21 Weeks Pregnant + Name Thoughts

So… I realize that bump shots just haven’t happened this time. I’m going to work on it and have a real bump shot next time, but until then, it’s the best I have…

21 weeks pregnant 2

What Fruit are you? Carrot! Yes, I had to look it up. 10.5 inches head to toe and about 3/4 lb. She’s practicing swallowing and has eye lids and eye brows.

Due date:  May 9, 2014 (Hailey was induced at 10 days past due, so I’m interested to see how this labor will develop. Luckily, I still have time!)

How far along:  21 glorious weeks- over half way. I can’t believe it!

Gender:  All girl!

Total weight gain/loss:  Up 10 lbs. I was up 13 lbs at this point with Hailey. It’s so funny to me to compare the pregnancies.

Exercise: Whew, well after almost a week battle with the stomach bug when I was 19 weeks, I’m happy to report that I feel great again! This past week I’ve gotten in 4 wogs (walk/jogs) ranging from 2.2 miles to 3.7 miles. A 12:30 pace feels the best to me, but I take plenty of walking breaks, too.

Last night after 2.2 grueling miles (haha), my legs ached so I threw on my compression socks. Great idea!! They really helped.

I only did one strength session this past week, but those always make me feel mighty. Love ‘em. Looking to get at least 2 in a week, plus FINALLY start prenatal yoga when the new year begins.

Cue terrible, awkward gym selfie snapped quickly while no one was around (cringe…), but at least you can see the bump more clearly.

21 weeks pregnant

Stretch marks: Not yet… do your thang, coconut oil!

Swelling: None.

Maternity clothes: All maternity jeans but some non-maternity shirts still work fine. I got a new stitch fix and two of the shirts worked out great! Still, I’ll need a few more true maternity items to get me through winter with a bigger belly. Especially workout clothes. I’m looking for those within the next week.

Belly button: In for now. Pretty sure it won’t stay that way the whole time.

Sleep: Grateful that it’s still good! I’m in bed asleep by 10 and am usually ready to get up when the alarm goes off at 6:30. Occasionally I’ll wake up for a bathroom break, but it’s rare.

Food cravings:  Steak! After meat sounding ‘eh’ to me for so long, this past week my need for red meat has been intense! The ribeye on Christmas was fantastic and I ate the leftovers cold yesterday before making a meat sauce to go on spaghetti squash for dinner. Baby must need some iron?

Symptoms:  Besides the growing belly, I feel really good. Occasionally I’ll get a tiny wave of queasiness or feel the need to sit and rest midday, but for the most part, 21 weeks is great!

Oh, and acne. I guess it isn’t terrible, but as someone that has been spoiled with good skin, the breakouts are pretty frustrating.

Movement: Yes! She was a busy girl on Christmas day and must have worn herself out because she was more quiet yesterday. I’m getting to the point that I worry if I don’t feel her, even though I know it can be inconsistent at this stage.

What I miss:  Wine, but only because of the holidays I think. I haven’t missed it as much this pregnancy, but certainly look forward to a cold Blue Moon when summer rolls around!.

What I’m loving: That I’m feeling good! What a blessing.

What I’m looking forward to:  This is the year all my friends turn 30, so I’m headed to Georgia on Saturday to celebrate with my best friends. Can’t wait for some girl time!


Best moment this week: Finding out that another pregnant friend is having a girl! I know a lot of ladies due around the time I am and all of them are having girls- how fun!

Words of wisdom: Enjoy all the wonders of pregnancy. This might very well be my last experience with it and I want to savor it

For fun: 20 weeks pregnant with Hailey

Now let’s talk about… NAMES.

David and I found out Hailey was a girl at a fancy dinner when I was 18 weeks. We named her THAT night after we decided we both just really liked the name Hailey. Well, here I am, 21 weeks, and baby girl still doesn’t have a name.

We talk about it quite often, but nothing seems to stand out yet, as there are several names I like. I actually love the name Taylor, but it’s my niece’s name. Too weird? Probably.

I keep thinking there is a name out there that we haven’t thought of yet, so the search continues. My question to you…

At what point of pregnancy or birth should a baby have a name?

What are some of your favorite girl names?



  1. jenn says

    My last baby wasn’t named until 5 mins after he was born! My other two at least had names before they were born, but was only 2 or 3 weeks before. Naming a child is so hard to me! Lol. Best of luck!

  2. says

    I think I knew for a long time we would name Allie Allison in the end, but didn’t want to finalize it til she was born and I could look at her and KNOW it was the right name for her. We considered other names but always came back to that, it was definitely the front runner for most of my pregnancy. I think names are so tough though. It feels like a lot of pressure to give someone the name they will live with their whole lives. Good luck!
    Brittney recently posted..Baby Things We Love At (Almost) 10 MonthsMy Profile

  3. says

    I think when you come across the right name you will know!

    That’s awesome you have some friends that are preggers too- I didn’t have that and I wish I did.

    By the way, you are looking great!!

