10 Meal Ideas for Baby Led Weaning

Welcome to this month’s Munchkin Meals! If you are new, you can find more information about our journey with baby-led weaning here.

Kaitlyn is nine and a half months old and eating is in full swing. She eats three meals a day, though how much she eats at any particular meal varies greatly. Sometimes it’s hardly a bite, while other times she will have seconds or even thirds. I’m trying to focus on getting more high-density foods/fats in her since she is so busy and needs the calories. I’m also doing my best to introduce a wide range of vegetables, fruits, meats and textures. Right now she seems to be a carb-lover (who can blame her?!) and has been know to discard her cheese on the floor. However, she surprises me with what she likes sometimes, most recently grapefruit.

At this point, she has no known allergies. We’ve done eggs and dairy, though no strawberries, shellfish or peanut butter yet. I am planning on introducing peanut butter soon (well, introducing it officially, as I’ve already caught her once wrist-deep in a peanut butter jar that Koda was licking clean… poor second child).

Ok, enough jibber jabber, here are 10 meals she’s eaten recently via baby led weaning…

10 unique meal ideas for baby led weaning

1. Chicken meatball (premade from Whole Foods) with steamed green beans with olive oil and lemon juice.

baby led weaning meals- chicken burger and green beans

2. Spaghetti squash with olive oil and a little salt with cheese cubes.

baby led weaning meals- spaghetti squash and cheese

3. Shredded chicken with squash and onions that were cooked in butter (we love Kerrygold salted butter).

baby led weaning meals- shredded chicken with squash and onion in butter

4. Eggs scrambled with grape tomatoes, a tortilla and orange slices.

baby led weaning meals- scrambled eggs with tomatoes, orange and a tortilla

5. Applegate Farm’s organic beef hotdog with blueberries.

baby led weaning meals- applegate organic hotdog and blueberries

6. Rice and avocado.

baby led weaning meals- rice and avocado

7. Pot roast with potatoes and carrots.

baby led weaning meals- pot roast carrots and potatoes

8. Homemade meat sauce with added olive oil and chopped spinach topped with bread cubes. (This meal must be eaten in only a diaper and immediately before bath time)

baby led weaning meals- meat sauce with spinach and bread bites

9. Fried egg yolk, shredded chicken and sliced peppers.

baby led weaning meals- chicken, egg and peppers

10. Pan roasted mahi-mahi with rice and broccolini in olive oil.

baby led weaning meals- mahi mahi, broccolini and rice

So far Kaitlyn seems to be most excited about bread, foods with a lot of flavor (meat sauce), fruits (grapefruit and blueberries) and sweeter vegetables (peas and pepper sticks). She is not so crazy about bananas and cheese. I am really excited for spring and summer to arrive so I can start grabbing some of the more unique/seasonal farmers market find for all of us. Bring on the sunshine!

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