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Good morning! We’re moving a little slow around here. Yesterday Hailey came down with a deep cough and sniffly nose. No fever, so I’m pretty sure it’s just a cold, but man, mom guilt sure kicks in now that we’re officially weaned.

I’m not one for co-sleeping (not that I have anything against- I’m just afraid I’d get too attached), but when I heard cries at 3:30am, I gave in and we snuggled together in the guest room.

cosleeping sick baby

Poor thing can’t breathe when lying down, so she slept propped up on me all night. I loved it, but it didn’t translate to much sleep.

Hailey seems happy as can be this morning. Still congested, but laughing and playing. She even a a hearty breakfast of salsa eggs and banana. Don’t be misled by the name, it’s a very complicated recipe.

salsa eggs

Now I’m sipping decaf, waiting for a buzz that won’t come and convincing myself I should change out of my fluffy pink robe…. which brings me to my topic for today.

On days like this, it’s really tempting to say screw it- to getting dressed, to working out, to making meals, to cleaning, to answering emails… you get the point.  After a sleepless night, a whiny dog, a sneezy munchkin and a dishwasher that is magically always full, it’s easy to just sink into my fluffy robe and let Hailey use me like a jungle gym while I try to get some shut eye. You’ve been there, right?

In fact, lately I’ve spent a lot of days make-up less and in work out clothes. There is nothing wrong with that, but I’ve realized how much better I feel, and oddly how much more energy I have, when I take the extra step to, well, step it up.

After weaning, I realized I desperately needed a new bra. Wearing an old nursing bra doesn’t exactly make you feel like your best self, so after asking around, I took the trip to I.C. London in Charlotte.

mom care- bra fitting- I C London- Charlotte nc

The ladies there were so sweet and helpful and I realized my bra size I’d been wearing was WAY off. After some trial and error, I found my perfect fit, and let me tell ya that when the girls feel properly supported, you actually want to wear real clothes!

mom care- wear real clothes

If I can promise you one thing, it’s that I’ll never post about fashion. You’re welcome Winking smile BUT, I’ll say that taking off the yoga pants and putting on jeans that fit right and shoes that don’t lace up makes me feel like superwoman. It’s the little things.

Like nails.

mom care- paint your nails

Shameless ring shot. It still makes me smile- thanks babe! Winking smile

Anyways, I decided to pick up some polish the other day and discovered that painted nails makes me feel ridiculously pulled together. Don’t look closely because it’s also all over my cuticles, but I’m working on it.

Long, sleep-deprived story made short- take time to take care of yourself. The workouts and healthy meals for my family make me feel good, but so is remembering that I was a woman before I was a mom. Dressing up, even if it just means jeans and boots, helps me feel young and hip (except I just said the word hip, which ages me at least 15 years). And I want to stay feeling that way for as long as possible… or at least until my new wrinkle cream runs out!

mom care- ROC eye cream and Olay daily moisturizer

What makes you feel pulled together and ready to take on the world?



  1. says

    As a college student I see many people wearing sweats and (unfortunately) PJs to class. And while I’ve worn yoga pants to class before, I always feel so much better when I wear “real” clothes! I love having my nails painted and I am really dying for a shellac manicure!

    Also, did you get a haircut? Your hair looks much shorter in the that picture and I never noticed before, but your ring is absolutely gorgeous!!!

    Enjoy your day! Hoping Hailey feels better soon!
    Kaitlyn @Keeping up with Kaitlyn recently posted..Calling all Fashionistas– I need some help!My Profile

    • says

      I remember wearing yoga clothes to class in college and it made it sooo much harder to keep my eyes open!

      And yes, I did get my hair cut :) Shorter than normal, but I’m hoping to stretch a little longer between cuts!

  2. Dana says

    I’m with you. I just started painting my nails regularly and I feel so much more professional and adult with just a little coat of paint!

  3. Natassia says

    This is a well timed post! I have a 8 month old that still hasn’t slept through the night and I coach gymnastics so I am always short on time and doing my best to keep up with everything and make sure my little one has some kind of schedule. Lately I had been getting into the essie nail polish hype but last night I decided to go back to using the intsa dry because I just don’t have time to wait for the essie to dry and every time I would do my nails they would look terrible because they got messed up before they were dry. Not a very deep decision but I love having my nails painted and now I am going to try and keep them up on a weekly basis.

