So how’s the disconnecting going?

That’s what I asked myself yesterday. Up until then I would have told you that I was doing a great job of sticking to my plan of 5-7am being my blog/work/play time, then putting it away for the remainder of the day. Doing that has freed up time to play more with the girls, work out, stay current on laundry (eh… scratch that, I’m always behind), read and do other fun life things, like make a veggie lasagna for a friend that just had a baby.

kitchenHashtag this is what my kitchen usually looks like.

But yesterday I failed. I was on my phone/computer a lot. It started with a heartfelt message that I felt was important and wanted to respond to immediately, which was great, but then I let myself spiral out of control. I went on an email binge. Old habits die hard. I think my people-pleasing nature finds it tough to not want to respond to emails/texts/phone calls immediately. I know logically that no one is waiting on pins and needles for my replies but in today’s world of constant connectivity, it’s hard not to feel behind when you see things pop up that you could (should?) respond to. I’m one of those people that develop a tick when I see a few unread emails pop up in my inbox or I realize I have more than 5 flagged as ‘needing a response.’

I’m not quite sure where my insatiable need to feel “productive” comes from, but I’m really working on defining more accurately what productive means to me and how to focus on my priorities because sure enough, though I felt “productive,” I also felt distracted and drained. Holy run-on sentence batman.

I didn’t even notice how gorgeous it was yesterday until Koda went nuts barking at a squirrel and forced me outside to see what was going on. 72 and sunny was going on. North Carolina, you’re fabulous.

DSC03663Oh, you noticed my thriving porch plant you say? My black thumb strikes again.

Thanks to Burn Boot Camp, I successfully disconnected yesterday afternoon to sweat it out (sprints- ahH!). Then dinner was already made when we arrived home, which was a nice.

veggie lasagnaDoes anyone else double the recipe anytime they make a dish for a friend? You know, that two birds and one stone deal. This veggie lasagna turned out delicious. Both girls ate it up, which is impressive considering mixed up meals like this are sometimes a tough sell with the preschool crowd.

David worked extra late last night, meaning my bedtime was pushed back to closer to 11. I just can’t really sleep until I know he’s home. Because of that, I slept in this morning (until 7:15!) and we all had a family breakfast together before I took off to pick out granite for the bathroom.


I think we found a great option for our project, but I also couldn’t help but gush over the above white/grey/black piece too- how gorgeous would that be as a big island in a white kitchen?

I digress…

I wasn’t even feeling bad about not blogging, after all I clearly didn’t have much to say, and I was just going to hold off until tomorrow… yet as soon as I sat down here at Whole Foods with my smoothie (coconut water, pineapple, banana and kale- enter thumbs up emoji here), I found myself clicking the ‘new post’ button.

whole foods lake norman

And here I sit now, scatterbrained and rambling on about wanting to be disconnected while sitting in front of my computer.  Oh, the irony.

So now I’ll leave you with this:


Which one are you?







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