Kaitlyn at 14 Months

Though I dropped the monthly updates when Kaitlyn turned 1, I still find myself wanting to stop and document her milestones for my own personal record, so here I am!

Kaitlyn 14 months- 2


I feel like I am much more aware of how much Kaitlyn eats than I ever was with Hailey. The girl is just finicky! She still nurses first thing in the morning so breakfast is hit or miss. She typically likes oatmeal or yogurt, but how much she eats is anyone’s guess. Her favorite foods at the moment are blackberries, frozen peas, corn, spaghetti, black olives, anything with marinara, spoonfuls of almond butter, steamed broccoli, mac n cheese and smoothies. She is fairly adventurous and will try most things if she can do it on her own. There is no feeding her bites if she’s not into it.

spoon practice 13 months

We are still nursing two times a day (morning and before bed). I don’t really have a goal time to make it to in mind so we’ll ust keep seeing how it goes. Kaitlyn does not like milk. I find myself making smoothies more often and continuing to offer her whole milk. I see other kids guzzle milk and it amazes me; my girls just aren’t big fans!


Kaitlyn 14 months- 5

Whew, 14 months is busy! Kaitlyn runs everywhere and is starting to attempt stairs by holding on to the rail and stepping down, which makes my stomach flip flop. Kaitlyn is always on the go and can not be kept still in one spot for long. Some of her favorite activities of late includes the playground. She will climb up stairs, slide down on her own (usually backwards on her belly), laugh her head off and repeat.

Kaitlyn 14 months- 4She would do this for hours and hours if I didn’t drag her away.

She loves to be chased and gets excited to follow directions. Simple commands like ‘throw this away,’ ‘go get a diaper,’ ‘put bunny in your crib’ or ‘sit on your bottom’ are easy to distract her with. The girl loves her shoes and at the mere mention of leaving the house, she runs and gets her shoes (crocs) and starts putting them on. I love watching her understand so much!

Kaitlyn 14 months- 3

She is pretty independent and has recently discovered her voice. Typically this means screaming. Happy screaming, but still LOUD screaming. She hates being told no. Though she can run, fall and scrape her knee without shedding a tear, the second I tell her no, she sticks that bottom lip out as far as it will go and crocodile tears start pouring down her face.

Her favorite activity at the moment is this book.

k 14 months- book

She will bring it to me at least a few times a day and we’ll go through it. She can point out many of the basics- duck, brush, flower, bathtub, crib, etc when asked to, and we are working on more.

As far as words, she is saying a few. Mama (though she confuses this with mama milk- and pats her chest when she wants to nurse), Dada, diaper, bye bye, toes (which sounds adorably like dooohhhzz), ball, shoes (shz), dog, book, uh-oh and eye come to mind at the moment. If I can’t understand what she is saying, then she just switches to full blown screeches and pointing. That’s fun.

Kaitlyn 14 months- 1

She loves keeping up with Hailey and runs in to give her a hug when I get Hailey up in the mornings. The usually play pretty well together, though now that Hailey can’t just grab things out of Kaitlyn’s hands it is getting more interesting. Still, for the most part, they are buddies.

Kaitlyn 14 months- 7Am I getting too wordy? Probably.

A few more things to note, Kaitlyn LIGHTS UP whenever she sees David. Seriously, she screeches DAHDAH, points and runs to him. It’s adorable.

She loves music and bouncing around to it. She claps her hands and loves giving high fives and fist bumps. She does not like when I leave, though she is getting a little better at it.


Typically Kaitlyn goes down at 7:00pm and will sleep until 7:00am. I try to let her play for a few solo minutes before going into get her, usually around 7:15.

Kaitlyn 14 months- 6She takes only one nap a day, going down anywhere between 11:15 and 12:15 and will usually sleep 1.5 hours. I’m reallllllllly trying to stretch that longer and have high hopes that will come with time.

She sleeps with her bunny and a blanket and is quite attached to both.

13 months splash pad

Ok, I’ll wrap it up with some basics!

Weight: Haven’t been to the doc lately, but I’d guess 18-19 lbs. Last check she was 5%ish for weight and 50% for height

Clothing: She wear 12-18 month clothes, size 3-4 shoes, size 3 diapers.

Teeth: Still 6- four on top and two bottom!

Favorite toys: Bubbles, pull toys with wheels, any type of container she can put things in and out of

Number of pieces of dog food she’s eaten: 8

For fun:

A Day in the Life with Hailey at 13 Months

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