Cookies & Wine

This Christmas season is bringing a certain dinner into my usual rotation… cookies and wine. I’m grateful that Christmas is a mere 9 days away, otherwise my post baby body progress (which I’ll post on next week) might start going in the opposite direction!

Yesterday started off with a Hailey’s first mommy meet up, which was a cookie exchange. Hailey was the sole pink bow in a room full of little men. That’s trouble for when I allow her to start dating in 30 years (cutie on the right… I’m watching you…)!

H first playdate

It was fun to hang out and meet some new, local mommies, plus it’s always a plus when you leave a party with delicious goodies. Hailey couldn’t wait to get her hands on ‘em!

Hailey wants cookies

In the afternoon, we baked.

Brittany Santa Apron

We baked a. lot. Because for some reason when I sent out the evite to my blogger cookie exchange I requested that guests bring SIX dozen cookies. That’s a lot of cookies.

My cookies

Confession: the fun, swirly ones-


I made by hand after seeing them on pinterest. I think they look so whimsical! If you want to make them, check them out here.

But the chocolate chip and gingerbread spice (which I highly recommend!), I had a little help with:

Immaculate Baking Co. Gingerbread Spice

Last night Hubbs took Hailey to play poker with some guys  (…because that’s normal to show up with a growler of beer and a baby, right?) while I got the house set up for the girls!


I was so grateful that people showed up. For some reason whenever I’m hosting an event I get really anxious right before thinking that no one will actually show up. Is it just me?

Anyways, friends DID show up and I had a really great time chatting away with everyone. It’s a great group of girls. Perhaps you recognize a few?

Charlotte Blogger Christmas Cookie Exchange

Me, Rachel, Jen, Susan (&CK), Cindi, Kate, Tanya & Brittney

Though we all live ‘in Charlotte’, some of us live on opposite sides, so it was really sweet of everyone to make the journey. And of course, there were more cookies! Lots and lots of scrumptious cookies!

more cookies

All in all, a fabulous evening… and now I think I might sample a cookie or two with my coffee… c’mon Christmas, get here soon and saaaaaaaaaave me!

What’s the best cookie you’ve eaten this season?

Susan made some kick @$$ cookies ‘n cream cookies that rocked my world.

Do you get anxious about hosting get-togethers?



  1. says

    i am sooooo sad that i missed the party last night. i had to teach. i did celebrate and bake my own batch of chewy ginger cookies through! :)

  2. says

    You look SO cute in your apron and hat!! LOVE IT! Kind of Stepford wifeish haha. I mean who doesn’t love a woman in an apron with cookies? At least that’s what my husband thinks when I bake lol.

    Cookie exchanges are so fun! Maybe next year when we are in a more “permanent” setting I will do one :)

  3. says

    I always freak out that no one is going to come. And then I’m usually still freaking out after the first guest arrives so I’m just awkward for a bit.
    And I loveloveLOVE those pinwheel cookies. I saw them on pinterest, too, but I always think pinwheels are so hard to make. I might have to attempt them when I have the time. Because I need another way to get sprinkles in my mouth, of course.

  4. says

    I have been feeling stressed about losing my last 5 or so pounds of baby weight, but realized this is not really the season to try anything drastic, I mean come on I want to still enjoy the holidays, including cookies. I have had to make oreo truffles for 2 or my hubby’s office parties and they are still a fav. Christmas “cookie” of mine!

  5. says

    Looks like fun. The Atlanta bloggers are spread out like that too. There are a lot of us but because we live on different sides of the city, sometimes it’s like an hour drive to meet up!

    I made oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies the other night that were pretty incredible.

  6. says

    I’m hosting a party for 34 (THIRTY-FOUR!!!! – what was I thinking? LOL) tomorrow. I’m in slight panic mode today and know I’ll be running around like a mad woman tomorrow. I also know it will 100% be worth it to spend time with our large group of good friends and all of our kids. Oh, I didn’t mention that 14 of those guests are pint-sized/ 😉

  7. Maria says

    I don’t often host because our place is teeny tiny, but when I do, I freak out that everyone is having a good time and is comfortable. I do enjoy the planning process of what to make, how to decorate and the little touches.

    p.s. I need to move to Atlanta to be apart of your parties – looks fabulous!

  8. says

    I cracked up at the line “Hubby took Hailey to play poker with some guys”. I’ve never been to a cookie exchange. Maybe I should get myself together and organize/host one myself next year.

  9. says

    How fun! I get nervous when I host events, too. And I think it’s so funny that when you say something starts at 7pm, no one will get there until at least 7:30! Gives you even more time to be nervous! 😉

    Favorite cookies I’ve eaten so far this season were the M&M cookies I made for a party last week. So yummy!

  10. says

    What a lovely party you hosted – I too get anxious right before a party, that no one will come whether I am the hostess or not. So I know your feeling.
    What great cookies you baked. Wow!


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