Favorite Tricks I’ve Learned From Reading Blogs

I like writing a blog because I started off enjoying reading other blogs. And I still like reading other blogs. I enjoy getting a peek into someone else’s life, hearing someone else’s perspective and learning new things to try out in my life.

A few of those things have stuck along the way, such as…

Grace is famous for her witty musings of life with 5 kids, but several weeks ago she posted a two-ingredient body scrub that sounded simple enough for even me to try.

favorite tips (4 of 5)Coffee ground straight from a K-cup, mixed with 1-2 Tbsp of coconut oil.

favorite tips (5 of 5)I’ve been using it in the shower and LOVE it. David isn’t as wild about some of the leftover grounds he finds, but I remind him how much we are saving from me not buying fancy, expensive body scrubs (that’s a lie, I’ve never bought a body scrub since 7th grade when I loved the St. Ives apricot version).

Ashley once showcased a darling memory book that I keep in our kitchen to jot down all the adorable and funny things Hailey says. I’m going to buy another one for Kaitlyn because I think it’s such a cute keepsake.

I’ve learned countless cooking tips, one of my favorite being using a mixer to shred chicken.

You can find my other favorite kitchen hacks compiled here.

I’ve learned several fun little kids’ activities for learning through Katie, like this manipulative math game that I will be doing soon with Hailey.

And sometimes, it’s just inspirational words that resonate with me, like this from Sarah.

favorite tips (1 of 5)

And it’s not limited to blogs either. I’m finding periscope (find me! ahealthyslice) quite entertaining and informative.

Char did a “scope” (what the cool people call it I’m learning…) the other day about tempeh, a fermented soy protein that I’m not very experienced with.

favorite tips (2 of 5)She shared that steaming the tempeh for 15 minutes before cooking with it helps get rid of the bitterness.

Well, well, what do you know, it works!

favorite tips (3 of 5)Speaking of periscope, Lindsay did a kick-butt scope yesterday where she shared 5 things she wishes she’d known when she started blogging and it was packed with good info. Check it out before it expires fellow scope lovers!

Those are just a few things I’ve learned from reading blogs among many, which leaves me curious to ask you this…

Do you prefer reading blogs that are stories of people’s lives?

Do you prefer blogs that share helpful information on specific topics?

Have you ever learned a really cool trick/tip/hack from a blog?






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