Fun Fact Friday

Happy Friday! I’ve got some facts for you today. Let’s go!

1. I bought 3 picture frames to hang on our master bedroom wall. They’ve been sitting there for weeks. I finally printed one picture that I loved. I thought it would be vertical, but it came out horizontal. The thing is, I love it. But 3 pictures hanging on the wall horizontally won’t look right. So now what do I do?

picture frame now what

2. Stitch fix! I’m addicted ever since my first experience. My latest one had a couple no-ways (one floral number looked like something I would have worn in 8th grade), but two were right up my alley! Go figure, they were solid and plain.

stitch fix plain white shirt

I’m pretty sure my stylist wouldn’t have suggested pairing it with workout clothes. And check out the back on this one—

stitch fix pretty back

Sex-ay. Winking smile

3. I’m on WCCB News Rising this morning talking about make-your-own trail mixes for after school snacks. I’m really excited to eat the leftovers. I’m not excited that I blew a few bucks of the grocery budget yesterday experimenting in the kitchen. I figured goat cheese was too fancy for a lot of kids, but not for me. This avocado and goat cheese spread turned out DELICIOUS. I used it on a salad-ish bowl, but it would also be incredible as a sandwich spread!

avocado goat cheese creama

4. It’s been a really crazy week. David has been gone most of it and I had a mini too-much-on-my-plate whine fest yesterday. Luckily a talk with a good friend snapped me out of it. To blow off any remaining steam, I went for a run. Outside. I can’t tell you the last time I’ve done that. Given it was more of a wog, but at 72 degrees, I couldn’t resist.


I totally bribed Hailey with an organic lollipop. That’s why she is smiling.

5. Vlog #3! I’m answering questions about blogging (growing a blog and how much $ I make), Hailey’s naps and do I ever just crave burgers and fries??


What is one food you are currently craving?



  1. Ali says

    Love both of your tops!! Will you wear one on fox today I wonder?

    The frames – you could so all three horizontal and do something like 2 high and one lower in the middle. Or you could keep them as you have them on your dresser…..horizontal in the middle & vertical in either side. Or print another one horizontal and find one you like to be vertical in the middle (my choice).

    Good job on the run to help with your stress. Totally a good move!!

    Loved your 23 mo update.

  2. says

    How’s this for a weird comment from a guy… I’m pretty sure my wife would sign me up for the outfit delivery thing you do.

    I volunteer for an organization that puts on weekend clinics. At the end, participants get a Tshirt. That means my garage has about a billion of these beautiful gray Tshirts. All looking the same.

    I kind of live in them when not at work.

    She doesn’t like that.

    Oh well.

    Mike @ Midwestern Bite recently posted..I’m a Worm OverlordMy Profile

  3. Lauren B. says

    I LOVE the vlogs! Please do one at least every now and then- it’s a fun (and very funny!) change from reading a post. Happy weekend!

  4. says

    Great blogging tips!
    My son is on a very similar nap pattern and I do the same as far as putting him down to rest even if he won’t nap. We actually both layed down yesterday to rest since he wasn’t falling asleep. He will happily play in his crib for over and hour too :-) Can’t live without nap time right now!!!
    It’s 7:00 am and I’m craving a nice big smoothie bowl topped with granola for breakfast! My Vitamix just came this past week so I’ve been craving smoothies like crazy!
    Have a great weekend Brittany!
    Giselle@myhealthyhappyhome recently posted..Five Word Friday – Sick, Zoo, Peaches, Cookies, Winner!My Profile

  5. says

    Lots of positives in this post! Love the tops on you. Post is very good. Vlog is great. Your best: lighting, sound, perky personality. You are so real. Also, your “tv gig” was excellent. You are informative, comfortable, natural, and engaging. (Disclaimer: no Dad bias here!)

  6. Paulina says

    I enjoy your vlogs, please keep ’em up! And for the photos, I have the same Ikea frames. A trick I use for arranging pictures on a wall is to cut out paper the same size as the frames, and using tape, “hang” them on the wall in different arrangements until you find one that you like.

  7. Christina says

    Hi Brittany! I just wanted to say that my husband also works insane hours (ie 60-70 hour weeks are not uncommon!) and I often get a little overwhelmed and burned out tackling most of the parenting/home duties. You seem to handle it really well – and every now and then it’s ok to have those poor-me moments :)

  8. says

    I just did my first Stichfix and I am loving it, too! I rarely have time to shop- I can’t remember the last time I bought nice (non-workout) clothes so I kept the dress they sent me, and a really cute skirt. I got the same low-back shirt in my shipment, too… so cute!
    Ps- great vlog! It’s always fun to hear bloggers voices and get to know you better!
    Laura @ Mommy Run Fast recently posted..Two key nutrients for athletesMy Profile

  9. Hanna says

    Thanks for the vlog! You crack me up :) I just spent a week in Chicago and ate a lot of everything, so I’m not craving anything right now! Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. says

    Brittany – in regards to hanging your pictures frames, I was going to recommend doing a picture gallery wall. If you google it so many ideas come up. Some people do this look just with picture frames or other decorative pieces.

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