Hey hey yall! If all went well, I’m cruising around the Caribbean right now (hopefully not getting sea sick). I won’t have any internet access, so I’ve preplanned this week with some things I wanted to share with you.

Munchkin Meals is still HAPPENING this Thursday. I won’t lie, I’m anxious about how it will all go without me here, but I didn’t want to throw it off schedule. So please take your pictures and come link up on Thursday Smile

And since I’m unplugged right now, I wanted to touch on the idea for a minute. Being on a catamaran, we won’t have access to the internet. For that, I am so grateful.

Sadly, I think it would take a lot for me to fully unplug from this wonderful online world, even on vacation, without it being forced on me. Yes, I realize how sad that sounds and I’m working on it. Mostly I’m hooked out of habit. Waiting for the water to boil? Check facebook. Hailey does something cute? Instagram it. Have a question? Ask the twitterverse.

As a stay at home mom, it’s amazing having so many ways to connect with people literally at my fingertips, but knowing how to disconnect is also incredibly important. I’ve become quite good at putting the phone down (and usually in the other room) when I play with Hailey, but I still struggle with it when I’m hanging out on the couch with David at night. I love sharing and connecting with you guys, but I suppose it’s pretty important to share and connect with David, too Winking smile

For that, and so many other reasons, I am ready to open my arms to a simpler way of life for a week. No technology; just sun, sand, open water and my best friends to share it all with.

young island honeymoon

See you in a week!

Do you ever have trouble unplugging?



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    I have a hard time unplugging as well. The habit I’m trying very hard to break is using my phone (to check all social media outlets) before bed. Instead, I’ve been reading until I get sleepy and so far it’s been working!

    Hope y’all are having a blast!
    Parita @ myinnershakti recently posted..Weekend Play By PlayMy Profile

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    A few weeks ago, I was heading to Target (big surprise there) and realized I had forgotten my cell phone. I almost turned back and may have broken into a brief panic (what if something happens?!), but I didn’t. It was the most blissful shopping trip I’ve had in a long time. I know that sounds crazy, but it was. Maybe I’ll “accidentally” leave my phone at home more often (or at least in the car).
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    Sometimes I have a hard time unplugging too, but once I do I find that I don’t miss it at all. Like you said above, more often than not it’s out of habit that I am checking out social media networks. I have found that over time my interests in them are starting to fade so maybe I’m hitting a turning point (one can hope so!).
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    I hate to say it but I’m so right there with you! Like you, I can put my techy life on hold (somewhat) during the day with my son but at night I’m either on my laptop or phone while sitting next to my hubby watching T.V. We’ve started to make more of an effort to do weekly date nights at home that require us to unplug. We started after the New Year and it’s been great! Hope you have a wonderful trip!

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    I sometimes struggles to unplug from the outside world and sometimes that frustrates hubby too. But I think with my new career I want to pursue within the next 2 years, I think my online time will certainly diminish for sure.
    Enjoy the vacation and unplug time
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