An Evening with Chobani in Charlotte

Blogging is something I do because I love sharing my life, connecting with you, discussing healthy living and enjoying the social interaction (which I realize may sound a little silly as I sit here in my robe typing on a computer).

I enjoy the day to day of blogging, but every now and then an opportunity comes along that makes it even that much cooler. Last night was one such example.

Chobani Charlotte- office kitchen shot

Along with a handful of other bloggers, I was invited to a Chobani dinner party in uptown Charlotte. I didn’t know what to expect when wandered to the 16th floor of a gorgeous glass building in the heart of the city, but after setting foot in their headquarters, I want to go there every day.

Admittedly, I’m out of the corporate scene, but if their office is the norm, I want back in! It’s open and airy with large glass windows. There is exposed beams and a large rustic wood conference table. Oh, and an office kitchen.

Chobani Charlotte- office kitchen

Your office kitchen is complete with Viking ranges and Vitamix mixers, too, right? Drool.

Speaking of drool…

Chobani Charlotte- appetizer spread

This appetizer spread was set up when I arrived and after breaking the #1 rule of party going and showing up STARVING, I took advantage of their generosity immediately.

Chobani Charlotte- cocktail hour

The first bookmark worthy recipe of the post is the Chobani Guacamole. I wanted to swim in it. So creamy.

Instead of being served dinner, we actually got to make it! We all grabbed stations and got to cutting, cooking, chatting and sipping wine. It was such a festive atmosphere!

Chobani Charlotte-  soup cooking station

Amy from Chobani NYC helped me tackle the butternut squash soup and it was instantly evident what makes Chobani such a great company- the people. (Certainly the yogurt, too, but the people!)

Chobani Charlotte- Amy

We lucked up by choosing a simple recipe, so we also had time to socialize.

Chobani Charlotte- chef and friends

Top: Jen, me and Lauren.
Bottom left: Chef Tim and me.
Bottom right: the adorable, all belly Brittney

It didn’t take long for delicious smells to fill the kitchen and I was shocked at the many different ways to use Chobani. My use of it as a sub for sour cream doesn’t even scratch the surface.

Chobani Charlotte- roasted butternut squash soup

Pardon my excitement; it was my first time using a Vitamix! I believe you now; it’s not just another blender.

And, my must-make recipe #2 of the post, Roasted Butternut Squash Soup. I promise it’s not just because I made it (though I’m certain that helped Winking smile), but it was a hit all around. I’m making it again next week, if I can wait that long.

Eventually all the dishes came together to create a beautiful spread.

Chobani Charlotte- dinner spread

I want to jump through the screen and eat it all again. For as gorgeous as it looks, it tasted even better.

Chobani Charlotte- Chobani gorgonzola crostini

Chobani Gorgonzola Crostini

We all fixed plates and dug in.

Chobani Charlotte- my plate

Everything was really good. The asparagus with Chobani hollandaise was certainly notable, but my third must-make recipe is the pumpkin risotto.

Chobani Charlotte- chobani risotto

If you have the patience to stand and stir, make it!

The evening eventually wound down (winded?) and we snagged a group shot. I wanted to be that annoying person that handed the professional my camera and ask him to take a picture, but I refrained.

…that’s a lie. I asked and was turned down Winking smile

So group shot to come at a later date.

Edited- here it is!

The evening was fantastic. I loved getting to catch up with my friends, meet new people and create mouth-watering dishes while sipping wine. Pretty much my perfect kind of night.

Thank you, Chobani, for including me and for more recipes, check out Chobani’s online kitchen.

Have you ever used Greek yogurt in cooking or baking?

What’s your favorite way to use it that isn’t eating it straight?



  1. says

    Oh wow! This looks like a great event you have been invited to.
    I’m glad you had a great time.
    The food you all made, really look like something to die for. Delicious!
    Thanks for sharing the great evening with us.
    blackhuff recently posted..Secret Santa deliveryMy Profile

    • says

      I’m really impressed with their outreach as well. Amy told me it started because they didn’t have much of a marketing budget in the beginning and even though are very successful now that they appreciate bloggers and the social media community so much and want to give back to them. So sweet!

  2. says

    That looks like one big cooking party! So fun! I ate chobani by the gallon before I got pregnant, now the tartness just isn’t doing it for me- like I can’t have it in the house. I hope things get back to normal when I am eating for one again.

  3. Allison W. says

    I like the taste of Chobani, but prefer to buy organic dairy. I realize they choose to use more local dairy farms to keep prices down, but I wish they had the option of an organic line.


  1. […] Brittany was whipping up a batch of butternut squash soup at the station next to Lauren and me. We had a great time catching up with her. All three of us actually went to the University of Georgia and Lauren and Brittany were sorority sisters. Small world! […]

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