Birthday Celebrations All Around

This weekend was full of celebration. Mom and Dad arrived Friday afternoon so once David got home around 7:00, we were out the door for a dinner out, just the two of us.

birthday date night

(Dress I bought after seeing how beautiful my friend Molly looked in it!)

I was left out of the planning, but thoroughly enjoyed my gluttonous dinner at Mickey & Mooch in Huntersville.


Unpictured: a bottle of wine, crab cakes and oysters. A birthday feast indeed!

We were up and going on Saturday morning to make sure we had all our ducks in a row for Hailey’s party.

princess cake

There is just something I love about homemade cakes, in all their imperfect glory.

I went back and forth on whether to throw her a party, and in hindsight, she probably would not have missed it after our family celebration on her actual birthday, but she did end up having a blast!

acrofitness 1

We kept it small and had it at Acrofitness where the staff was incredible! They set up, cleaned up and led the kids through all sorts of obstacles and silly antics.

acrofitness 2

How often do you get to do pushups with Cinderella?

acrofitness 3

At the end, Hailey came up to me unprompted and planted a big fat kiss on my cheek, along with a big hug. She loved it.


And it was really fun for us all to watch.


Since it was my actual birthday, the fun didn’t stop there. After a nap for Kaitlyn, Hailey and me, we headed out to Eddie’s, which had the Wake the Lake event going on.

eddie's mooresville wake the lake

The atmosphere was upbeat and the weather was phenomenal. We sat outside, ate great food and soaked up all being together while watching contestant after contestant bite it on wakeboards.

eddie's mooresville 1

After the girls were in bed, we celebrated with what might possibly be the best dessert ever.

happy 31

The leftover cake represented my life at this stage- mismatched, a little messy and absolutely delicious.

Kids birthday parties- at what age should they start?

Birthday cakes- homemade or bakery bought?

What’s your favorite way to celebrate your birthday?

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