The Weekly Wrap Up

We made it! Friday! Football! … and did I mention Friday!? Haha.

I hope you had a great week and hopefully you have a fun, extended weekend ahead of you. It’s been a busy week around here and this is what we’ve been up to.

What I’ve Been Eating

tuna salad with microgreensI’m hooked on buying microgreens. I picked up this kale variety last week and just love the way the look on salads. I also ate them stuffed inside a veggie and hummus wrap. The package is deceiving though because it doesn’t look big, but I struggle to use them all up in one week and am looking at ways of doing so so I don’t waste them.

cod fish tacos and slawI can’t seem to make fish tacos without making a slaw to go on top of them. It’s a simple mix of shredded cabbage, sour cream, lime juice, red onion and cilantro and it adds so much flavor to the tacos!

clean juice birkdaleI love the new Clean Juice that opened up in Birkdale. I usually go green, but decided to try the Immunity Blend this week which has orange, carrot, pineapple, turmeric and lemon. It was delicious! The girls thought so too.

juice stealerI also mixed up the meal plan to accommodate these beauties.

black bean nachosDavid didn’t even miss the meat. My nacho technique is a single layer of chips, covered with cheese. Broil until melted. Add chopped toppings and a little more cheese. Broil again. Top with homemade guac, sour cream, chopped jalapenos and cilantro. Dive in face first.

What I Discovered

My friend Alison told me about StorylineOnline while we were chatting about how much Hailey loved reading books. It’s a free site where celebrities read books to children and it’s AWESOME. I highly recommend Library Lion. It’s one of Hailey’s favorite books and I was excited to see it on the site!

I learned that canned pumpkin puree actually is not required to be all pumpkin, even if it states 100% pumpkin. Apparantly the USDA has a loose definition of pumpkin and the canned stuff could actually be butternut squash, hubbard squash, etc. Read more about it here and learn how to make your own puree from Cassie before the pumpkin craze descends on us in full force.

What We’ve Been Up To

Dealing with the dishwasher. Still. The quote we got to fix it is about the same as the cost of a new dishwasher, so the hand-washing continues… dare I say I’m getting used to it?

dishwasher brokenHailey got a haircut. I also learned that she likes her hair short. I asked if she wanted to grow it longer and was met with a certain NO THANK YOU.

h haircut

I had some of my Shaklee girls over this week and enjoyed learning about all the new nutrition research happening while snacking on cotton candy grapes. Have you tried those? They are kind of a cool novelty, but I think I prefer old fashioned purple.

snack spreadNutrition Trick of the Week

Nutritional yeast! You can find it at your local health food store or you can buy it online. It is packed with B vitamins and has 3 grams of protein per Tbsp. It tastes cheesy, which makes it delicious on popcorn or kale, but I’ve also been adding it to the girls’ mac ‘n cheese. Just about 1 Tbsp.

nutritional yeastLinks to Check Out

I loved this post on Momastery entitled It’s Not You, It’s Them. Perfect for every parent out there who has felt like they very slowly might be losing their sanity. …that’s all of us, right? 

Lindsay posted a guest post by Corrine Dobbas featuring 7 tips for having a healthy relationship with food. I did a ‘scope the other day about my love for intuitive eating and feel that these 7 tips are fantastic for those that are interested in going that direction with their eating habits.

And that’s a wrap!

What have you been up to this week?

Have you discovered, eaten or read anything great?

Share with me!









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