The Weekend Report and Meal Plan

We fit a lot in this weekend. Between the excitement for the season and 70 degree temperatures, there was plenty to keep us busy. Speaking of the season, our elf finally showed up. Hailey is obsessed.

weekender- 1 year old loves elf on the shelf

She literally freaked when he magically flew to his observing spot and she couldn’t reach him. She just stood there, pointing at him and screaming DAH!


…then she took off up the stairs and tried to swat at him through the balusters. Probably not very safe. He is flying to a new location soon.

Saturday started off as any day in suburbia, with errands. First a trip to the zoo.

weekender- pet store zoo

I mean Petco, but they are synonymous in Hailey’s mind. Then Best Buy.

weekender- best buy playing

I know, I know. Who posts a picture like this? More accurately, who actually takes a picture like this? My name is Brittany, and I do.

It felt strange getting a sitter at 3pm on a Saturday, but we did. Then we took off to Charlotte to see the excitement of the ACC Championship, cheer on the Dawgs vs Bama and dine on Wild Wings’ finest cuisine!
weekender- watching sec championship

…and really when I say “we” cheered on the dawgs, I mean to say I cheered them on and David didn’t cheer too hard against them. Guess he’s still a little bitter from last week’s game Winking smile

I’ll use this moment to give my two cents on the game, so sorry non-football fans, but WOW. I’ve never been so proud! Georgia played their hearts out and made it an incredible game. In the end, we didn’t get the W, but both teams left it all on the field and I am SO proud of the way the dawgs showed up. I watched the game next to Bama fans, and they were delightful. We hugged after the game. That says it all.

Sunday was tree day.

josh's farmers market trees

Locals, I high recommend Josh’s Farmers Market trees. We found a great one and they helped up shake it, wrap it and get it on the roof.

weekender- tree time

Once we got home, it was up to us.

weekender- prepping the tree as a fam

Why yes, Hailey did spend all day in oversized pajamas.

Thanks to our new heavy duty stand, we got it up!

weekender- inside tree

We started decorating, but ran out of lights, so I don’t have an after picture yet, but the decorating-in-progress scene made me feel all warm and fuzzy.

weekender- christmas tree decorating scene

What? What’s that you say? You haven’t seen enough pictures of the weekend?

Super! Then I’ll show you the traction Koda has made on her operation skinny dog challenge.

weekender- operation skinny dog success

BAM. So proud of my pup. She is down 3.6 pounds in a month and is on track to lose a few more. Great job bug!

Time to wrap things up I suppose, so let’s try something on blog-topic for a change? Like perhaps the weekly meal plan?

Beef Burgers and Oven-Baked “Fries”

Seafood Gumbo

Black Bean Burgers and Roasted Broccoli

Tomato Soup, Salad and Spicy Grilled Cheese

Salmon, Asparagus and Quinoa


weekender- target cart

Enough rambling for a day right? Well I hope you are feeling the spirit of season as much as I am because TOMORROW is BIG HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY on the blog. I’m so excited! Smile

If you celebrate Christmas, have you gotten your tree yet?



  1. Hanna says

    Gorgeous tree! I love the picture of Hailey and your Elf. Did ya’ll give it a name? Ours should be here tomorrow!

  2. Lauren B. says

    Please don’t judge…. We put up a fake pre-lit Walmart tree every year. I love it because its out of the box, assembled and lit in 5 minutes, and then we’re on to my favorite part- decorating! And no mess. I know, I’m such a sell-out.

    The game…oh, that game! I just KNEW we were going to win because we were dominating them the whole time, and so when it ended like it did (with a very anti-climactic play), my husband and I were shocked and so disappointed. But it was truly an exciting game and I am very proud of our Dawgs too!

    P.S. Hailey is the cutest!!!

  3. Whitney says

    We had a very similar weekend! We got our tree on Saturday, decorated it and went to Taco Mac to watch the SEC Championsip THEN on to the ACC Championship at the stadium to cheer on the Seminoles! Lots of fun! :)

  4. says

    Your house already looks so festive! Love that tall tree in front of those gorgeous windows! We always run out of lights, where do they disappear to anyway? We are getting our tree next weekend. Or my 9 month pregnant nesting brain is just going to explode!
    Megan recently posted..Writing Our Birth PlanMy Profile

  5. Paige Colson says

    I watched the game on Saturday too! I’m normally a Gator fan but I cheered for the Dawgs that day. So sad they lost but go SEC!

  6. says

    Basically good writeup. The idea actually had been a enjoyment account them. Seem state-of-the-art to more included acceptable on your part! Even so, what exactly is speak?

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