WIAW: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloweeeeeeeen! I know for some this Halloween isn’t about costumes and candy, instead they are focusing on staying warm, staying fed and surveying damage. In fact, Governor Chris Christie has suggested moving Halloween festivities in New Jersey to Saturday, as many small communities already have. My thoughts are with all of you that are affected by Hurricane Sandy <3

WIAW- La Patisserie veggie omelet

Breakfast yesterday was at one of my new favorite spots: La Patisserie. I ask them to add every veggie they have to their veggie omelet and it turns out to be quite the breakfast beast. Sub fruit for toast, but keep those breakfast potatoes- they’re scary good!

We spent the morning running around. I needed new tires (four of ‘em- argh) and we voted early! The line was over an hour long and I was told it has been that way everyday, so I can only imagine how insane election day will be!

2012-10-30 11.11.16

Lunch was veggie-packed.

Wiaw- a very veggie lunch

Leftover kale salad and homemade vegetable soup.

Late in the day I grabbed a hummus and carrot snack before heading to the gym.

wiaw- hummus and carrots

I can’t bring myself to buy baby carrots. Though easier, they simply lack flavor. Regular carrots are the way to go!

wiaw- wog

I ran (ok, it definitely was a wog) for the first time since my first 10k. Humbling. I knocked out some planks, too, for Best Body Bootcamp.

wiaw- magic hat #9

I refueled with a Magic Hat #9 while I proceeded to over-roast the broccoli.

wiaw- chicken sandwich dinner

Dinner was a simple grilled chicken breast on a wheat bun with buffalo ranch for dipping. Charred broccoli on the side. Nothing like fancy burnt broccoli to show off for WIAW!

I downed it before going to meet up with my friend, Alison. We’re throwing our neighborhood Halloween party today!

wiaw- halloween party

She’s a former teacher and is clearly great at it. I just follow her directions. I’m excited about all the crafts for kids! After all, I just finished my own crafts. I hot-glued…

Halloween- making antennas

I made a tutu (all by myself- wheee!)…

Halloween- making a tutu

and I got Hailey to wear it! So they question is…

What is she?

A butterfly? A bug?

Halloween- baby alien- what


Halloween- baby alien- oh

She’s a Hai-lien! A what?

Halloween- baby alien- fly

When we named her, Hailey Ann, David couldn’t help but notice when you say it fast, it sounds like alien, a Hai-lien.

Clearly she could be almost anything with this outfit, but I tried to pick “alien” colors, and heck, she kept the antennas in her hair!

Halloween- baby alien- antennas

I’m not very crafty, but had fun making this. Hailey knew it was filled with love. High-five on the effort, mom!

Halloween- baby alien- high five

Cutest little Hai-lien I’ve ever seen.

What are you or your little one going to be for Halloween?



  1. says

    I am hoping that the lines on Election Day are actually shorter because more polling places are open. My boss said she tried to early vote twice this week and there was like a 2 hour line both times!

    I like the Hai-lien!

    • says

      That’s actually a good point I hadn’t thought of! For the primaries, though, I waited in the rain for over an hour with a baby. I didn’t want to take a chance on reliving that experience 😉

  2. says

    She is so adorable in that costume and bravo to the two of you being so original of what she is :)
    I can’t remember reading on your blog, does Hailey say any words as of yet?

  3. Hanna says

    Good for you for voting! I voted early a few weeks ago. Luckily, it only took 10 minutes! Your eye lashes look really long! Which mascara do you use?
    I think you are very creative! You did a great job on Hailey’s costume. My little ones are going to be a cowgirl and a little lamb :)

    • says

      You just made my day! I always wish my lashes were longer. I actually buy a different mascara every time. Right now the one I’m using is in a bright gold tube. I’ll look it up when I get home.
      I love the idea of a cowgirl and lamb- so sweet!

  4. Sherry says

    She is the most adorable Hai-lien in or out of this world! Her mom is quite creative too. Hope you all have a fun-filled Halloween.

  5. says

    That is absolutely THE most precious costume! And so creative :) For Halloween this year (Friday, actually) I’m going to be a loofah! First year ever that I’ve actually made my costume. I am wayyy too excited for this. Hope y’all have a happy Halloween!

  6. Maggie says

    Hi, I don’t think I’ve ever commented before, but I love your blog. Hailey looks adorable in her Halloween Costume. I have one question for you — why are there such long lines to vote where you live. I’ve noticed other bloggers in North Carolina mention it too. In New York (where I live), the longest I have ever waited is a few minutes, and usually I just walk in and have no wait at all. Is it because you have fewer polling places? In the city where I live (population approx 100,000), each polling place serves anywhere from 500 to 2000 people. We don’t have early voting, and we get it all done on Election Day. The waiting in line thing sounds horrible to me because I feel like it would discourage people from voting.

    • says

      That’s a great question, Maggie, and I have no idea. Maybe it’s because we are a toss up state and that causes more people to get out and vote and clog the polling spots? That’s just a guess because I have no idea, but it’s usually pretty crazy on election day. This is my first time early voting, so I was shocked it was so busy, too!

  7. says

    Such a cute little Hailen! Homemade costumes are always my favorite…and the ones I remember most from my childhood.

    Early voting for our county is about 30 minutes away, without traffic, so I’m taking my chances on election day, where the polling place is just a mile away :)

  8. says

    aww she’s adorbs in her homemade costume!

    A line an hour and half to vote?! I’ve never seen such! I must live in a very rural area. Longest I’ve waited is about 2 minutes. lol. Hopefully we’ll have a good turn out this election.

  9. says

    I eat regular carrots now too. Mostly because we have a 15 lbs bag of them in the fridge for our juicer… but really, I never eat the baby carrots and then they go bad!

  10. says

    Adorbs little Halien! Love it! and btw-baby carrots, they are a NO-NO for health. they are sprayed with a chlorine and water solution. they are the knobbly looking carrots that are too twisted and not pretty enough for bagged carrots. invented in the 80s….Who wants that??!? I would much rather cut my own cause they are fresher then.


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