Something about Friday posts just leave me just wanting to randomly chat about life, so that’s what I’m going to do. Why fight the urge, right? It’s Friday, I don’t have much fight left in me at this point of the week! So to add a little structure, let’s go with what’s been happening lately

Lately I’ve been eating… A lot of great meals, but this brown sugar and bourbon salmon over this one pot kale and quinoa pilaf might be the best of late.

kale and quinoa pilaf

I even used the leftovers the next morning because putting an egg on anything turns it into my kind of breakfast.

2014-11-19 08.20.56

Lately I’ve been exercising… not enough. I really need to organize my weeks to fit in a few more intense workouts just to get the blood flowing. In the meantime though, I’ve really been enjoying videos from Yoga by Candace. I’ve been doing a 15-20 minute one each day (still in the evenings sometime with David too!) and it’s giving me the itch to do more.

(obviously a flashback pic… but has anyone seen my yoga mat? I mean, really, how does one lose a yoga mat?!)

Lately I’ve been impressed with… some of the really cute crafts Hailey brings home from school. I particularly liked this Thanksgiving plate one. Adorable, right?!

Thanksgiving Plate Preschool Craft

Lately I’ve been wearing… this draped cardigan from stitchfix (<- affiliate link). Sure it may swallow me up a little bit, but it’s amazingly comfortable and cozy. I’m fighting the urge to throw it on over everything.

stitch fix draped cardigan

Lately I’ve been wondering… if I can actually run (/walk/wog) a 5k. Girls on the Run has their end of season 5k coming up on December 13 at 9:15am. Local friends, it’s at Catawaba College in Salisbury and is open to EVERYONE. I volunteered at the race a couple years ago and it is totally inspiring to see all the young girls and their families out there. However, the race is open to ANYONE, so I’m considering signing up and going with my double stroller. Hmm… anyone else doing this race?


Lately I’ve been laughing at… Hailey. The things that come out of her mouth are pure gold. I don’t even mind the incessant WHY questions, the hallmark of the third year of life, but some plain stump me. I mean, how am I supposed to respond to questions like…

Mom, what do ghosts eat?

Mom, why are pumpkins pumpkins?

Mom, why? (Why what Hailey?) No mom, WHY? (Why what?!)


Lately I’ve been giddy about… the holiday season. We will be seeing a lot of family soon, followed by the arrival of Christmas music, getting our tree and that warm, snuggly feeling of, well, Christmas time. I’m forcing myself to say no to more things so I can keep a slow pace through the season. I really want to soak up all its glory and remember tiny tidbits like how Hailey looks for reindeer every time we drive by the woods.

What about you?

What’s been up in your world lately?

What do you love most about this time of year?

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