Great Gifts for Three-Year-Old Girls

I’ve mentioned before that I am working on cooling my jets in regards to Hailey’s Christmas presents this year. The trouble is that there are just so many cool things that I think she would really love, but I am reminding myself that less is more and I want her to enjoy each present instead of blowing through it, tossing it aside and asking for the next one. Here are some great gift ideas that I’ve complied that would knock the socks off of a three year old girl (well, mine at least!)

ten great presents for three year old girls

1. Magnatiles. I bought some of these to put under the tree, but haven’t gotten to play with them yet. I’ve heard kids LOVE them. Their imaginations can run wild while their knowledge of geometry grows, as they build different shapes and towers. I might have to pry these out of David’s hands though.

2. Dress Up Clothes – Imagination is really kicking in at this age and it’s so much fun to watch Hailey’s run wild. Zulily (<-affiliate link) had a sale on some a few months ago and I grabbed some of Hailey’s favorite Disney princesses (Snow White, Belle) to add to her fairy wings and purple tutu.

3. Kitchen Knives. Hailey really likes being involved in the kitchen and her skills are developing enough that she really enjoys being able to really help, rather than just play with measuring cups. These knives are supposedly sharp enough to cut some foods, but dull enough to be safe. I’m excited to help her try them out!

3 Piece Nylon Knife Set

4. Color Play Houses. Hailey was gifted one of these for her birthday and it’s been a huge hit for the last three months. She has colored all over it, inside and out, and loves playing house.

5. Dolls. Classic and cliché for a reason, right?

6. Fishing Pole. It may sound a little counterintuitive, but Hailey loves “fishing” off our back deck with her fishing pole. We help her cast it and she will reel the little plastic fish in over and over!

8. Jewelry Box. Somewhere along the way, Hailey has taken a liking to jewelry. She has day time and night time rings that she will switch out as she gets in and out of bed. She likes bracelets and necklaces too. Having a place to keep her treasures would certainly light up her face.

9. Books (bonus if it is personalized). Hailey loves pointing out her name or even the letter H, wherever she sees it. Combine this with her love for books and I’d imagine she’d flip. She has one Christmas Bear personalized book she was gifted for her first Christmas and she loves it.

A Christmas Bear for Me

10. Microphone. Even though she is sometimes shy about it, Hailey is really into singing and making up songs. She’d love a microphone to carry around while busting out her favorite tunes. Bonus if it’s Frozen themed!

What was the best Christmas gift you received as a child?

What is your favorite gift to give to a child?

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