What {we} Ate Wednesday: Simplicity

Maybe it was a protein-filled breakfast… or maybe a sign of labor?! Nah… probably not 😉 but my appetite was odd yesterday.  I wasn’t all that hungry all day, which is definitely weird for me. So here’s my day of simple eats… calories totaled for your enjoyment!


Breakfast on the back porch- loving this cool morning weather!  A slice of wheat toast topped with a thin schmear of veggie cream cheese and 2 scrambled eggs.  I ate the remainder of my cantaloupe, too!

scrambled eggs on toast and cantaloupe

Calories 336.4

Carbs 34.26

Fat 13.8

Protein 18.54


As a pre-yoga snack, I chowed down on a Clif Bar in the car… only to find out that yoga was cancelled. Argh.

clif bar

No biggie, Koda and I got in a nice walk instead and missed the EARTHQUAKE. My first one, and I totally missed it- bummer!

BTW- Clif Bars are incredibly filling! This little guy held me over for a long time.

Calories 250

Carbs 43

Fat 6

Protein 11


Lunch was kind of stretched throughout the afternoon.  My schedule was off because I just wasn’t all that hungry.  Around 2:00pm I made a salad monster full of romaine, spinach and other greens, cucumber, carrots, feta, chick peas, onions and jalapenos.  Odd combo, right? But yummy! Topped with Newman’s Light Balsamic.

salad monster

A few hours later, I was ready for the second half of lunch… whole grain penne, sauce and 5 frozen turkey meatballs.

penne and turkey meatballs

Calories 615.4

Carbs 79.91

Fat 15.55

Protein 34.69


After a N.E.W. Lifestyles meeting, I got home around 8:00 and even though I wasn’t too hungry, Hubbs and I threw together some sandwiches.

Mine was on whole wheat, with cheddar, onions, lettuce, tomato and cucumber.  Extra tomato and carrots on the side.

veggie sandwich

Calories 369.15

Carbs 50.01

Fat 12.35

Protein 9.74

Bedtime Snack

We finally watched the season finale of Master Chef (I’m so glad Christian didn’t win! What an arrogant guy…) and I snacked on these delicious little guys during the show.

I also ate my Juice Plus gummies to keep Baby D healthy and happy :)

cocoa roasted almonds

BTW- this was my first time trying these almonds- holy deliciousness! Just a hint of chocolate made these a perfect little snack.

Calories 136

Carbs 12

Fat 8

Protein 3


Daily Totals

Calories 1706.95

Carbs 219.18

Fat 55.7

Protein 76.97


Happy thought of the day:

Live everyday like a dog :)

I don’t know about your pup, but Koda treats every morning like Christmas morning, bouncing around and wagging her whole back half of her body like she hasn’t seen me in years.  It never fails to make me smile. Dogs rule!

happy vizsla

What makes you smile today?



    • says

      Nowadays I think everything is a sign of labor- haha. And after all those times I promised myself I wouldn’t be one of those women who expected the baby to come any day once I hit 37 weeks… oh well, I tried :)

    • says

      I’m embarrassed to say they’ve probably been in my freezer for a year, so I’m not sure… Maybe Butterball? I’d go check, but I finished them off yesterday.

  1. says

    I hate days where I just don’t really feel hungry. Despite your off day, all you eats look wonderful. I’m all for odd salad combos :) That picture of Koda totally made me smile.

  2. says

    I had a similar thought while watching my three year old skip out of the gym yesterday – I should live more like a toddler. Skipping instead of walking, singing instead of talking, finding wonder in everything…..

    Happy baby-growing. Baby-finishing is more like it. :)

  3. says

    Ahhh I’m addicted to those cocoa roasted almonds!!!

    Haha that’s funny that you didn’t feel the e-quake! I was on the 4th floor at work, and things were really rocking! but I’m in Richmond, so we were pretty close to the center!

  4. says

    My puppy makes me smile too :) And I love waking up to my husband brewing coffee. Early morning smiles are seriously necessary! I love the snack almonds and Cliff bars as well. I’m always surprised at how filling they are!

  5. says

    I think we could probably coax Baby D out with that pasta and meatballs dish. That looks so yummy!!! LOVE the photo of Koda. Such a happy girl!!! Take care Brittany…checking back here daily for the big news!!! :)

  6. says

    Brittany –
    I’ve been following your blog for several months and am in Charlotte and in 27 weeks of my 1st pregnancy. I just think you look absolutely GORGEOUS in that first picture in your purple shirt. I am really excited for you and you crack me up! Good luck in the next few weeks!! You seem so well-prepared!

    • says

      Hi Cameron! Thanks so much for your sweet words :) And CONGRATS to you on entering into the 3rd tri! Good luck to you as you enter the final stretch… we’re almost there!

  7. says

    How do you calculate calories for each meal? I would really like to find a website or tool for this, do you have a recommendation?

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