Sevenly: Raising Funds for Childhood Cancer Research

Blogging brings me so much. It gives me a creative outlet. It allows me to connect to a network of awesome, like-minded people (you guys). It creates a space where I can share my thoughts. It also usually brings me a ton of emails. That’s not a complaint! I love emails from y’all. I also love receiving opportunities from worthwhile organizations, and today, I have one such organization to share with you.

sevenly logo

If you haven’t heard of Sevenly, let me give you a quick rundown of how this amazing organization works. Since its creation in 2011, Sevenly has raised over 3 million dollar for worthwhile causes. Each week, they team up with a different charity and offer an array of merchandise from campaign-specific shirts to a curated vendor selection of jewelry, toys, accessories, etc. Whatever a person purchases that week, $7 goes directly to the cause of the week. I found it to be a pretty cool setup!

When they contacted me about being involved, I jumped on board. I actually told them I’d love to participate, but not to bother sending a shirt because I was doubtful it would fit me right now, but they insisted…

st baldricks sevenly fundraiser-1

Well, what do you know, it actually fit! And I think it’s a really cute shirt at that!

st baldricks sevenly fundraiser-2

But the meaning behind it? Oh, it’s so much more than a cute shirt.

This week Sevenly is partnering with St. Baldrick’s, a foundation dedicated to raising funds for research to conquer childhood cancer.

st baldricks foundation

As a mom, as a pregnant mom, I can’t imagine anything worse than watching your child battle a disease such as cancer, but the scary statistic is that by age 20, about 1 in 300 boys and 1 in 333 will be diagnosed with cancer. (source) St. Baldrick’s began as a single head-shaving event (you’ve seen the videos, right?), and has raised over 28 million dollars in 2014 alone through these awesome events to extend awareness and raise money for childhood cancer research.

If you’re interested in shaving your head for the cause, click here. However, if you aren’t feeling so bold as to shave your head right now, you can still help out this organization with a purchase through Sevenly.

You can get the same awesome baseball tee I’m sporting (and rest assured it will fit you a bit better than me!)

st baldricks sevenly fundraiser-3

or you can check out all the other really great merchandise they have for sale. And remember, whatever you choose, $7 goes directly to St. Baldrick’s.

Thanks for allowing me to share Sevenly with you today. Since I received my shirt for participating in sharing this week’s campaign, I’d like to pay it forward and buy one of you a t-shirt from Sevenly this week in support of St. Baldrick’s.

To enter, click on over and pick out a t-shirt of your choice. Link to it in the comments and I’ll pick a winner tomorrow. After all, the campaign runs out at the end of the week!

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