Pescatarian Meal Options

We are now about 3 weeks into our pescatarian challenge and I’m happy to report things are going pretty well. I’m finally starting to get in a groove of meat-free, even though it hasn’t been without obstacles. I’ve found that I don’t even think about “staying on track” much, until dinner rolls around. More than once I really wanted hot wings (why must you be so delicious?!). And, for me, it definitely takes more creativity to come up with meatless dinners, though it is becoming easier.  One of the biggest challenges is eating out. However, we’ve managed to find some delicious food at restaurants that fit the pescatarian bill.

I was shocked by the great food we found at Galway Hooker, an Irish pub of all places.

Galway Hooker Cornelius NC

The mussels were unbelievable. Big, perfectly seasoned, and with grilled sourdough. Yum.

Galway Hooker Cornelius NC mussels

Plus, blackened fish tacos with a citrus crème. Mmm.

Galway Hooker Cornelius NC fish tacos

All at an Irish pub! Who knew?

I’ve also been very impressed by a new Mooresville gem, BlueStar Grill. Their wide variety of options are fresh and healthy, and they even offer gluten-free bread. I’ve enjoyed their black bean burger and their salmon salad.

BlueStar Grill Mooresville NC salmon salad

La Patisserie is another new (to me) little spot in the LKN area. Hailey and I brunched their recently and their veggie egg white omelet was pretty tasty!

La Patisserie Mooresville NC veggie omelet

As you can see, eating out definitely has focused on the PESCA part of pescatarian, but at home, we’ve been eating quite a few vegetarian meals.

One such meal is Mama Pea’s tamale pie. It was my first tempeh recipe!

Mama Pea Tamale Pie

And Kelly’s slow cooker chana masala.

Foodie Fresh chana masala

David has been eating quite a few Subway tuna sandwiches for lunch. I’m crossing my fingers his mercury levels don’t shoot through the roof!

Last night we had another round of sweet potato chili. So good!

sweet potato chili stew

And this time, I played around with making up a cornbread recipe.

cilantro jalapeno cornbread muffins

Which resulted in jalapeno cilantro corn muffins.

We’ve eaten black bean burgers, both homemade and Morningstar Farms varieties.

Morningstar Spicy Black Bean Burgers

And you can never go wrong with Mexican. Burrito bowls are just as delicious when served veggie-style.

Meatless MexicanBurrito Bowl

David and I talked about the challenge some, and to my surprise, he’s enjoying it! He says he likes being forced to see other options of what to eat, rather than always falling back on the ‘ol meat-based staples.

We both feel we haven’t had to sacrifice a bit on taste; we’ve been eating delicious meals. However, we both agree that it takes a bit more effort when eating out, especially on the road.

What are your favorite vegetarian or pescatarian food choices at restaurants and/or on the road?

Always looking for new ideas Winking smile



  1. says

    It does take more effort when eating out and traveling, but for me that is the most important time to go meat-free. I don’t like not knowing where my meat is coming from (most likely a factory farm) or what the animal was fed. I’m not a vegetarian, but when I eat out I am!

  2. Stefanie says

    I am a vegetarian and eating out can be a challenge but I can almost always find something or alter something to fit the bill. Don’t forget that you can always let your serve know your diet restrictions and ask if they (or the chef/cook) can make a suggestion. I’ve gotten a number of delicious meals this way that left my meat eating friends jealous. :)

  3. Kelli says

    All of this looks delicious, but I have a quick question about the slow cooker chana masala. According to the recipe you slow cook the chickpeas and water for 8 hours, then add in the other ingredients for another low 8 hours (or 4 on high). Am I reading that correctly? Appreciate your advice!

  4. Sarah says

    I’m big on hummus and veggie sandwiches. I use a really nutritious, sprouted grain bread (protein!) and slather two pieces with a thick layer of hummus. Then pile on lettuce, cucumbers, sprouts, tomato, pickles, olives, etc. You could add cheese if you want it non-vegan.

    There are a few lunch places (Pita Pit) that offer something similar. Maybe David could try something like that? Send him with some nuts and fruits to snack on if he’s worried it won’t fill him up until dinner.

  5. says

    As a vegetarian, it can definitely be a challenge to eat out! I occasionally will eat fish which definitely makes it easier (especially considering the fact that most of the dining out I do is at the shore!) but taking away that option is a challenge. Choosing ethnic restaurants over other options definitely makes things easier! Sushi joints almost always offer vegetarian rolls and even if they don’t will make them on request! Indian, thai, mexican and vietnamese restaurants also tend to have veggie options!

  6. says

    Mmmm, so much good food! I just had lunch and I’m about ready to eat again! haha

    I made Mama Pea’s tamale pie a while back. Portion control wasn’t easy that night.

  7. says

    i agree…eating out is definitely more of a challenge. usually it’s hummus, black bean burgers and veggie pizzas for us. but some of the nicer restaurants have a lot of good options. looks like you’ve had some great meals!

  8. says

    I’m so happy that you finally got to try Tamale Pie – one of my favorite blogger recipes! I also just wanted to say that I admire you for trying a Pescatarian diet. I truly believe its on the healthiest diets out there. Now if only I could make myself like fish and shellfish more :)

  9. Becca says

    I love La Patisserie and Blue Star! There aren’t too many other options I’ve found in Mooresville…but Salty Caper has great pizza which is easy to make vegetarian! Those corn muffins look delicious!

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