    • says

      Unrelated, but you coach gymnastics?! Gosh I wish I had enough talent to do that. I used to love gymnastics. How fun :)
      Also, I’ve heard so much about Essie lately. Better than OPI?

  4. says

    Love this! I definitely have to shower every morning and almost always put on makeup and do something with my hair. The clothing for me is a bit tricky bc a lot of times I have a client or have to be in gym clothes, but I honestly find that if I’m in “nice” gym clothes that I wear for coaching and put makeup on I feel so much better and more productive. The days that I’m home with CJ I try to get dressed in jeans or something else MOST of the time.
    Amanda @ Sistas of Strength recently posted..Avoiding Holiday Weight GainMy Profile

    • says

      Haha, that’s ok. After I posted that yesterday, I went out in gym clothes without make up and H in pjs. Haha! We hadn’t planned on leaving, but had to run out last minute. It happens 😉

  5. says

    Yes! Love this post. My 6 month old doesn’t sleep through the night and is often up two or three times a night. Many days, I rock the sweat pants and bangs pinned back, only wearing makeup when I have to go out. I often just feel like I’m running on empty, but man when I actually take the time to put on makeup, shower, or workout I feel amazing! Thank you for that reminder!!
    Elena@Apple Pie & Pastelitos recently posted..A snuggly Fall kind of dayMy Profile

    • says

      As soon as H goes to bed I’m in PJs! Comfy clothes at home in the evenings is a must. And yes, lip gloss makes me feel s put together, too! …though I can’t find a shade I’m crazy about to save my life.

  6. says

    Agreed ten times over. I am allowed to wear whatever I want to work, even though it’s a professional office (that’s just how we roll out here in Silicon Valley). And there were so many weeks that I wore nothing but workout clothes. And it made unmotivated, lethargic, and bored to tears. So I bought myself a few new outfits, all of which were both comfy and put together and have found myself feeling much more confident and motivated in the office. It’s amazing what a flat iron, some new makeup, and a pair of well fitting pants can do for you!

    Hope H is feeling better soon!

    • says

      Wow, a flat iron. I think I used to know how to use one of those… 😉

      Where do you get most of your clothes from? Being that we’re both petite, I’m always looking for new ideas of where to shop!

      • says

        The majority of my clothes come from GAP, Banana Republic and J.Crew outlets and Target for their tops. GAP now has a huge petite line on their website, but usually, I just buy my normal size and get pants altered. My favorite new jean brand though is Lucky…so so comfy and they have tons of different fits. Also, GAP sexy boyfriend jeans are amazing. I wear mine all the time. I get a lot of petite styling ideas from laviepetite.blogspot.com. She’s fun-sized, too and we have similar styles…causal, preppy, and not too fussy.

  7. says

    I think if I have a fresh mani/pedi (which will be few and far between now with the little one!), or a new piece of clothing, or have actually taken the time to do my hair, I feel like a million bucks. It’s the little things. :)

    And your ring is gorgeous, so show it off!

  8. says

    I hope Hailey is feeling better!

    I agree — little things like the ones you listed make SUCH a difference. I get pedicures every month, wear lipstick and mascara all the time and do my best to make it the hair salon regular. It helps me feel more confident. Plus, I think it is important to look nice for my husband.

    • says

      You know, I think it’s nice to look and feel good for David, too. He doesn’t care what I wear and prefers me sans make up (like any good husband should say he does ;)), but it’s nice to look nice for him, too!

  9. says

    I agree on the painted nails, but I haven’t attempted it yet. I’m hoping to give it a try during nap time tomorrow or Wednesday because it will make me feel more presentable on Thanksgiving. :) I also have my 5-minute face routine down now which is good because wearing at least some makeup makes me feel good. I hope that you and the family have a very happy Thanksgiving!
    Erin recently posted..Guest Post: 5 Trader Joe’s must-havesMy Profile

  10. says

    You are just beaming in this post girl. I am so happy that you treated yourself to some new girly things. You deserve it, I mean you’re an amazing mom and wife <3

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