Baking, Dehydrating and Meal Planning (October)

I so often use the word busy. It’s actually habit I’m trying to kick. Luckily, it’s easy to describe this past weekend without that word because Saturday and Sunday were anything but busy. It was refreshing.

Saturday was drizzly and cold. We grabbed breakfast at La Patisserie and, for once, didn’t discuss plans for the day. We just sipped our coffee (I <3 decaf lattes!), watched the drizzle and played with Hailey who was excited to be in a booster seat instead of a high chair.

la patisserie breakfast

We stopped at a neighborhood garage sale on the way home and scored 3 dresses for Hailey and a Tinkerbell costume.

Then, we set up shop on the couch and did nothing. Well, it wasn’t exactly nothing. We watched football. A LOT of football. The weather was too dreary for anything else… except baking and meal planning.

stressful football baking

The Georgia game stressed me out so much I turned to pumpkin puree for relief.

pumpkin muffins with chunky glaze

PS- there is a reason they tell you to sift your powdered sugar before turning it into a glaze. Fortunately for me, it doesn’t affect the taste!

I downed more pumpkin muffins than necessary and tried to balance it out with salad for dinner.

brooklyn boys salad

A very simple looking salad, isn’t it? I’m obsessed with it lately though. It must just be when other people make my salad. Something about it just makes it just taste better.

While I was cocooned on the couch, shocked at the Clemson/FSU game, I also took the time to meal plan. Some of the meals I’m really excited for this week include…

Pan-Roasted Chicken with Lemon-Garlic Beans from Real Simple (a new-to-me recipe)

pan roasted chicken and beans

Shrimp and Goat Cheese Grits with Roasted Asparagus from Jen at Peanut Butter Runner

shrimp and goat cheese grits

and a classic favorite

Lemony Tomato Herb Scallops from Gina at Running to the Kitchen

lemony tomato herb scallops

Sunday morning meant pancakes.

sunday morning pancakes

Hailey loved helping. David would crack eggs into the batter and she’d excitedly point to me and declare “Mama, TWO eggs!” I adore the joy she gets out of everyday tasks.

By the way, have I shown you the kitchen stand David built for her? She can climb right into it and be at the perfect height for helping (the floor is adjustable for height). We love it.

toddler kitchen stool

Mmm pancakes.

whole wheat blueberry pancakes

The sun was out, trying to warm up the cool morning and after a day of relaxation, I was ready to get going. Hailey and I took off for the farmers market.

josh's farmers market

I’m obsessed with Josh’s during the fall. One stop there and one stop at Healthy Home Market and we were back at home.

fall farmers market and healthy home market haul

During nap time I did some meal prep by washing and chopping all the romaine, washing and trimming the beans and making some homemade lara balls for Hailey.

food prep work

I also made a large batch of cool ranch kale chips. I always forget how much I love these.

cool ranch kale chips dehydrating

We spent the afternoon at a neighbor’s cookout and got home in time to see the sun setting on a perfect fall day.

And now begins another week!

What is on your menu this week?



  1. says

    Since I am on maternity leave with no baby yet I actually have time to cook this week! We have Shrimp and Asparagus Risotto from Iowa Girl Eats, Chicken Tortilla Soup, Easy, Creamy Tomato and Mushroom Pasta from Oh She Glows and a coconut lime chicken recipe on our menu for this week.
    Lindsey recently posted..Foodie FridayMy Profile

  2. says

    LOVE that kitchen stand! What a great idea. :)

    And my meal planning for the week was all about freezer friendly foods that I can make and freeze for Vishnu. I have to go on a last minute trip and he isn’t super comfortable cooking away in the kitchen. Thought I would help him out!

  3. says

    OK lady. So can you answer me some questions about the dehydrator?

    1) what kind did you get, and did it cost an arm and a leg?
    2) how often do you use it, and what kinds of things do you make with it?

    I have wanted to get one for the sole purpose of making kale chips because I love them. So much. And they sell for $6-7 a bag and I know it would be a lot cheaper (and probably a lot healthier) if I just made my own.

    Thanks for your input. :)
    calee recently posted..15 Ultra-Convincing Reasons Why Having a Tomato Allergy Sucks.My Profile

    • Brittany Dixon says

      1) I have a nesco dehydrator that I bought from a friend for $30, but I think it retails at $60 (
      2) It works perfectly for all my dehydrating needs (which aren’t many ;)). I LOVE kale chips made in it and have also dehydrated fruit, herbs and beef jerky with success. I probably use it once a month or so. Sometimes I’ll go on a kick and use it more often.

      If you love kale chips, I recommend it! Mine never tasted right from the oven, but the dehydrator works perfectly!

    • Brittany Dixon says

      Yes! I wanted one and David took one look and said he could build it. He was true to his word and I’m thrilled!

  4. Amy says

    That stand is awesome! Would he be willing to tell how he made it? I would love for my husband to make one for Savannah instead of buying the learning tower. I’ve had zero luck on craigslist :(

  5. says

    I love that kitchen stand!! My husband was meaning to build me one too, though at this point it isn’t going to happen. Oh well.

    My daughter can’t handle the booster seat at the restaurant, we’ve tried. It’s too much freedom for her! lol
    Chantal recently posted..The Weaning Process: StalledMy Profile

  6. Marie says

    I’m a few days late, but I’m also asking if David could provide some simple steps of how he built the kitchen stand. We need it for “little chef”! Thanks!!!

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