My Summertime-with-Two-Kids Essentials

Happy Wednesday my friends. Thank you for all your advice yesterday! It’s pretty clear that different things work best for different babies and I’m hoping to figure out what works best for us soon because as you can tell, we are on the go a lot.

Speaking of on the go, before summer began I was worried about what to do with Hailey. She had been in a mom’s morning out program two days a week that didn’t run during the summer. Knowing I’d have a newborn to care for and a toddler to entertain concerned me. I looked into camps, looked into nanny shares then ultimately decided to suck it up and just DO SUMMER. Part of the decision was definitely selfish. I wanted to be with Hailey and not miss out on watching her enjoy the summer sunshine. So we went for it.

on the go 1

ohmygoodness so brave right? A mom taking care of TWO kids on her own?!? Haha, I know, trillions of moms do it everyday, but trust me, it can feel overwhelming at first.

And it was overwhelming at first. Very. However, soon I learned the trick that made the difference… a well-packed bag.

on the go 6

Does that sound anticlimactic? Maybe, but it really makes all the difference. To keep things easy, I keep a stocked bag in the car at all times. It’s loaded and ready for whatever may come. Here’s what I keep stocked:

For Kaitlyn
Diapers (at least 5)
Plastic Bags (for dirty diapers)
2 Extra Outfits
Pacifier (she doesn’t really take it, but it makes me feel better)

For Hailey
Pull-Ups (at least 3)
An extra outfit
Bathing Suit
Hair ties
Lollipops (because who knows when you might need a special surprise)

For Me
Bottled Waters

on the go 4

Keeping the basics ready to go makes leaving the house so much easier. Some of my favorite snacks to keep in the bag are granola bars, fruit/veggie pouches and Blue Diamond almonds (I swear I have their 100 calorie packs stashed everywhere).

If I can plan ahead, I usually try to pack a more substantial snack/meal to bring along too.

on the go 7

Peanut butter and honey sandwich, grape tomatoes, raisins and Blue Diamond’s Toasted Coconut Almonds.

Because food always serves as a great distraction for an overtired toddler.

on the go 5

You guys know I love Blue Diamond Almonds. Their flavors, their people and oh, did I mention the Habanero BBQ? Since I only partner up with brands I love and buy with my own dollars, I can attest to the fact that I have tins of their almonds everywhere- in the car, in my purse, on the boat…

Well it seems Hailey has picked up on this little habit of mine because yesterday I asked her to get herself ready to go. She picked out red and white socks, velcroed her shoes, grabbed her Sofia keys, styled herself with one fancy hat and packed her own bag. Go figure, she snagged a tin of Blue Diamond Almonds from the pantry to toss in alongside her star shades and plastic kiwi and potato.

on the go on her own

Like mother, like daughter… and yes, that includes our fashion sense.

This post is sponsored by Blue Diamond. Thank you for supporting my family!

Whether you are a mom or just a busy lady on the go, how do you make leaving the house easier?

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