Pregnancy #1

General Pregnancy Posts 

Healthy Pregnancy Habits

Dealing with My Changing Body

Why I’m Choosing Natural Childbirth

Baby D Wiggles in my Belly (Video)

My Plans for a Post Baby Bod

First Trimester 

We’re Having a Baby- The Announcement!

Baby D- The Facts

Odd Eating During the 1st Tri

Second Trimester 

Exercise and 15 Week Bump Picture

17 Week Bump & Update

The BIG Ultrasound

Half-Way There!

Bumpdate! 23 weeks and counting

6 months prego

Creeping closer to the third trimester

Third Trimester

Entering the 3rd Trimester!

My First Gestational Diabetes Test: FAIL.

My “Three-Hour” Glucose Disaster

29 weeks & Baby D’s First Baby Shower

30 Weeks & a Surprise Sneak Peak

A Little Scare

Baby D’s Nursery: Sneak Peak at 32 Weeks

33 Weeks Pregnant

My First Experience with Braxton Hicks – mini post

34 weeks pregnant, registry items and to-do lists

36 Weeks Pregnant & a Look Back at Odd Symptoms

38 Week Bumpdate & Bare Belly Pictures

Operation Baby Eviction

OVERDUE and Doubting my Body

The Final Countdown: Planning an Induction

Last Ditch Effort at Natural Induction

Introducing Baby D

Baby D Unveiled!

Birth Story: Part 1

Birth Story: Part 2