Post Baby Body: 7 Months Postpartum


Another month has passed and here I am with another post baby body post. These updates are a great way to keep me accountable, so thanks for checking in! I actually took these pictures and measurements closer to the accurate 7 month mark (about a week and a … [Read more...]

Post Baby Body: 6 Months Postpartum


I’ve learned a lot over the past 6 months.I’ve learned that despite my previous beliefs, I can, in fact, wake up every single day (weekends included) at 6:30am and live.I’ve learned that nipple pain, infant poop and sex drive are perfectly acceptable … [Read more...]

Post Baby Body: 5 Month Postpartum


Now that I’ve posted Hailey’s 5 month update, it’s time for me to post by update as well. Although, to be honest, there isn’t a whole lot to update you on since there wasn’t much change this past month.Unless you noticed that I shrunk an inch or two … [Read more...]