Second Pregnancy: 35 Weeks

This picture pretty accurately depicts how I’ve been feeling lately… not my best.

35 weeks pregnant

What Fruit are you? Honeydew Melon- over 18 inches long and about 5 1/4 lb. The great news is that physical development is now pretty much complete and it’s just time for baby girl to put on a little weight.

Due date:  May 9, 2014 and still measuring right on track. She also was head down at the last appointment, but I still feel like she is moving a lot, so we’ll see!

How far along:  35 weeks

Gender:  Baby girl! (and I THINK we have decided on a name?!)

Total weight gain/loss:  Up 28 pounds

Exercise: I took a week off with the contractions I was having and am now finding that intentional exercise works best for me every other day. I’ve done the elliptical, kettle bell swings and weights and walks at a max of about 2.5 miles. I really feel like I’m slowing down, but trying to keep at least a little something going.

Stretch marks: Nada.

Swelling: We reached 80 here in NC a couple days this past week and once or twice I could tell my rings were tighter. I’m trying to focus on drinking more water, especially now that the temperature is rising.

Belly button: It’s out.

Sleep: Still awesome (now that David isn’t traveling anymore). A solid 8-9 hours a night is incredible and I’m wondering what I did to deserve this great gift of sleep. Knowing what is coming up next month, I’m being extra appreciative.

Food cravings:  I’m craving more carbs, but can’t think of anything in particular. I’m actually noticing I’m becoming more apathetic about food and my appetite is getting a little odd again (hungry but nothing sounds good). I remember hitting this phase last time when I just didn’t care much about eating. It’s very unlike me.

Symptoms:  Plenty of Braxton Hicks contractions. I’m hoping more water will keep these light.

Increased back pain. Nothing too bad, but the big ‘ol belly is stressing my back a bit and I feel it.

Increased fatigue. Hailey’s nap time usually is my go-go-go time. Now, I am whipped and usually lay down for about 30 minutes to regain some energy.

Blood pressure at my last appointment was still good- 102/64. Hoping it stays!

Honestly, my biggest symptom is that I’ve been pretty moody. I feel like my hormones are going crazy. The combination of feeling really big and it being difficult to just get up and go is wearing on me. I feel like I’m stuck in limbo, ready to move forward with the next phase (having baby girl in my arms), but I’m stuck sitting here uncomfortably for another month. I know, I sound like one major whine fest, something I hate, but just trying to keep it honest. Being around friends and David helps lighten my mood. I think this is nature’s way of having me be excited about labor and delivery rather than freaked out Smile

What I miss:  My energy, the ability to work out hard, Hailey sitting in my lap, wine…

What I’m loving: I sit with Hailey in her bed to read books before nap. Lately she has been telling me “I want to nuggle baby seester.” She’ll lift up my shirt to get to my belly, give it a kiss and cuddle up with her head resting on it while I read. It melts me into a giant puddle. She will also take her favorite blanket and wrap it around my belly to “keep warm baby seester.” I hope this love fest continues once she arrives!

What I’m looking forward to:  Nice spring weather. Oh, and potty training. Have I mentioned that’s our weekend activity? AHHH. Here goes nothing.

If you have any pregnancy or baby related questions, ask away!
I’m planning on doing a post answering some questions people have emailed me. The more the merrier!

Have a great weekend!



  1. says

    I still think you look great! But I remember that feeling at the end… and the emotional piece is tough too, you’re just so ready to move on, meet the baby and touch your toes again!
    Hope potty training goes well. We tried when L was two, but it didn’t take off so we stopped and tried again at 2 1/2. That time she was ready and ran with it, so it was (thankfully) easy. Although I’ve had friends whose kids regressed after the birth of a new baby, so don’t stress if she gets it and then stops for a bit when the baby is here!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..Two strength workouts for runnersMy Profile

    • Brittany Dixon says

      We have to confirm the name to ourselves first 😉 It just sounds so strange to say anything besides Hailey!

