Play Local: Discovery Place

I’ve mentioned it before, but we are BIG fans of Discovery Place (proof and proof). We usually frequent Discovery Place Kids (it’s a separate children’s museum), but today my Thursday playgroup decided to meet at the main museum uptown. I’m so glad we did.

discovery place charlotte- toddler

Hailey LOVED it. Discovery Place, a museum geared towards older kids, actually has a huge room designated for younger babies/toddlers too, including an oversized water table, play house,

discovery place charlotte- play house

color wheels,

discovery place charlotte- colors

and a learning to walk/play area.

discovery place charlotte- playgroup

This isn’t even our full playgroup Smile Here’s a better shot-

playgroup discovery place

Outside of that room, the fun doesn’t stop.

discovery place charlotte- bears

There are bears, a rainforest, sea creatures that the kids can touch and lots of fish.

discovery place charlotte- fish

Hailey kept pointing and saying fishhhhh. I tried to teach her to make a fish face, but she just gave me a look that said “mom, you’re embarrassing me.” I’m sure it won’t be the last one of those looks I ever get.

This post in random and mostly I just wanted to proclaim my love again for Discovery Place and show off Hailey pictures.

Eat local, play local, right?

It’s been a Hailey-heavy blog week, hasn’t it? Thanks for indulging me in all the Hailey pics. I blame being uninspired at the start of the week and my recipe flops. I’ll be back to regularly scheduled programming manana Winking smile

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  1. Sarah says

    I really love the picture of Hailey looking at the bear, so neat to see how she’s so little and the bear is just so big. So cute!

  2. says

    I used to LOVE taking my charges (when I was nanny) to discovery museums. I’d totally get caught up in playing with the toys and games with them and the hours would fly by. And bonus: great LOOONG naps afterwards if I could keep them awake in the car :)
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