Friday Favorites


…umm… Brittany? It’s Thursday. Nice try. I know it is, but tomorrow I’m going to be finishing some stuff on the big project, taking care of an expired tag ticket I got over Christmas (oh you thought I had my life together?), taking Koda to the … [Read more...]

Weekend Snapshots


Monday morning usually has me feeling pumped up and ready for some serious productivity, but honestly, I’m imagining a day of taking it easy ahead. Of course when you are a mom, “taking it easy” means laundry, cleaning, and entertaining kids all day rather … [Read more...]

Coffee Date


Good morning! There is nothing like a coffee date on a Friday morning, right? Agreed, which is why I’m so glad we were able to find a time that worked in both our schedules. ::hugs:: … Oh look, our turn at the counter! I’d order a coffee, … [Read more...]