The Last 10 Years

In the fall of 2003, I had just entered my sophomore year at The University of Georgia and moved into the Kappa Delta house. I turned 20 years old and celebrated with friends.


I broke up with an on-again-off-again boyfriend, stayed busy taking journalism/advertising classes, going to football games with friends and dressing up for sorority socials and date nights.

2004 2

In November of 2003 I met a cute guy at a Georgia/Georgia Tech tailgate. My friend, Kristin, and I just wandered into his room looking for a place to sit. After our first real date I told my parents I found the guy I wanted to marry. A few months later in early 2004 he took me to his Sigma Chi formal in Charlotte, NC.


College life continued through 2005. Full of late nights, themed parties, a few tough classes, traveling to football games, pictures I can’t find and shouldn’t post anyway and spring break cruises.

2005 2


white party 2005

As seniors, the girls spent many nights together. Laughing over our crazy college antics, thinking about the future and just enjoying our last year in Athens.


In 2006, at 22 years old, I graduated and moved to Atlanta. I got a job at an advertising company, hit up happy hours, made new friends and enjoyed living right in the middle of the big city.


The cute guy from the tailgate and I started dating more seriously and by the end of the year, I’d decided to move to Charlotte. In 2007 we packed up the u-haul and off I went!

2007 1

I found at job in advertising at CBS Radio, moved into the most happenin’ apartment complex in Charlotte (Eastover Ridge) and a month after I turned 24, we brought home the cutest little vizsla puppy.

2007 2

2008 turned out to be a big year. In May we got engaged on the Blue Ridge Parkway.

2008 2

We set a spring date for the following year and I moved in to David’s place, our first house together.

2008 3

I quit my job and became a health coach. I spent the year wedding planning and visiting friends.


In 2009, at 25 years old, I said I do to David in the North Georgia mountains.


We honeymooned in St. Vincent and the Grenadines at a little spot called Young Island. We spent two days sailing to nearby small islands.

2009 2

I started my own nutrition company doing metabolic testing and health coaching.

Later that summer I went with girlfriends to LA. We instantly became famous and starred on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

2009 3

In 2010, at 26 years old, David and I bought our first house together, just north of Charlotte.

2010 2

We went on a ski trip with friends.


We traveled to Germany for Oktberfest.

2010 3

And at the very end of the year, we saw two pink lines.

2010 4

In 2011, David turned 30 years old. We celebrated with friends and told our families we were expecting.


Then I got hugely pregnant and in September, we welcomed our beautiful Hailey Ann into the world.

2011 2

We fell instantly in love.

2011 3

In 2012 we took family vacations to Hilton Head

2012 1

and Bald Head Island.

2012 2

Our sweet Hailey turned 1 year old 5 days before I turned 29.

2012 3

In early 2013 David and I took a week vacation to the BVIs where island hopped and enjoyed the time together on the water.


And today, September 20, 2013 I welcome a new decade, the 30s. An age I might have once feared, I’m now embracing with open arms. The 20s were about finding myself, setting up the life I wanted and enjoying being footloose and fancy-free. The decade took my from frat parties to creating our own family and the journey has been incredible. I can only imagine what these next 10 years will bring.

By no means was I able to capture all the family, friends and events that filled the last decade with all it’s love and laughter. To capture all of it in a post would be impossible. Thank you to all my family and friends that fill my life with so much richness and joy.



  1. Julia says

    We must have lived at Eastover Ridge at the same time – I lived in the townhomes from Spring of 07-Spring of 08. Definitely the most happening place to live at the time – I met some of my best friend there! Happy birthday!

  2. Lauren B. says

    Happy birthday! Welcome to your 30s! I loved this decade recap post- it’s so fun to read and get to know more about you pre-A Healthy Slice! Enjoy your day!

  3. Sara says

    Happy Birthday!! This was a wonderful post that brought tears to my eyes. You are a wonderful writer and one of my favorite bloggers. Wishing you the best decade yet! :)

  4. says

    Hell yeah! I had no idea you were turning 30! I’m right behind ya 😉 I’m going to have to steal this idea and do a look back on my last 10 years next month.
    Have an amazing Birthday!
    Erica recently posted..Week in WorkoutsMy Profile

  5. Lucy says

    I never comment, but that was too beautiful and too special of a post not to. Cheers to your thirties and may the next 10 be as wonderful as the last seem to have been! Happy birthday!

  6. says

    I had no idea you lived at Eastover Ridge! We lived there at that time too! What a small world, and it most definitely was the place to live in CLT! Happiest of Birthdays and cheers to your next 30 years! Enjoy NYC!

  7. says

    Happy Birthday! Here’s to feeling more comfortable in your skin at 30 than at 20!

    PS- I didn’t know y’all vacationed in St Vincent & the Grenadines! Us too. We were on Palm Island.

  8. Eve says

    Happy 30th Birthday! What a wonderful 10 years. You seem to be surrounded by so much love and support and all around goodness! :)

  9. bonnie says

    Happy Happy 30th Birthday!! Thanks for giving us bit of your history, it was a lovely post that I enjoyed reading !! Sounds like you have had a wonderful 30 yrs & wishing for you that the next 30 will be even better !!

  10. says

    Great post!!!! You will ROCK your 30’s!! I still have 3 more years, and I hope I can accomplish all that I want before then. My hubby just turned 30 back in June and I think he was fearing it too, but now it’s old news!! haha
    char eats greens recently posted..ten months oldMy Profile

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