  4. Sarah says

    We chose not to find out the gender of my son and now I’m 10 weeks with our second and we’re doing the same. But the first time, we had definite names picked out. With my son, if he was a boy, he was going to be a junior (Christopher Eric). My favorite girl name is Julia Marie.
    With this baby, we’re sticking with Julia Marie if it’s a girl, and trying to convince hubby that we should name a boy Benjamin Evan. I keep reminding him that our son is a junior, so I should get to name this one without question!

  5. says

    Oh baby names! We don’t plan on having kids for at least another 1.5 years but still debate names at least a few times a week!

    I love simple names like Anna, Emma, Zoe, Lily. I think it’s because my traditional Indian name always got butchered in school. I will not be doing that to my kids!
    Parita @ myinnershakti recently posted..Healthy SnackingMy Profile

  6. MC says

    If Ann is a family middle name (I think you said it is), what about making Taylor the baby’s middle name? That way she has something tying her into the larger family because her and her cousin will share the name, like how you all share Ann. Then you pick out a first name that’s all hers :)

  7. Kate says

    We tossed around the same five names for months, but weren’t 100% on any of them. My husband tossed out a new name, maybe around 30 weeks, and we both loved it but weren’t ready to commit to it. Finally, around 35 weeks we decided that the new name would be it.
    As for favorite names, I like simple/classic: Grace, Charlotte, Elizabeth, Isabelle, Victoria… And our little one, who doesn’t really fit the “classic” description: Mila.

  8. Swiftie22 says

    I like the name Taylor because of Taylor Swift (huge fan of hers right here!), but maybe it might be a little awkward to have two Taylors in the family. Other names I like include:

    Audrey, Heather, Maia, Kristen, Jennifer, Olivia, Caroline, Katy, Sarah, and… I have always liked the names Brittany and Hailey, but those are already taken 😉

    By the way, my name’s Andrea. :)

  9. says

    Since we didn’t find out the sex when we had Nia, we had a boys names picked since before we were even married, but the girl’s took forever to pick (that’s clearly why we ended up having a girl haha). If Nia wasn’t Nia, my other pick was Quinn (still love it!) and Tyler’s was Amelia. I hope you find something you both immediately know is meant to be!
    char eats greens recently posted..my floridian christmas 2013My Profile

  10. Katrina says

    Love that picture of you and your girlfriends!
    I don’t know if there’s a particular point in a pregnancy when a baby SHOULD have a name.
    My cousins always were in between two names right into their third trimesters. I wasn’t named until I was at LEAST a week old, but I was two months early- (Mom says I didn’t give her fair notice) 😉

    As for Taylor, it’s a classic name. I wouldn’t feel odd about naming your baby the same name as your niece at all! It’s a beautiful name– good taste must run in the family 😉

  11. says

    Looking good Mama! Are you loving the bread machine? I need to get mine out. It’s been way too long!

    We settled on my son’s name some time in the 3rd trimester. The name we chose was always in the running, but we didn’t “decide” officially and tell everybody until 3rd trimester. I have a friend who didn’t decide until the baby was born and they had to put something on the birth certificate! Ha!
    Marjorie recently posted..The Dawn of Redeeming GraceMy Profile

  12. kristi says

    I’d skip Taylor since there is another one in the close family. A friend of mine has an Audrey which is a classic but not all that common (a good thing)! I also like Brooke :)

  13. Jessica says

    We find out the sex of our baby early next month. 😀 If its a girl we are using Olivia for the first name but are still undecided on middle names… maybe Noelle or Kaitlyn.

    I also like: Eve, Ava, Eva, Charlotte, Samantha (Sam), etc.

  14. Jennifer Lopez says

    I totally can relate! I say don’t rush it! We named Ellie (Elizabeth Mackenzie) in the waiting room after finding out she was a girl…we felt the need to make the decision with baby girl #2 so we (now looking back on it) settled on Baylor Ann. Our baby shower announcement even said “Baylor” but I just wasn’t 100% that it was the perfect name for her and at 38 weeks we changed it to Peyton Claire. We LOVE her name now and we decided we will not rush into a name if we are blessed with a #3!

  15. jodie says

    I love Evelyn bc of my grandmother but my “niece” (long term boyfriend’s niece) has that name.

    I love classic names with boys. I find girls names harder.

  16. Jodi says

    Love love Grace. We both loved it but if had a boy would have named him Grayson, so couldn’t use it. I love Avery and Emerson but I would have loved a little girl named Grace! I really like Harper and Alexis. I would have shortened it to Alex or Lexi probably. I always was trying to think of sisters names that sounded good together too. Like hailey and ???. I think another h name might be nice!? Good luck!!

  17. says

    I’m so glad you’re feeling better! You look adorable and great job on the workouts!

    Girl names are SO hard! We had a second boy’s name picked out and Wyatt’s was so easy, too. We thought we named this one a few weeks ago, but I worry the name we like is getting too common — and plus I never loved it. So now it’s back to the drawing board…
    Jen recently posted..Pregnancy update: week 23My Profile

  18. Morgan says

    We went back and forth on my son’s name until the day he was born (Caleb) Even then, I wasn’t sure it was “the one.” My daughter was named from 20 weeks on and we picked Hannah. If I had another girl I might pick Avery, Madelyn or Isabelle.

