


There was pizza to eat as Georgia beat up on Tech, and Mema played with Hailey.


It isn’t easy being the only UGA fan in a Tech family, but I do what I can. It makes it easier when UGA wins Winking smile

Overall, the weekend was wonderful. Now here comes the part when I tell you how well I did with keeping a healthy balance through the holiday… only that would be a lie.

Wine flowed like… well, wine, my plate stayed piled high with delicious casseroles, pizzas and chips and dips and I didn’t do much more than this–


Ah, relaxing bliss.

I loved it. I savored the food and the company and it all added up to a fantastic weekend. No regrets here, even if my jeans are feeling a little tight. I figure it’s more mental than physical; just my body’s way of asking me to get moving again and to throw some vegetables down the hatch.

While driving home I felt the need for normalcy to return (right after I finished my Schlotzsky’s sandwich, mmm). So in between making faces at Hailey…


I planned this week’s meals.

The Perfect Chicken Tortilla Soup

Roasted Chicken and Vegetables

Salmon, Asparagus and Quinoa Pilaf

Slow Cooker Chicken Sausages and White Beans

Homemade Chick-fila-A and Asparagus

I could hardly wait to rectify this situation-


What a sad little fridge.

Hailey and I took the grocery store by storm (where asparagus was on sale for $0.99- score!). It took longer than expected, so while I prepared a delicious homemade meal for David and me, I stuck Hailey with a premade meal.


Luckily this Plum Organics Bistro Bowl was a hit! I liked it because I could recognize all the ingredients, it used organic beef and the packaging is 100% BPA free. Good stuff.

However, it wasn’t quite enough to fill her up, so I supplemented with avocado and peas while I chopped up cilantro for our soup.


After Hailey crashed, David and I curled up with a fire, some warm soup and Homeland (we’re almost through with season 1- bummer!)


Pretty much the perfect ending to an awesome weekend.

Now, it’s time for a productive Monday! I already knocked out 2.2 miles and breakfast, now I’m hoping that I stay busy and don’t get sucked into Cyber Monday.

…unless you know of any great deals that are too good to pass up??

If so, please share! Smile



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      I high five you for sticking by your team through thick and thin- true fan! And yes, I’m going to try my best to cheer us to a W versus Bama this weekend, but I won’t lie, it doesn’t look easy! :)

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    I’m not much of a cyber monday shopper, and my bank account is pretty pissed off at what I did on Black Friday 😉 I turned my laptop off last Tuesday and today was the first time I turned it on. No pressure at all. I had my iPhone for pictures, but even that didn’t really happen. I ate what I wanted, stopped when I felt full and enjoyed every minute of the holiday!
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