(Lack of) Fitness Friday

With six days until Christmas, the excitement is palatable and I’ve been doing all I can to enjoy holiday specific fun. We’ve seen Santa, baked cookies, done Christmas crafts, seen luminaries and lights, sipped hot chocolate, kept track of the elf, decorated the tree and yesterday Hailey, Kaitlyn and I stayed in pajamas all day long. Hailey helped me wrap presents and it was incredibly refreshing to have a day of no rushing to get anywhere and enjoying just hanging out.

Yes, I’ve been staying busy with a lot of things, but one thing that hasn’t been filling my schedule? Exercise.

2014-10-06 16.42.40

A couple weeks ago I was consistently doing 15 minute youtube workouts a couple times a week and then? I just kind of stopped. I admitted to myself it is hard to fit it in. I recognized that I wanted more time to be with the family. I just wasn’t feeling it.

You could also just say I was full of excuses.

And while I don’t feel guilty about my hiatus, I am ready to feel inspired again. I want to feel the endorphin high and pride that comes from pushing my physical limit. I want to feel myself getting strong. It’s not about weight because, honestly, I keep dropping weight and am the lowest I’ve been in years, which is telling me all the muscle I worked for is melting away, leaving me feeling squishy.

Working out doesn’t come as naturally to me as meal planning or making healthy food. I love the option of at home workouts, but I also know I have trouble sticking to them. I love my gym, but again, it’s up to me to kick my own butt and I just am feeling like I could use a little help. I keep pulling up workouts I’ve pinned but just end up going through the motions halfheartedly. I know I’m in a funk and I believe switching things up and enlisting some help could really make a difference.

In that light, here are some things I’m considering:

A personal trainer at either my gym or a training studio like InMotion Fitness or Fitness Together. Much like when I was actively health coaching, half the battle is holding someone accountable. The idea of having to meet with a trainer, even just once or twice a week, would help me commit simply because I hate letting people down. I think the individualized plan would inspire me if I felt I was working towards my specific, personal goals. I haven’t looked into it in a long time, but last time I checked, personal trainers are quite expensive plus I’d need childcare so that plan certainly has some challenges.

Burn Bootcamp. This program is designed specifically for moms. According to my friends that have tried it, the classes are intense in a wonderful way and get results. It may be just the kind of butt-kicking I am looking for, plus they offer free childcare with membership.

Charlotte Family Yoga. I miss yoga fiercely. I love the 15 minute Yoga by Candace videos I’ve squeezed in here and there, but it leaves me yearning for the structure and support of a studio.  CFY is the only studio in Charlotte that offers childcare. I really enjoyed their classes, but they are not close by and I’m not sure I can justify a 50 minute round trip with a seven month old.

Typing this out, I’m cringing a little. Why am I considering spending MORE money on something I could do for free on my own at home? I guess because if I’m honest with myself, I need a little help getting back into the swing of things with my personal fitness. The proof is in the pudding and I’m just not doing it. If someone was struggling with healthy eating, I’d encourage them to find a health coach to help them navigate their way into a system that worked for them, so why shouldn’t I do the same with fitness? Hopefully a little spark to reignite my fitness flame will be all it takes to get me excited again.

So, here I am, lumped into the January joiners who are all looking for a fresh start in the new year! C’mon 2015 Smile

How do you handle fitness funks?

Any advice or programs I should look into?

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