  19. Allison W. says

    I think Hailey and Taylor is a little hard to say together fast…How about Hannah, Charlotte, or Riley? I think those all sound great with Hailey.

  20. Kiki says

    I have three boys but had any of them been a girl, Alden was the name. However we are done… No girls for me…..but I love my guys!!

  21. Heather says

    I had my first baby, a girl, in October. We named her Lydia, a name that we decided on when I was probably 30 weeks pregnant. The other names on our list were: Adaline, Addison, Katelyn, and Lauren.

  22. Lia says

    I’m obsessed with baby names and have all of my future kids named. Here are some girl names I love:

    Good luck!!

  23. says

    It’s funny to think I was in your shoes to almost the exact day last year (Evan was due on the 8th — he arrived on the 12th!). It was a LOOOOONG holiday season – lol.

    As for names — Hailey was in our top 3 when I had Livie. Love it. Girl names are hard though. We ended up having Violet and Isla picked out with E, but it took WEEKS of negotiation and we went to the hospital still uncertain. Thankfully Evan was a boy and we didn’t have to make a choice!
    Michelle recently posted..Merry Christmas!! {2013}My Profile

  24. says

    Gosh girl names. We had a boy name set, and then Penny wasn’t named for 12 hours after she was born! We just can’t agree. I love a lot of names, he doesn’t. It came down to two names with her… Victoria or Penelope… and then we took out the whole big list, and then got back to Penelope lol.

    As for the next one, if it’s a girl, I’m set on Violet, Arya or Olive. Hopefully it’ll just be a boy 😉
    Chantal recently posted..Ho Ho Ho… it’s a giveaway!My Profile

  25. says

    You are just the most adorable pregnant mama! Gives me hope that my short torso won’t look horribly awkward if I ever decide to have kiddos! :)

    Names? Ahh, I love names so I’m terrible at picking, but I really love more unusual names like Genevieve (Gen for short?) and Petra.
    Dominique @ Eat, Pray, Lift recently posted..Men > Ken [Dolls]My Profile

  26. Natasha Carneiro says

    Baby names are hard to choose…

    I only have boy names really, but I’ve heard a few nice girl names that stuck;

    Mia Jo
    Charlotte Anne
    Sarah Jane

  27. Liz says

    with my first pregnancy (we opted not to find out the sex ahead of time), we picked out our boy name somewhere around 5 months along. we didn’t have a girl name until 3 weeks before my due date! he turned out to be a boy, so I should have taken it as a sign!

    I’m currently pregnant again, about a month behind you. we are keeping the sex a surprise again, but are already 90% sure on names. we’re thinking this babe will be Rory whether it’s a girl or a boy! different middle names, of course. :)

    • Brittany says

      My little cousin is names Aurora and we call her Rory. I was the first one to call her Rory and now it has stuck with the whole family.

  28. Laura says

    Just to chime in about using the same name as your niece. I have the same name as my aunt, and, growing up, I hated it. It made things really confusing. I still tease my parents about it because she had married my uncle before I was born, and they could have easily chosen a different name. But, if you really love the name maybe make it her middle name? Or name her Taylor and call her by her middle name.

  29. Colleen says

    I rarely comment, but just wanted to let you know that I love your blog! Been reading for years, I feel like we’re friends :)

    Girl names I like:

    Sierra, Zoe, Ruby, Grace (my grandmothers name), Seneca, Jade.

  30. says

    We were set on a name from 18 weeks, (when we found out we were having a girl) until 38 weeks when we made the mistake of letting a few family members know our choice. The reactions weren’t what I’d hoped, so I had a freak out and had to change it to our second choice. Meh, now I can’t imagine Genevieve being any other name :) Long way of saying you have plenty of time! Maybe use Taylor as her middle name?
    Leila Dishes recently posted..Dark Chocolate Pretzel ToffeeMy Profile

  31. Paulina says

    We took so long to decide on a name this time. I’m 38 weeks and we just (finally) agreed on Eleanor Kelly. We knew Ellie would be her nickname long before choosing Eleanor. Other front runners were Elena, Elizabeth, Elaine… my husband was really set on Eleanor but I took some time to come around. I think its harder to choose a girl name when we already had chosen our daughters name the first time around. Of course we had a boy name picked out before I was pregnant.

  32. says

    Love the bump shot! Taylor is a cute name! We picked our name pretty early, but we chose not to share it with anyone, mostly because we know our family is (lovingly) very opinionated, so we thought it would just be better just to share when she gets here. Of course some of our parents don’t love that, but others said we were smart to do so! I just downloaded a baby name app and would often toss around all sorts of combinations until we found one we just loved. Good luck! :)
    Avery @ YoungAspirations recently posted..My Pregnancy: 20 week updateMy Profile

  33. Haley says

    I totally had to chuckle that you like the name Taylor, as my brother and I are Haley and Taylor! I think it’s a good combo 😉

  34. Emily says

    Girl names are always harder. It would be cute if your next girl had an H name too and my favourite H name is Harlow, it also follows well after Hailey :)

  35. Nikki says

    I am 15 weeks pregnant and I refuse to even look at names until week 20 when I know the gender so we can cut it down.

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