Friday Favorites

Happy Friday friends! I have some fun things to share today that have been making me smile lately. Speaking of friends…

Did my fellow Netflix lovers hear that EVERY. SINGLE. EPISODE of FRIENDS will be available for streaming on Netflix starting January 1st? Every single one. So much for starting the year off on a productive note.

Other things I’m loving lately…

The POPKEY APP. Think of it of emojis on steroids. With this animated keyboard you can send GIFS! Basically I may never use words again. Thank you Alise, for bringing this time suck obsession into my life.

popkey app

Sushi from Joel’s. Because some nights you just need to pick up dinner and keep your kitchen clean.

joel's sushi

Baby snuggles. Kaitlyn had a little case of the sniffles the past few days, which led to many a snuggle. She’d fall asleep on me while nursing, so we just went with it. How can you be upset about a snuggly baby?

stuffy nose

Bone Broth. Speaking of sniffles, with cold season upon us, I’m loving bone broth. I like to make my own, but was recently sent a sampler from Pacific Foods of their new organic bone broth! So cool. I plan on keeping it on hand to sip in a warm mug if I feel under the weather.

Pacific Foods Bone Broth

Home Design. My friend Alexis just started a blog and posted recently about how to style book shelves. I’m certain it was aimed directly at me and my lack of style sense (juuust kidding A-lex!), but she did offer some great tips and I plan to spend nap time reconfiguring my bookshelf. It’s a wild life I lead.

plants collage

Koda snuggles. It’s just been a snuggly week over here all around. Hooray for cooler temperatures! Koda usually stays on her specified couch blanket, but last night she cinnamon-rolled up right on me. I didn’t have the heart to move her. I did, however, feel just fine using the flash in her face. Sorry pup.

cinnamon roll vizsla

This sweater! I fully intended to take some fashion pictures from the challenge, but it hasn’t really happened. And while I wouldn’t deem this outfit (and greasy ponytail) I’m sporting to be super fashionable, it’s not yoga pants. And the sweater- oh man, it doesn’t get any more comfortable. Plus it’s on sale right now! I may or may not have a different color sitting in my online cart waiting to be decided on.

jcrew sweater

I’m looking for something fun and fall-ish to do this Saturday.  I’m considering the Amazing Maize Maze that Julie visited or hitting up Patterson Farms. Do any local friends have any other suggestions?

What are you loving lately?

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