Things I’ll be Using in 2013

Do holidays mess up your sense of time as much as they do mine? My days are all mixed up, but I DO know it’s my bff’s birthday- happy birthday Christen! I’m also a little mixed up because camp Dixon has officially begun. 6 adults, 5 kids under 7 and a dog all under one roof. It’s beautiful chaos.

My mom-in-law is training for a 5k, so I have a running buddy for the week!

camp dixon- running buddies

Yesterday we ran 2.6 hilly miles just under a 12 minute pace. Today we’re considering attempting 4 miles with my sister in law, Hilary, who is an INCREDIBLE runner. MiL and I are pretty nervous.

Afterwards we fixed enough food to feed an army and the fun began. The fun concluded around midnight (which might as well be 4am to me- old fogey, I know) after a little tequila and some new extensions!

camp dixon- hair

Don’t ask Winking smile

But while I’m being silly and enjoying feeling like a kid again, I’m also getting excited about the new year. It’s cliché, I know, but I love the fresh start! I’m also excited about…

excited to try in 2013- blue diamond almond products

trying more Blue Diamond products. No, this isn’t a (not so)subtle ad for them, but they did send me this huge gift basket in which I discovered yogurt covered almonds (amazing) and Nacho baked nut chips, which I almost emptied in one sitting!

excited to try in 2013- swanson vitamins

I also want to branch out and try new products, like the miracle noodle. Swanson Vitamins let me snag a few things from their online store and I was seriously impressed with their variety and prices. If you have trouble finding things, like nutritional yeast or chia seeds, in your local grocery, I highly suggest you check them out.

I’m sure you can find this in your local grocery, though.

excited to try in 2013- chobani

I love Greek yogurt for all the basic stuff, like eating it straight, but subbing it for sour cream is about as wild as I’ve gotten with it. There are SO many uses for Chobani in cooking and I want to experiment with it more.

And finally, socks.

excited to try in 2013- pro compression

Aren’t my new compression socks fancy? I’ve never owned a pair until I won them from Linz. I haven’t really used them yet because I don’t know much abut them. Are they always for after running or do you ever wear them during?

I’m pumped for 2013. I’m still thinking over my exact goals for the new year, but I know they include more focus on healthy eating, switching up my exercise and reflecting on person growth.

What are you pumped about for 2013?



  1. says

    Love your new socks!
    Don’t you just love the fresh start of the New Year? I’m going to make it my Transformation Year! Starting off on Jan. 1 with no sugar, processed foods and just eating healthy. So tired of all the unhealthy food I’ve been consuming during the holidays and ready to bump my eating and exercise to a new level!!
    Happy New Year to you, Haley and David!

  2. Sara says

    Love your socks!! You can wear compression socks during and after running. I’ve found on short races they allow me to run faster and on long races that I am not sore post run when I wear them, so to me, they make a huge difference. Enjoy them!

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