Simple French Toast and Other Weekend Things

A rainy Friday brought back our old favorite of pizza and wine. After a failed attempt at renting The Grand Budapest Hotel, we watched a FRIENDS or two and called it a night. I wonder how many times Friends has been streamed now that it’s free on Netflix? I’ll bet it’s astronomical.

Saturday morning and homemade bread that is going stale could only mean one thing- French toast!

weekend- french toast

I’ve looked up some fancy French toast recipes before, but I always default back to the basics because it never disappoints.

simple weekend french toast

I love throwing a few sliced bananas on the hot griddle at the end and letting them caramelize just a little before topping the French toast with them. Mmm…

Hailey had swim lessons and David took his youtube guitar lessons.

weekend guitar playing

Plus, hours of magnatiles.

weekend- magnatiles

I see why toys like GoldieBlox are successful. Hailey has no interest in building structures, but once she realized she could build princess castles?! You can’t drag her away.


Saturday night David and I snuck away for a date night/birthday celebration and to take advantage of Queen’s Feast.

When we pulled into Trattoria al Gusto in downtown Mooresville, we were shocked at the number of cars. We had to circle multiple times to find a spot and my excitement grew. Oh man, it’s going to be good, I thought. Followed by, I’m glad we have reservations.

weekend- trattoria al gusto

Things were bustling inside and when we checked in, we were told it would probably be a 45 minute wait. Say wha?

It turns out they were over/double booked, so David and I grabbed a glass of vino and decided to wait it out. We finally sat at our table at 8:45 pm, a full hour after of reservation time. Luckily the pesto served immediately helped take the edge off our hunger and was absolutely delicious!

weekend- trattoria al gusto pesto sauce

The pesto set high expectations for the rest of the meal, which turned out to be slightly disappointing. I feel for the staff because they must all have been worn down from the craziness, but the food tasted rushed, though it took a while to get to us.

weekend- la trattoria al gusto calamari

At 10:15, we ended up asking that our desserts just be served to go since we had to get back to our sitter. Matt, the manager, was very kind and ended up comping one of our meals and our wine.

The gesture was appreciated and I’d like to give them another go, perhaps on a less crazy week.

Sunday morning brought lazy snuggles (smothers?).

weekend- snuggles

Followed by grocery shopping (at Target this week since I needed to stock up on toothpaste, coffee and other household essentials. With Hailey in tow, one stop shopping is the way to go).

weekend- target grocery shopping

And finally, a lot of time recipe testing in the kitchen with my little helper.


I also managed a little food prep, which I know will start the week off on an easier note.

weekend- sunday food prep

Lentils, roasted butternut squash, homemade bread, carrots, celery, boiled and peeled eggs and a baby fritter that I’ll be sharing soon.

And that about sums up the wild weekend!

Does your city have a restaurant week?

When you go out do you prefer to try new spots or old favorites?

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