What (we) Ate Wednesday

What do y’all think of What (we) Ate Wednesdays? Interesting? Or dull?

Be honest… I can handle it. :)

However, today’s it’s still here!  Starting with …


Photo May 17, 6 43 22 AM

1/2 whole wheat bagel with 2 egg whites, broccoli, spinach, onions and 1 Tbsp of Philadelphia 1/3 less fat chive cream cheese- for some flav-ah!  And 1/2 a grapefruit, too.

Calories 240.11

Carbs 38.4

Fat 4.42

Protein 14.58

Sodium 389.17


Pre-yoga Snack

Photo May 17, 8 45 26 AM

1 handful of raw almonds with my Juice Plus gummies.  I noticed the newspaper article I ordered a back copy of for Hubbs was sitting there and figured it offered a nice background.  He’s going to frame it and put it in the brewery.

Calories 133.16

Carbs 11.36

Fat 8.54

Protein 3.64

Sodium 0.14



Photo May 17, 11 00 40 AM

I know, I know- you’ve seen this before, but it’s just so darn good!  It’s my beloved Athena Wrap from Laurel Market.

Calories 503.56

Carbs 56.88

Fat 21.11

Protein 17.97

Sodium 1153.81


Afternoon Snacks

Photo May 17, 3 09 18 PM

Yesterday it looked a lot fancier, right?  Well today was the reheated speedy version in a ‘microwavable bowl’.  Still tasted delicious!!

Photo May 17, 4 39 12 PM

Black Cherry is quickly becoming one of my favorite Chobani flavors.  Topped with some omega-3 goodness, it’s quite the snack combo!!

Calories 369.42

Carbs 52.25

Fat 9.37

Protein 18.95

Sodium 689.81



Photo May 17, 6 42 04 PM

Photo May 17, 6 42 13 PM

I tell ya- I just can’t get enough Indian food lately!  I made this Chicken Tikka Masala at home using Jen’s recipe.  However, I also added in chick peas, used plain Greek yogurt instead of cream and less oil.

It was yummy!! Next time I’ll add more spice, too, but that’s just me :)

The facts (based on my best estimates) for the masala, 1/2 piece naan and the rice (I know it isn’t the ‘correct’ rice for the dish, but it’s what I had :))

Calories 443.5

Carbs 66.65

Fat 4.9

Protein 34.5

Sodium 547


After Dinner Snack

Though I didn’t really get hungry again, I did start craving a little something sweet, so I ripped open the Love Grown Granola- chocolate version.

Photo May 17, 9 11 00 PM

MMMmmmmm! I snacked on about 1/4 cup- one little piece at a time and it totally quenched my craving.  A bit of salty flavor – with chocolate chips!

Calories 130

Carbs 17

Fat 6

Protein 3

Sodium 25


The Day’s Grand Total….

Calories 1819.75

Carbs 242.54

Fat 54.34

Protein 92.64

Sodium 2804.93

Though the sodium isn’t too much higher than the suggested 2300 a day, I give up (for now) trying to keep it under 1700.  It’s too much for me to focus on when I have so much on my plate.

I’m not retaining water and my blood pressure was 108/72 at the doctor yesterday, so I’m not too concerned.  When summer heat hits, maybe I’ll revisit the goal :)

Speaking of my doctor’s appointment… here’s a sneak peak at tomorrow’s Bumpdate…


So… What We Ate Wednesday… yay or nay??




  1. says

    I absolutely LOVE “What We Ate Wednesday” and all the calculations! I’ve never paid attention to sodium until I started reading your blog (I used to drink ketchup, ha – nast) but now I’m more careful and I love seeing the sodium amounts for the different foods you are eating. I vote to KEEP IT! :)

  2. says

    I like reading What (we) Ate Wednesday posts! Although I’m pretty sure I eat more than you do, it gives me creative and healthy inspiration for my own meals. I say keep it up!

  3. Suzanne says

    I enjoy reading what you ate. It gives me ideas :) I feel like both of our tummies have gone into hyper-growth. Do you feel like yours gets bigger everyday? I sure do. Oh, and my 3-hour glucose screening from HADES came back totally normal so no gestational diabetes for this girl! Have a great day :)

  4. says

    I don’t really have an opinion on WIAW…I do it because I like to connect with other bloggers AND since I don’t actually do what I ate for one whole day, I can sort of look through all my random photos and determine a theme and allow me to show off some randomocity that way…

    What I REALLY want to talk about is that you called you Pyrex measuring cup a microwaveable bowl.

    And I love you for that.

  5. Heather says

    I absolutely love “What we ate Wednesday’s”, I get so many good ideas for my meals and snacks. Your breakfast makes me jealous, it is so colorful. I hope you have a great Wednesday and can’t wait for the bump update tomorrow.

  6. says

    Ahh I just found your blog and am in looovee. The nutritional stats are great!! The food looks stellar, and your name is perfect ;). I will def be back for more!

  7. says

    Phew! when you asked that question I honestly got super nervous girl! If anyone said dull i’d be pouting for the rest of the day! haha thank goodness everyone seems on board! Happy WIAW girl! I’ll take a plate of chana masala puhhhlease!

  8. says

    that is so cute that you’re calling it “what we ate”. I love it!
    you should keep it for sure! condiments make my world- I am a huge fan of mustard and salsa. I could eat an entire jar, I think.

  9. says

    yum yum this post made me hungry again haha
    I just enjoyed a lovely zucchini pasta salad with dessert coming up here soon, not sure what it is going to be but I am sure I will think of something haha

  10. says

    Love the WWAW – perfect fit for you :) I especially LOVE your take on the masala with the chick peas and greek yo!! I’ve got to make that.

    What a delicious and nutritious day. You sure are feeding that little one well!!!


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