Friday Mishmash


Fun fact Friday? Friday randoms? Delayed Thursday thoughts? Call it whatever you like. I'm here to list off a bunch of life stuff that is completely unrelated to each other. Wahoo for the weekend! 1. A few people have asked for a Koda update and I'm happy … [Read more...]

Girls Night In


Yesterday's snow took me by surprise.   A beautiful inch and a half that left me scrambling to rearrange appointments and scraping the bottom of our craft drawer. Fortunately it allowed me ample time to make breakfast.   And … [Read more...]

Britt’s Bytes

britt bytes

I woke up this morning to snow and writer's block. Isn't it funny how you can have a couple of weeks where your mojo is really flowing, then a day just hits you when ... nothing. I spent 10 minutes combing through my list of blog ideas but nothing was really … [Read more...]

Weekend Rambles

another broken egg cafe

I've been sitting here thinking of a creative or fun way to share my weekend, but honestly, I've been staring at the screen for 10 minutes annnnnnnd nothing. I'll come back and edit if the coffee kicks in, but otherwise, here is a non-cohesive jumble about my … [Read more...]