5 of My Go-To Healthy Man-Friendly Meals

Good morning! The girls and I are down in Georgia right now, while David keeps on keeping on up in NC. I think this might be the longest we’ve all been apart, but we are staying busy with plenty of fun things I look forward to sharing with you. Today, though, is a focus on the man of the fam.

Larabar (the delicious little fruit and nut-based GMO-free and Gluten-free bars) is promoting men’s health in November and asked me to help spread awareness. They even sent me a man-themed tote full of goodies (and four to give to you guys!). There is a t-shirt, tote, copy of No Meat Athlete, ear buds and a variety box of Larabars (that is already half gone after our road trip).

lara bars no meat athlete

Though I don’t eat a lot of bars normally (except on my aforementioned road trip where Hailey and I devoured half the box. In my defense, have you seen some of their flavors?! Pecan pie, pumpkin pie, cashew cookie and gingerbread?! Delicious.), David does. He is on the road a lot and I try to keep him stocked up on grab-n-go snacks, especially bars and almonds because they are healthy and can be kept in the car no matter the temperature outside.

In honor of Larabar’s men’s health mission, I also thought I’d share some of David’s favorite homemade meals. I feel fortunate that he will eat anything I cook, but there are a few favorites I keep mentally highlighted as my go-tos when I want to see his eyes light up that we are having something besides kale for dinner (I kid, I kid).

1. Chicken Enchiladas. What’s not to love about this classic? I love this recipe because it make two large pans, but last week I made one large pan and two small ones with the same recipe so I could help stock the freezer for David before we left town.

chicken enchiladas

2. Buffalo Chicken anything. The plate below features lettuce wraps (albeit overflowing), but I usually buy tortillas or buns for David to use. I love the crockpot version for cool weather or grilling up chicken breasts and smothering with buffalo sauce and blue cheese crumbles in the summer.

crockpot buffalo chicken lettuce wraps

3. Brown Sugar and Bourbon Salmon with roasted potatoes. I know, again with the salmon, but it really is good. Whenever I make fish and a vegetable though, I’m always conscious about bulking up the meal to fill David’s stomach too. My go-to is roasted potatoes, in either large cubes or rounds. I simply toss with olive oil, spread on a baking sheet and sprinkle with Himalayan salt before roasting at 350 for about an hour (you can up the temp and decrease the roasting time if needed, but I usually go with the longer roast.

bourbon and brown sugar salmon

4. The Gryo Burger. It’s a David favorite. No matter how many times he has had it, whenever I make them he bites in, nods his head and says ‘mm-hm, these are great!!”

gyro burger

5. Fish Tacos. I make these different every time, though I often opt for this combo. Last time I splurged on some mango salsa though, which was a fun switch up. Whatever the variety, I always get a thumbs up when it’s fish taco night and a thumbs up at dinner time always feels good!

fish tacos

And as a breakfast bonus, these.

Freezable breakfast sandwiches. These BIG guys can nix the idea of a Chick-fil-a drive through 100% of the time on those mornings that David is up and out early. That’s a pretty good record.

And like I mentioned before, Larabar has 4 goody-packed totes for you!

To win. simply comment below with what variety of Larabar is your favorite or which one you’d most love to try!

The contest will close tomorrow (Tuesday 11/25) at 11pm and I’ll announce the winner on Wednesday.

Hope you all had a great weekend!

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