    • Brittany Dixon says

      Three days of going dry is AWESOME!! Goof for you!
      It’s 2:00 here right now and we’ve had 4 successes and 2 outside accidents. Better than I anticipated 😉

  2. says

    You look adorable! I’m definitely super emotional too – the end is tough! I hope your BH calm down. Ha, Wyatt still tries to sit on my lap and ouch! Silly kiddos.
    Jen recently posted..Friday ramblingsMy Profile

  3. kathy says

    You look great!! Hoping these last few weeks fly by for you–you’ll be ready no matter what. Enjoy these last few weeks with Hailey. What a super fun time!!!

  4. Jessie says

    Looking great!! I’m impressed that you’ve still been able to get workouts in.

    We pott trained Lyric when I was 34 weeks pregnant. Even I thought it was crazy…but she was READY & we only had a very, very minor regression when Lydia arrived. Good luck!!

    • Brittany Dixon says

      I’m so glad to hear you only had minor regression. Everyone keeps telling me that kids totally regress and shaking me up about it all. I guess we will see!

  5. says

    SO glad you’re getting all that sleep! :) I felt the same way toward the end of both of my pregnancies- just kinda not in the mood for food. Funny how the appetite returns with avegance right after delivery. Yay for breast feeding! You look great, and it sounds like you’re doing all the right things with taking it easy, drinking lots of water, and sleeping. Can’t wait for you to see Hailey with her “semester.” It’s such a sweet time.
    April recently posted..Loving Lately {Munchkin Meals}My Profile

  6. Katrina says

    You look fantastic, even if you don’t feel it 😉
    Saying you feel less than perfect is not a whine fest in the least. I think that pregnancy is beautiful, but it’s not all rainbows and lollipops- and I’m glad you’re candid! (I haven’t had children yet, so it’s nice to gain some insight).
    Oh and Miss Hailey, I melt.. that is too precious!

  7. says

    Hang in there mamma almost to the end :-) You look great! Are you doing the three day method for potty training this weekend? We did it with our son (although he had been going on the potty for few months prior) and it worked well. Just not a very fun three days though…
    Giselle@myhealthyhappyhome recently posted..Find what works for you!My Profile

    • Brittany Dixon says

      Yes, we are hoping for a three day method, though we aren’t following any exact protocol (mostly because I was too lazy to read any real recommendations ;)). We’re just going for it!

  8. Liz says

    A little whining is good for you…the end is hard! You look great! Where did you get your leggings? They look comfy and I like that they aren’t see-through like so many!

  9. says

    Just how cute is Hailey? I hope all goes well with the potty training! They say girls are easier, right?

    You look amazing and not tired at all, but I cannot imagine how exhausted you must be. Watching a toddler is no joke – on top of carrying a little honeydew melon all day long! (remember: that’s weight training!)

    Cannot wait to hear the name!
    Maria recently posted..Progressive Intervals and Running WoesMy Profile

  10. says

    I agree with everyone else that you look fantastic! So excited y’all possibly picked a name I cant wait to hear it! The story about Hailey and her seester is adorable! I don’t have children yet but hoping to have 2 and hope they have a sweet bond like that!

  11. Lauren B. says

    What do you mean that the picture depicts that you’re not feeling your best?! I think you look amazing and beautiful! I’m sure that this last month will fly by, so hang in there! And good for you for keeping up the exercise- I’m only 27 weeks and it’s already hard for me to find motivation.

  12. says

    Your belly is so cute! That is so sweet that Hailey is already taking good care of her baby sister! How fun that you think you have a name too! We took so long to figure out our baby girl name, but the first time I was pregnant, we had names for either sex picked out so quickly!

    You are very brave to embark on potty training this close to when your new little one is due! Good luck–I hope it goes well for you and that the saying that girls are easier to potty train than boys is true for you!
    Laura @ FitMamaLove recently posted..5 Things I Learned From My First Month Teaching PilatesMy Profile

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