What I Ate Tuesday

Can I tell you how excited I am still about the giveaway? I wish you ALL could win! Heck, I wish I could win… kidding! (No I’m not).

I’m actually writing this WIAW post Tuesday night, which feels strange. I know a lot of people post at night, but I’m a morning gal myself. By this time in the evening (mind you, it’s only 7:00pm) my wit has long fizzled out. However, tomorrow morning (today?) I’m headed into Charlotte to talk about MUNCHKIN MEALS on Fox News Rising and hope that you guys link up tomorrow! Pretty please? Don’t forget to list your child’s age in the beginning of the post!

Ok, breakfast…

bagel egg scramble

Half a whole wheat bagel, toasted, with house cream cheese from NY Deli (so good). Topped with a scrambled egg with peppers and onions. Clementine on the side.

Well, half a clementine on the side because my munchkin wanted the other half.

Mom has been visiting, and I’m so grateful because I’ve been a little under the weather. Another cold? I know! What’s the deal. Maybe I need to start back on Juice Plus? (Just seeing if you’re reading Jane Winking smile)

throat coat tea

Despite my sore throat and headache, we had a fun day planned. We hit up Toys ‘R’ Us and the outlets to find a few Christmas goodies for Hailey. It took up a chunk of the day so I was glad I had my Nature Box goodies in the diaper bag to tide me over.

Nature Box Pumpkin Seeds

Roasted, seasoned pumpkin seeds x2

By the time we made it to a late lunch at Blu Star Grill, I was ravenous and forgot to take a picture before diving in. As a result, I leave you with this phenomenal picture of our lunch.

blu star grill

Spinach salad with avocado, tomato, gorgonzola, red onion, bacon, boiled egg and citrus vinaigrette

I know. I got skillz.

In the afternoon I hit a wall. My body told me to stop, so I did, thanks to mom’s help. I scored a nap that made a world of difference and woke up ready to play and fix Hailey’s dinner. David arrived home, too, so we all snacked while Hailey ate dinner and I prepped food for the show.

evening snacks

Blue Diamond Habanero BBQ almonds, hummus, crackers

I had grand plans of oven baked fries and bean burgers, but they were pushed aside for leftovers.

No complaining when it’s leftover seafood gumbo!

paula dean seafood gumbo

I finished off the night with a cold one.

apple cider vinegar

Nah, it’s just a (AWESOME) mug full of apple cider vinegar, water and agave.

I followed all my natural cures the past two days and have high hopes of feeling better tomorrow (today?). Gosh this writing at night thing is confusing!

Wish me luck that I keep my rambling to a minimum on set! Smile



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      I don’t drink it daily, though I know some people do! Since it’s a natural expectorant, I love using it when I’m sick. When I’m not feeling well I drink about 4 cups a day of 1 Tbsp ACV in hot water with honey or agave to help make it bearable going down :)

  1. says

    Girl.. I don’t know how you do the ACV drink. I know, it’s great for you. I tried to get into a habit of drinking a diluted glass in the mornings but now that I’m pregnant… I would run for the hills before smelling it. Lol I really hope you feel better though! And congrats on spotlighting Munchkin Meals! So exciting!

  2. says

    You did an AWESOME job on the show!!! You are such a natural and need your own health talk show!
    Sorry you are under the weaher and hope you are better by now. I’m ashamed to say, I didn’t get to read your posts until today, as I was working on my “Live Life to the Plus+” Presentation, that I had to present last night. WHEW, glad that’s behind me and now I can catch up on many things including your awesome Blog! Yes, you do need to get back on your Juice Plus+! ha!ha! Just let me know when! Until then, maybe try some EmerginC. :-)
    Thanks Brittany!

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