Road Trip with Hailey to GA

Yesterday morning was full of packing because Hailey and I were off to good ‘ol GA! I know I’m not the first to realize this, but it’s amazing how much stuff you need to pack for someone so little.


oatmeal with chia and pecans

1/2 cup dry oats microwaved with almond milk, topped with chia seeds, Nannie’s pecans and a dollop of Daisy pumpkin butter.


Rosewood Market Columbia SC

Since we skipped snack, I was hAngry come lunch time. Wanting to avoid fast food, I googled ‘health food grocery store’ in Columbia, SC. Rosewood Market was the first to pop up, so off we went. I love finding health food stores because they usually have a wonderful selection of healthy foods to grab for lunch on the go. Rosewood Market was no exception!

Rosewood Market Columbia SC- hot foods

Beside the display case full of freshly made grain salads, roasted vegetables, etc, they had a hot food section with a mouthwatering selection. The man behind the counter was incredibly friendly and happy to explain the differences between Thai fish cakes and seaside cakes (when is the last time you’ve heard choices like that at Burger King??)

I stopped to admire their bulk bins (my favorite part of healthy markets!)

Rosewood Market Columbia SC- bulk bins

before checking out. The cashier was also incredibly friendly, as was an organic farmer named Gene who was in line behind me. Are all people in Columbia this friendly?! If so, I’m moving there.

Rosewood Market Columbia SC- hot plate

My lunch was a delicious combination of seaside cakes (a tofu and sea vegetable take on crab cakes) with cocktail sauce, brown rice with a flavorful sauce of some sort and steamed vegetables that included kale, carrots and onions. Every. Single. Bite. was phenomenal. So fresh! Check this gem out if you’re ever in Columbia!

Driving on…


ThinkThin crunch

We stopped at Mom’s office so Hailey could say hello and I munched on a ThinkThin crunch bar, which the company sent me to sample. The bar is made up of almond and cranberries and other various crunchies and I enjoyed it! So did my rumbling tummy.


Peach Chobani and blueberries

Once I arrived at my parent’s place, I chowed down a peach Chobani and blueberries, followed by some delicious Wisconsin swiss and crackers.

Wisconsin cheese

Hailey was excited to spend some time with her Great Grandma Betty and finally meet her Great Aunt Pat! (Truth be told, Hailey was screaming right before this picture… I think I messed up her nap schedule, but it was still a good time!)

Hailey and family

I was excited to sip on this delicious glass of red.



veggie pizza

We assembled homemade pizzas for dinner. Mom and I split one that was loaded with veggies- tomatoes, olives, artichoke hearts, onions, mushrooms… DElish! I ate 3 slices.

Looking back over this, I want to go back and eat everything from yesterday again… so many scrumptious bites!

How do you stay healthy of road trips?



  1. says

    I love how you made your own pizza at home. Much healthier than the ones you buy.
    Glad you had such a wonderful time.
    Staying healthy on road trips means saying “no” to certain foods, going to visit the malls in search of healthy foods or take some with me.

  2. Lauren B. says

    On road trips, I will typically “brown-bag-it”, packing my own food and putting it in a cooler to save time, money, and good nutrition. And I always have snacks on hand! If I don’t pack a meal, I usually am on the lookout for “healthier fast food”, either Chick fil a or Subway. I love your idea of the health food market! I’ll have to do that next time!

  3. says

    roadtrips are a weakness of mine. I always bring whatever fruit and veggies we have left in the house and usually a sandwich for the ride but I am SOO snacky when I am on a road trip. I have just come to accept the fact that I am going to eat a family size bag of trail mix or chocolate chex mix on the drive. I’ve got to have something sweet and salty to get me through! I get so bored driving and snacking is just what I do. I don’t road trip too often now so oh well!

  4. Rachael says

    It amazes me how I once moved cross-country with a duffel bag, and now can’t leave the house without a whole backseat full of gear. Babies come with so much cargo!
    How is Hailey on car trips? Georgia (my kiddo) has a shelf life of about twenty minutes before the highly vocalized dissent kicks in! We’re headed up to NY in a month to see my folks and I’m terrified :). Enjoy your family!

  5. says

    It’s hard to stay healthy on road trips because it’s like a vacation and vacations are like a break from real life, so in my mind that gives me an excuse to justify unhealthy habits like eating bad! However, I try to pack snacks ahead of time to stay healthy – nuts, thinkThin bars, fruit, etc. Safe travels!

  6. Kathryn says

    I live in Columbia and Rosewood Market is one of my favorites! Every week or so they have a secret 20% off day (you just have to ask at the counter), which is the perfect way for a poor college student like me to stock up on healthy, yummy food! So glad everyone was friendly- that’s been my impression of Cola too

  7. Becky Klotz says

    I’m another Columbia reader! It’s so good to hear that everyone was nice to you – generally, everyone here is like that which I love!
    I haven’t been to Rosewood Market yet, but I have been to Earth Fare and 14 Carrots (in Lexington, just outside Columbia) and love both of them. Columbia is getting a Whole Foods too!

    • says

      I saw that a WF is coming soon and I nearly peed my pants in excitement! …I’m sure cool little places like Rosewood aren’t thrilled though. I love your town- so friendly :)

  8. Basil Garzia says

    Hi Brittany, I’m the owner of Rosewood Market and I wanted to thank you for trying us out for lunch. All the pics were top notch. You really gave a good idea of what we are about. I’m glad, too, that everyone was friendly. You caught us on a good day. But seriously, we aims to please. Our 20% days come approx every 8 days and I let folks know via e-mail. If your readers send me their e-mails, I’ll add them to my list. I enjoyed your blog and look forward to reading more. Basil Garzia PS: Double negatives are a no-no.

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