Eat More Leaves.

Good morning! This weekend was wonderful. Low key, relaxing, yet productive. Hubbs, Hailey and I ventured into Charlotte Saturday morning and grabbed breakfast at our favorite breakfast place, Zada Janes in Plaza Midwood.

Zada Janes Charlotte NC The Belvedere

I chowed down on this omelet stuffed with goat cheese, spinach, onions and mushrooms and savored ever bite. It left me wishing Mooresville had more unique restaurants. Instead, Mooresville is the king of chains and I LOATHE it. We just got a new one- IHOP. Ugh.

While driving around I finished up listening to Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food. I had read it before, but when I saw it on cd at he library I decided to give it another listen.

It’s such an inspiring book and makes me really look hard at what constitutes healthy eating and how ‘nutritionism’ has skewed society’s view of what to eat. It is most famously known for his food rules of

  • Eat food
  • Not too much
  • Mostly plants

Feeling inspired, I decided to heed his advice and focus on incorporating more plants in my diet, especially leaves. It started at lunch with my Jimmy John’s sandwich… in a lettuce wrap.

Jimmy Johns Lettuce Wrap Sandwich

Admittedly, it’s kind of a weak excuse for eating healthier. So I took it a step further and decided to cook with a new (to me) ingredient- bok choy! This shrimp, bok choy and noodle bowl was delicious and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy bok choy is to work with.

shrimp and bok choy bowl

And to really go the distance, I finally pulled out the dehydrator I have been too intimidated to try.

Nesco Dehydrator

I don’t know why I was intimidated. It’s the easiest thing in the world to use. For my inaugural dehydrator snack, I made The Fitnessista’s Cool Ranch Kale Chips.

cool ranch kale chips

You guys…. WOW. I’ve tried kale chips before and found them to be ok at best, but Gina was NOT kidding when she said that these kale chips have a way of disappearing. The flavors in these chips are addicting and neither Hubbs nor I could wait until they were completely dehydrated to pounce on them.

Oh, you read that right, HUBBS could not get enough! He kept creeping over and sneaking kale chips into his mouth. My meat ad potatoes guy… SNEAKING KALE CHIPS. Incredible.

Hubbs likes kale chips!

Even Hailey wanted in on the action… soon my sweet girl, soon.

Hailey likes the kale chip

I made a whole bunch of kale’s worth of chips last night. This morning, they are all gone. They’re that good.

I’m still feeling the glow of healthy eating and pumped up to keep Pollan’s words going through my mind. I’m stocked up on healthy food:

Harris Teeter Grocery Shopping

And did all my food prep yesterday.

weekly food prep

Bring on the week!

Do you have a favorite kale chip recipe?

What is your favorite leaf to eat?

These kale chips might be my new favorite leaf. Who woulda thunk it?!



  1. says

    That book really opened my eyes. I now pretty strictly “the grandmother rule.”
    And I love dino kale, especially since it’s the only green I really like cooked. But for smoothies and scrambled eggs I always opt for spinach. Or the best of both worlds — baby kale.

  2. says

    Food prep for me is KEY!! Not having food prepped basically means I eat junk. Meal planning, shopping, prepping are all a neccessary. I have never had kale chips. I know, I am probably the only person on the planet. :-) As for your dehydrator, if you had a garden you can make your own “sun dried” tomatoes in the dehydrator (ok you can use grocery store tomatoes, too), plus all kinds of fruits like peaches, apples, and bananas.

  3. says

    I love the pics of hubs and baby girl with the kale chips–they’d make a funny holiday card :-)
    I have been salivating over those chips since Fitnessista postem ’em…unfortunately I don’t have a dehydrator!!

  4. kristin point says

    I live kale chips and its such a pain/mess making them in the oven and they don’t even turn out that great bc they don’t get super crispy. I tried to replicate my fav ones from the store by pureeing cashews, red bell pepper, lemon juice, cayenne and a few other ingredients and putting it over kale then baking it. Its pretty messy but decent. They real deal is my splurge at the health food store haha. They charge like $8 for a small bag!

  5. Becca says

    My fiance lives in Mooresville (and I will, starting in September!) and I hate how there are so many chain restaurants too. We really love The Daily Grind for breakfast though! Their omelets are always so good!

  6. says

    First of all I want to appologize if i have commented on your page like 4 times today. It is not showing my comments on anyone’s blog and I’ve been trying to figure out why. Not meaning to flood your blog if i did!

    I need a dehydrater since i always overcook my kale chips in the oven!

  7. says

    OOOH…a friend of ours loaned me their dehydrator last weekend. I made apple chips and blackberry/cherry “fruit leather”. I’ve made kale chips in the oven, but didn’t think to dry them. Thanks for the idea, that’s on my “try next” list.
    Have a great leaf-filled week.

  8. says

    Kale is not something we get here in South Africa.
    My fav leaf to eat is Spinach. Baby spinach for that matter on sandwiches, in pastas and in everything for that matter 😉
    I too would not mind for a dehydrator.


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