A Truly Southern Weekend

David and I like being home. Not literally sitting at home, but being in town for a weekend makes it feel long, luxurious and relaxing. This weekend was one such weekend, and looking back on it, I realize it was probably a perfect caricature of what people must imagine the south to be like.

southern weekend- lake norman

Beautiful fall leaves and all.

It worked out well that David worked Saturday morning because I got the laundry, meal planning and grocery shopping checked off the list.

Sunday– Homemade pizza
MondayPioneer Woman lasagna and salad
TuesdaySweet potato chili
Wednesday– Burrito bowls
Thursday– Loaded baked potatoes with broccoli

Apparently I was focused on comfort foods this week. I’m psyched!

Saturday afternoon we went shopping.

southern weekend- gun browsing

The smile totally takes away from any intimidation I had going.

After browsing and educating ourselves, we ended up with the BB variety and practiced our shots during nap time.

southern weekend- bb gun

Don’t try breaking into my house Winking smile

Sunday morning I woke up to a husband who had already cut the grass and was getting to work on waffles. I didn’t think I could love him any more than I did… I was wrong.

2012-11-11 08.07.15

We followed up breakfast with a trip to Lake Norman State Park.

southern weekend- lake norman state park

Those leaves!! It was ideal fall weather and we all enjoyed a leisurely 3 mile hike. Well, leisurely for us, not so much for Koda.


We couldn’t bring ourselves to spend time indoors, so we spent the afternoon in the yard, rolling in the leaves.

southern weekend- rolling in leaves

Pure joy, despite those pesky molars that are taking their sweet time coming in.


When the sun finally set, I decided to try my hand at crocheting. Scarves for everybody for Christmas!

southern weekend- learning to crochet

…I’m totally kidding. I’m terrible. Can someone please teach me how to crochet? The book is incredibly confusing.

Finally Hailey went to bed and David and I curled up with pizza and a movie. Which is pretty much the perfect end to a weekend.

southern weekend- sunday night pizza

And the perfect way to start the week? With an early morning #operationskinnydog! (Side note: I’ve stuck with it every day so far and Koda is looking better already!) We have a pretty busy day ahead, so Koda and I got out early. No excuses, my friends!

operation skinny dog

And now it’s Monday. Lather, rinse and repeat!

Do you knit, crochet or sew?

How did you learn?



  1. Allie says

    Crocheting takes practice, but once you get it, it’s a great hobby! I taught myself how to crochet by watching YouTube videos! They are really helpful and you can see where they are putting the hook and such!

  2. Pam says

    I’m a self-taught knitter! It is sooooo relaxing! Everyone got scarves or hats the first year! This year I’ve knitted two blankets! I’m going to try my hand at a sweater and socks this year. We don’t have a knitting shop in my tiny town, so whenever I’m in a big city I check out shops there. I’ve ran into the nicest most helpful shop owners! Hope you can find someone to help you because it is rewarding to give handmade gifts!
    I also smock! With a baby girl, you should try smocking! You can create beautiful dresses and bubbles for Hailey.

  3. Hanna says

    It sounds like you had a lovely weekend! When I was in younger I went to a Christian girls summer camp called Greystone. I took a knitting class there and learned the basic knots. I taught myself how to make a dog sweater, scarf, and a stuffed elephant for my daughter. Stick with it! It took me a LOT of “do-overs” before I finally got it.

  4. says

    Just call me Martha – i can sew, crochet, knit, embroider … OK, maybe the list stops there. Sewing and needlework, my grandma taught me very early on. I think I taught myself to crochet with help from my mom and a pal at the college paper. Knitting came later and is definitely the hardest! Have you watched any tutorials online? I think it’s just a trial and error thing. Good luck!

    • says

      Oh my gosh, that’s awesome!! I heard knitting is the hardest, which is why I figured I’d try crochet. With the trouble Ive had with it, there’s no way I’ll ever know how to knit- haha!

  5. kristi says

    I learned embroidery and crochet when I was a Peace Corps volunteer in Honduras. Some local women taught me the basics and then I took it from there in my sprae time, which I had lots of! Just takes practice like everything else! I get bored of projects fast though so a lot of things lay around half finished – like my baby’s blanket and an ear flap hat!

  6. candace says

    You can take classes at michaels or any local knit/ yarn shop around you. I think the best way to learn is youtube videos, they can teach you anything you need to know and they’re free!

  7. Lauren says

    See if your local craft store offers a class. I took one at AC Moore for $15 and had almost an entire scarf done before I left. If not it might help to watch a video on youtube. The books are confusing but once you get the hang of it you’ll be flying through.

  8. says

    We had plans to go away this weekend and last Wednesday I whined my way out of them. I just love being at home, getting things checked off my to-do list and going on dinner dates with my husband to our favorite local spots. You’re right, it does make the weekend feel longer!

    I used to do cross-stitch and make potholders as a kid (I had a kit for both). Those count? :)

  9. says

    Haha. I had to comment…I tried to learn to crochet a few years back. My husband’s mom and grandma are experts, so I thought I could pick it up. Nope. I can make a chain, but I can’t seem to make the turn. So I’m really good at making really long chains…while I was learning my husband decided to give it a try, and he made a blanket for the bed–a KING size blanket. He’s actually the domesticated one of us. :)

  10. says

    I can knit! I insisted that my grandma had to teach me, and both her and my mum supervised :) I’m extremely glad I was able to learn from her, as she died soon afterwards.
    I can make scarves (simple rectangle shapes are quite easy!) but I’ve also upgraded to making socks, arm sleeves and round stuff like that. Can’t really do sweaters yet, as I haven’t found the patience/time/perfect yarn yet, hehe!

  11. Sarah says

    I am a self taught in crochet. I taught myself using the book Learn To Crochet The Mile A Minute Annie Way. I’d give you the Amazon link but I ‘m using my husband’s kindle and I’m still figuring this thing out. I swear by this book. I’ve been crocheting for 12 years now and I know this book is the reason why I was able to learn. Try it!

  12. says

    Oh my gosh, knitting stresses me out! It is supposed to be relaxing, I know, but I always end up pulling it too tight and getting stuck and frustrated. My mom is an excellent knitter, and I have always wanted to be able to do it, mostly to keep my hands occupied to allow me to sit still long enough to watch a movie or TV show. :)

    What a lovely weekend! Those pictures of Hailey are priceless.

    Can you please find me a man to make me breakfast? Thank you.
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