Body After (Second) Baby: Three Months Out

I come to you with minor frustrations this month plus I’m typing this out after being up every two and a half hours last night. Apparently karma doesn’t like it when you whine on the internet about your child waking up one time a night. Note taken.

So where to start? How about with the positives!

My energy is pretty great. My hair isn’t falling out at the rapid pace it was last time. My nails are strong and skin is clear. I’m starting to feel a little stronger, which I notice mostly in my lower abs that don’t feel like they are crying for mercy after I run anymore. So I have that going for me!

post baby body 2-3 months- front

I still haven’t gotten a haircut, but soon!

Ok, enough dillydally, the frustrations. This probably says it better than words could:

2 Months Postpartum3 Months PostpartumDifference
Right Bicep11”10.75”-0.25”
High Waist29.5”29”-0.5”
Around Belly Button33”32.75”-0.25”
Right Thigh22”22”
Weight120 lbs121 lbs+1 lb

A month has passed and inches are only down in quarter-inch increments and weight is up. Hm. That kind of sucks.

To discuss it more eloquently, I’m annoyed because I thought since I was able to fit (finally!) into some pre-pregnancy shorts that I’d see more progress in my measurements. However, I’m really trying to treat myself with grace and decided to step back and examine my situation through my health coach goggles.

What I’ve done right this past month:
- The gym. In the past two weeks I’ve made working out more of a priority. It’s not where I want it to be yet, but I’m probably doing 2 solid workouts a week with more movement (1 mile jogs) thrown in when I can.
- Healthy food choices. We’ve eaten 95% of our meals at home and they are full of fresh veggies, complex carbs, healthy fats and protein.
- Taking my vitamins. I stopped for a week or so (mostly because I forgot) and realized I can tell a difference in my energy when I do take them.
- Enjoying my baby. I’ve soaked up plenty of grins and rolled around on the floor with her for hours.

2014-08-13 10.29.14

What I Can Work On
- Drinking water. I know I’m not drinking enough of it and will put more conscious effort towards that goal this month.
- Eating enough. I am making healthy choices, but between juggling two kids’ schedules I find myself eating the leftover broccoli and it’s enough to tame my hungry so I forget to eat a real lunch. I know my body is working hard to keep up with the girls and produce milk and if I don’t get it enough fuel then it’s going to hold on to every ounce of fat I have for dear life. Luckily ‘eat more’ is a suggestion I can totally get behind.
- Sleep. Laura wrote a great post yesterday on the importance of sleep and though I don’t have complete control over that right now, I am going to try hanging around the house a little more in hopes of helping Kaitlyn get more on a regular nap pattern, which is certain to help with nighttime sleep.

post baby body 2-3 months- side

So yes, I’m frustrated, but staying focused on the fact that my inches are still going down, albeit slowly. Plus, this coming month brings some structure back to our lives with Hailey starting ‘school’ (a couple half days a week). And at the end of the day, hanging out at 7-8 pounds above pre-pregnancy weight for a little while isn’t the end of the world. I feel healthy, but just would like to be more fit. So I’m going to work at it!

Thanks so much for following my journey. It helps keep me accountable to take care of myself along with my family. I know I’m a better mom and wife when I eat well, work out and am well rested (David would certainly attest to the latter… no sleep makes me grumpy!).

What do you need most in your life to feel like ‘you?’

A sweat session? Good Food? Sleep? Time to read/meditate/breathe?

For me, it’s a tie between vegetables and sleep. Eating junky food and not sleeping is a baaaaaaad combo for me!

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