Not Ready to Give Up Naps Quite Yet

Hailey is at a transition age between needing a nap and not. It really depends on the day, but lately she’s been going without sleeping in the afternoon (usually she still has quiet solo time). Yesterday I almost convinced myself that afternoon snoozes were a thing of the past, but maybe I spoke too soon.

justins almond butterBreakfast yesterday was of the simple variety- a banana and large scoop of almond butter. I had to be at the allergist by 8 so that this could happen:

allergy test

I may be in the minority here, but I love simple tests like this that can reveal information about your health/body. My predictions were confirmed- spring grasses are pretty much trying to kill me (I’ll spare you the pictures), as are cats. I’m slightly allergic to dogs too, but choosing to ignore that one.

paperworkAfter my appointment, I moved right along to Kaitlyn’s doctor appointment. I was still itchy, so I appreciated her filling out her own paperwork.

whole foods bowlIn a moment of hunger-induced weakness, I snagged this teriyaki salmon bowl for lunch, which was delicious, but a bit steep in price at $10.99.

We rushed home, where I made the girls smoothies for lunch and contemplated nap time. Kaitlyn had fallen asleep in the car and those 15 minutes had messed with her schedule, so we just blew through nap in favor of hitting up the library.

library dvds

Kaitlyn had a blow out on the way and true to second-child status, I did not have a cute back up outfit, so unisex onesie it was. We played for a bit and picked out some DVDs and books with CDs (I still LOVE these things).

library books on cd

I tried chatting with my mom as we headed home, but the tantrum brewing in the backseat shut that down pretty fast. Hailey’s discontent grew and her eyes just got crazy as she flailed in her car seat screaming something about I WANT!. At home I finally was able to do what I always pictured- I sent her to her room! I guess we are at that age now. She continued to have a fit for about 2 minutes once reaching her room, then… silence. She passed right out without books, blankets or being tucked in. I guess we aren’t ready to completely forego naps yet.

She wasn’t the only tired one though.

sleeping babyThis. Never. Happens. She went from nursing to passed out in about 2 minutes too, then was out cold. I loved it. I snapped a few pictures and videoed her soft snoring, then just sat there and smiled at her in a way that I’m sure would have scared the heck out of her if she woke up and saw me.

I savored the sweet because after about 30 minutes, it was back to chaos.

sierra nevada

I sipped a beer which really helped make packing for 3 of us plus a dog tolerable.

jack's fresh salsa

I snacked on chips and salsa while I gathered everyone’s beachy things.

dinnerI made David this buffalo chicken sandwich, but was already full myself. I guess eating chips, kids’ leftovers, sweet potato fries, half a pint of cherry tomatoes and beer will do that to you!

The girls, Koda and I leave for the beach today! I’m excited, especially since I somehow managed to make it to the early bootcamp class this morning, so I’m revved and ready to go! But with spotty naps and a solo drive ahead, I’ll still take any luck you want to send my way 😉


What’s the most beautiful beach you’ve ever been to?

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